Are you looking to bring a pet into your home? Local animal shelters are a great place to find a furry companion. So, as part of Furry Tails, I’ll be doing an ongoing feature on adoptable pets from local animal shelters once a week. If you have room in your heart and are looking to bring a lovable ball of fur into your home, maybe one of these guys is meant to be a part of your family!


Animal Friends

Stevie has overcome a lot of obstacles, and now this special cat is looking for a forever home with a patient, kind and loving family! Could it be yours?

Animal Friends says:
“We aren’t sure what Stevie’s past was like, but it was probably difficult. Stevie was transferred from another shelter during our Liberation Day Rescue in 2013. Stevie is blind and when he first arrived he was very frightened. The noise and smell of other animals was probably overwhelming for him. With patience and consistency, Stevie has learned to become more trusting and confident when interacting with people. He enjoys playing with all sorts of toys, including crinkle-balls, mice, ribbons, pipe cleaners and jingle-balls.

“Stevie is looking for that very special home where someone will take the time and have the patience to allow him to adjust at his own speed. Although he is brave and inquisitive, he is still not comfortable with much petting or handling. Stevie will gladly play with you, or even take a treat from your hand, but he’d rather not be held or stroked just yet.

“He’s currently living in the Therapeutic Services office here at Animal Friends. Stevie has really come out of his shell, and now he’s looking for his very own home to explore. If you have the kind of patient and loving home that a special cat like Stevie needs, please consider meeting him – just ask an adoption counselor to show you to his office!”

Watch video of Stevie here:

Video Produced By: Jeff Geissler

Stevie has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

If you can help, come to Animal Friends at 562 Camp Horne Road, Pittsburgh, Pa., 15237 or call 412-847-7002. For more information on how you can adopt any of the pets at Animal Friends, visit their website here!

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