By Kym Gable

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Google will soon be looking for hundreds of new employees here in Pittsburgh.

It’s confirming that it’ll expand its operations at Bakery Square.

Its mission: to organize all the world’s information.

Here in Pittsburgh, it’s on the front lines of the tech industry and job growth.

In the East End, it has a starring role at Bakery Square.

Confirmation came late Monday of the company’s expansion plans. A new building across the street will be built, where the old Reinzenstein School used to be.

“About 200,000 square foot, six story magnificent office building,” said Todd Reidbord, President of Walnut Capital. “It will be connected by a three-level skyway bridge across Penn Avenue, connecting Google spaces on both sides of the street. I think that’s spectacular, really going to be a landmark.”

Reidbord and colleague Gregg Perelman head up the development team, Walnut Capital.

The new Bakery Square Two building will have capacity for about 1,000 workers.  Google will occupy 66,000 square feet of the building.  Google won’t say exactly how many jobs it will add.

“Googlers get to come to any office,” said Perelman. “They get to pick where they want to work. They pick by project, then by city. So what’s great is we create an environment where other people from other parts of the country can choose Pittsburgh where they want to be their home.”

Bolstering the firm’s overall strategy at Bakery Square – a place to work, shop, dine, live and play.

“And now with this new Google building, it will be fantastic, really a destination place for folks to come to,” Perelman said.

Sources: Google Planning Big Pittsburgh Expansion
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