It’s been nearly a year since the Veterans Administration finally ‘fessed up” – That there was – and had been – an outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease at its Pittsburgh hospitals. At least twenty-one patients got sick. Five died. At the time – VA regional director Michael Moreland wouldn’t talk to veterans – Their families – Or reporters. It took nearly a year for him to talk to Congress. When Moreland did – The chairman of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs described him as arrogant and insensitive. Moreland never took responsibility for what happened – Even though the deadly, nearly two-year outbreak occurred on his watch. He won’t return a 63-thousand dollar bonus – or a presidential award. VA higher-ups have made it clear they won’t demand the money back – Or rescind the award. And in announcing Moreland’s retirement – Heaped on more praise – and never even mentioned the outbreak. So next Friday – Michael Moreland will leave with a fat check, a bunch of attaboys from the VA – And a lot of unanswered questions. And it appears we’re left with a Veterans Administration that’s become a self-serving bureaucracy – Answerable to no one.

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