INDIANA COUNTY (KDKA) – Indiana County District Attorney Patrick Dougherty says what he saw in social media clips from this weekend’s IUP student-organized off-campus St. Patrick’s Day party – called “IUPatty’s” – is shocking and disturbing.

He says even with a coordinated effort by borough and university police agencies, things got out of hand and now the big question is how to stop this from happening again.

“Obviously we didn’t want to go the route of State College,” Dougherty said. “They’ve been fighting this battle for a few years and they basically are at a point where there paying taverns and alcohol establishments to close.”

Today the university says it’s disappointed in the students that partook and frustrated that hundreds of young people who aren’t IUP students came to Indiana, causing so many problems.

“By no means is this the way our students behave and our expectations for students is much higher than this,” Michael Powers said.

Dougherty says police received 110 calls for service over the weekend. From assaults to underage drinking to a reported sexual assault that could be related to the IUPatty’s party.

Monday on campus, students were quick to defend the school’s reputation.

“Us being on local news, state news and getting the attention it has, I believe we should not be proud of that,” Scott Martz, a student, said.

Another student, Marcus Murray said, “I don’t think it’s like a big portrayal of our school in general. It’s just something that happened that day. This isn’t what happens here all the time.”

IUP Officials say they’re working with the Indiana Borough Police Department to determine which IUP students were arrested and charged. Those students will have to go through the university’s judicial system and could be suspended or even expelled.

IUP Students Facing Consequences After St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations
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