PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Dr. Frank Viggiano has returned to the Mike Pintek Show after an exciting trip to the Consumer Electronics Show. While he was there, he found many cool gadgets he’s ready to talk about.

Dr. Frank came rolling in to the studio with a Double Robot. The machine looked like a smaller type of Segway with a metal pole sticking on the top and an iPad mounted at the end of that pole. The robot was similar to the one created by the television character, Sheldon, on “The Big Bang Theory.”

Dr. Frank explained that the robot is typically used in hospitals for doctors to evaluate other patients while in-person with another one.

The robot can move around in almost every direction and is powered by a Lithium Ion battery. Dr. Frank priced the machine at $2,499.00.

Now is the time to introduce the world’s first curved smartphone, the LG G-Flex. The 6-inch screen focuses the user’s attention to the ‘sweet spot’ surrounding more toward the middle of the phone. The round view gives more of a realistic image.

The phone is also the only one with a curved battery. LG is the industry leader in curved OLED TV technology and they’ve created the LG Curved Ultra HDTV. Dr. Frank adds this television can be used as a 3D TV as well.

This television was the winner of the CES Design and Engineering Award for 2014.

The screen reaches 105 inches long and can move between being flat and curved. The HDTV/4K has no native content yet, but Netflix is currently developing it’s own streaming 4K programming. Mike Pintek comments that when this happens, the price will go up.

“The more you consume, the more they want to charge you,” said Dr. Frank. “The consumer is a powerful tool. If they want it, then the company needs to put it at a decent price to sell it.”

Marilyn sent Mike an Instant Access message about which calorie watch is the best to buy. Dr. Frank explained that in the spring he would actually be testing these fitness watches more in-depth. For now, he recommends that whichever watch you buy, you need to use it all the time.

He said that these watches provide feedback from the body, which is why you need to wear it all the time. These bands explain what it has learned about your body and tells you what you can do better.

He also adds as a piece of advice for everyone, always buy something online from a seller you’re familiar with and that won’t require a re-stocking fee if you need to return it.

Did you know that cell phones contain 18 times more germs than anything else we touch? A cell phone even contains more germs than a public toilet handle.

A new product has hit the stores called “Phone Soap” is a cell phone sanitizer. This is a rectangular box unit that seals  your phone inside allowing UV-C light to kill the bacteria. The container has a few open areas to allow the owner to hear their phone ring. Plus, there’s a charger connected to the unit.

“You can now go to bed and stick your phone inside to charge and sanitize while you sleep,” said Dr. Frank.


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