By Andrew Fillipponi

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) – The Bruce Gradkowski Show kicks off live from Latitude 40 in Robinson the day after the Steelers were defeated by the Patriots 55-31.

Reflecting on the latest loss in New England, Gradkowski says, “When you face adversity, you’ve got to stare it in the face and keep moving on.”

Gradkowski noticed the groundswell of calls from fans for him to see action yesterday especially late during the loss, but says he respects Ben Roethlisberger more for the fact that he wanted to be out there trying to pull out a miracle win.

Gradkowski says he can’t see Big Ben ever giving up the fight in a particular game; it’s just not him.

Even with the adversity of a 2-6 record, Bruce believes that “our time is coming.”

He also says the team is due for a game where all phases of the team are firing on full cylinders.

Additionally, he says the Steelers are really looking forward to a few home games after rough times on the road.

Fans and media may be down on this team but Gradkowski maintains, “Right now, we’re not out of anything.”

Listen to more of Gradkowski’s thoughts on the game here:

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