PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The lines at the Pittsburgh International Airport speak for themselves.

“I do this same flight every week, and this is much longer,” said one traveler. “Normally, I wait five minutes, 10 minutes.”

FlyPittsburgh.com, which has up-to-the-minute information about flight departures, arrivals and airport wait times estimated the Tuesday afternoon security wait time to be 45 minutes.

But as for the flights, cancellations and delays popped up on the big airport boards without much rhyme or reason this afternoon.

KDKA’s Lynne Hayes-Freeland Reports:

Some airlines are offering to waive their fees if you change your flights now because of anticipated delays.

US Airways, Delta, Jet Blue and United will let you change your flight based on anticipated delays. Some may even offer a financial incentive.

But each airline has specific guidelines. Check their websites for details.

“I checked the two flights that are supposed to be connecting to take me from Pittsburgh to Denver, and it was about an hour and a half delayed,” said Dina Ellis, of Oregon.

Meanwhile, the Pennsylvania Turnpike is bracing for 2.6 million cars over the next four days.

Conditions on the Turnpike have been a mixture of rain, snow and freezing rain. More of the same is expected, but the Turnpike Commission has a plan to keep the highway safe.

“We’ve been controlling the traffic and the road conditions for over 70 years, so we’re pretty well adjusted to it. We have 24/7 coverage,” said Bob Shaffer, of the Pa. Turnpike Commission. “We have extra guys that we bring out during the snowy weather. The holiday season, we have extra patrols out.”

KDKA’s Bob Allen Reports:

Whether you’re driving across the state or across a county, PennDOT is also bracing for bad weather over the Thanksgiving holiday.

“The forecast is for the rain to turn back to snow at some point, so we’re watching the forecast very closely to make sure that we’re prepared for that switch over,” said Tim Cook, of PennDOT.

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