ARNOLD (KDKA) — It was a call for help for a Habitat for Humanity project in Westmoreland County.

Contractors were desperately needed to finish a home for a local woman with a disabled son. What happened just a few hours later is awe-inspiring.

In the home in Arnold, an all-volunteer army hammers and nails away at a dream for a young woman and her family.

“The generosity and the support of the community coming out today is just overwhelming,” said Nicole Fiedor.

Desperate to get her Habitat for Humanity home finished, Fiedor asked for help on KDKA Radio today, and she got it.

Brian Whitney, of Whitney Construction, stepped up with a crew of five.

“I just feel obligated to do it, people need help,” he said.

In another room, a couple a boys from VMG Constuction feel the same vibe.

Downstairs, Antonio Gatto is fixing a wall that was sagging.

They are all volunteers.

“’Tis the season,” says Gatto. “There’s a lot of people out there that need help, and if you can offer the service, why not?”

Pat Molyneaux also says why not. His family-owned tile and carpet company is now putting in the floors and carpet for free.

“What a better way to give your gifts that God has given you, to other people,” Molyneaux said. “It’s a great privilege to be able to do this on Thanksgiving.”

Walk six blocks down the street and you begin to understand why this is all happening.

Seth, Fiedor’s 9-year-old son, is severely disabled.

Every time he has to use the bathroom for anything, his mother has to lift up his 80-pound body and carry him 40 yards to the back of the house. The only wheelchair-accessible bathroom.

She’s been doing this for two years. This is her third winter.

“He’s my son,” says Fiedor. “I do what I have to do every day for him.”

There will be none of that in the new house though, a special lift takes care of all that.

Thanks to Habitat for Humanity and a whole bunch of folks listening to KDKA Radio, the job should be done weeks before Christmas.

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