WESTMORELAND COUNTY (KDKA) – Imagine if someone stole money from a man with a debilitating disease, or that same money from children who want a special ball field built?

That’s just what someone did when they went into a Westmoreland County restaurant and stole two donation jars.

There are two new donation jars at the front desk at the Lamplighter restaurant in Murrysville. The first two and the money inside were stolen.

“Upset, really disappointed in people,” said Andrew Ferri with the restaurant.

Stolen a week apart, the jars were going to two causes – one being the rotary club’s Miracle Field.

“They’re paying off the loans,” Ferri said. “It’s a great thing for special needs kids to play baseball and different activities up there.”

The other jar was a fundraiser for Steve December, who was stricken with ALS in 2011. Each dollar and cent was going to help pay for his enormous medical bills. All of it is gone.

“We have $10 bills that go into that jar, $5 bills, patrons when they leave the restaurant dump their change in there,” Ferri said. “There’s so much positivity that’s come from the jar. It was really so disheartening to see something so negative.”

“If you knew about the disease and what it all entailed, I don’t feel that you could in any good consciousness take that jar,” said Kate Ferri-Dawson. She added, “Return the jar, send a donation.”

The people at the Lamplighter now put the jars behind the front desk if there’s now one up there. If you want to help either one of the organizations, you can visit:

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