High School Dance Stopped Due To Twerking, Dance Lessons Suggested

McMURRAY Pa (KDKA) – A Peters Township High School dance had to be stopped early due to students “twerking.”

The Observer-Reporter says school administration stopped the dance, and students were told they could leave about an hour early.

Board member Williams Merrell was chaperoning the dance, and told the paper that he has contacted the local Arthur Murray Dance Studio to see if the students could be taught dance lessons.

Merrell said he hopes the students learn dance moves, as well as social graces.

Twerking is described as a type of sexually provocative dance, involving thrusting the hips, and a low squatting stance.

There were a reported 600 students at the dance.

The school district says it was not a school-sponsored dance, and the district is reportedly discussing how to avoid similar situations in the future.

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