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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Sidney and Taylor Crosby have been able to remain close over the years, even with their hectic hockey lives.

On Monday, we introduced you to Taylor, who still sees the Penguins’ captain as just her older brother.

“Obviously, people know him and he’s done a lot of good things, but I still think of him as that brother on the boat with me and my mom or the one that was teasing me when I was little. So, that’s what I think about him. He’s my big brother,” Taylor said.

Taylor said it was tough on her when Sidney left home to attend Shattuck Saint Mary’s in Minnesota. Sidney agreed and said it was tough for both of them.

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“I can remember calling home every day, sometimes twice early on when I left to go to Shattuck. I know that it was hard on both of us. We spent a lot of time together up to that point and to kind of go from one day seeing your sister every day to not, it was a little weird,” Sidney said.

Taylor is following in her brother’s footsteps by attending Shattuck Saint Mary’s.

One thing Sidney enjoys doing is keeping tabs on how his sister’s goaltending career at the school is going.

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taylor video Sidney Crosby Hopes To Share Olympic Experience With Sister

“I’m able to watch her games with podcasts and stuff, they show her games. I really enjoy doing that when we have a day off and I can watch a game. Last year, with the lockout, I was able to go to Minnesota to see her play for the first time. So, I think all those things you take for granted, you learn to really appreciate when you get the chance,” Sidney said.

The Olympics are coming up in February and Sidney figures to be one of the players looking to defend Team Canada’s gold medal from the 2010 Vancouver Games.

However, Taylor has her eyes set on representing Canada in the Olympics one day too. What would it be like for the siblings to share an Olympic experience?

“It would be pretty unique. I don’t know how many people have gotten that opportunity, but I think it would be pretty unique. Right now, I’m just happy for her that she’s able to go to a really good school, have a good experience there. Happy for her that she’s having success and doing her thing. But, that’s a long ways away and I know that’s something she’d love to do and I’d be proud of her if she was able to accomplish that and share that with her,” Sidney said.

One trait the siblings share is their competitiveness. Sidney said it took a little longer for it to develop in Taylor, but she’s also very determined.

““[We’re] both pretty competitive. I think she developed that a little bit later on. She started playing hockey pretty late I guess for being in Canada. Usually, everyone starts pretty early. She’s very determined, she’s very competitive and I see that more and more when I go home and we see each other,” Sidney said.

In addition to watching her games, Sidney also enjoys being able to share in her experience at Shattuck Saint Mary’s.

“I think it’s just nice being able to relate to her going there. Some of the teachers are the same, some of the coaches. It really is a pretty small community. So, to be familiar with that and kind of relate to the things she’s going through, it’s fun for me because having gone there, I didn’t expect she would end up there. So, to hear some of the stories and hear about her experience and the amount of fun she’s having, we have a lot of the same experiences,” Sidney said. “It’s been nice that she’s been able to have a great time there because it’s a pretty unique place. She’s had fun going to school, meeting friends and ultimately playing hockey.”


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