PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A teenage girl is being credited with helping one of the more seriously injured students in Wednesday’s stabbing rampage at Franklin Regional High School, but she says there other people who deserve credit for stepping up during the incident, like her best friend who stepped in front of her during the attack.

“If my best friend wouldn’t have step in front of me, I probably would have been injured,” Franklin Regional student Gracey Evans said. “I probably would have been the one that was stabbed and not him. He took the knife for me.”

Instead of screams and gunshots, 17-year-old Gracey remembers hearing the eerie and muffled moans of her classmates being stabbed.

The person who was going through stabbing everybody, he was just completely silent; said not a word, just complete silence, like a serial killer,” said Gracey.

Brett Hurt pushed Gracey out of the way, and then took a knife to the back. But she noticed another student whose wound appeared more serious and instinct kicked in.

“Honestly, it was second nature,” Gracey said. “I just knew that it wasn’t right that he was sitting up and because his airway was getting blocked. So, I laid him down and I said I need to get pressure on this wound, so I got a bunch of paper towels that a friend gave me and I just kept pressure on it for about 10 minutes.”

When paramedics arrived, she shifted her attention to Brett.

“I held his hand the whole time,” Gracey said. “He wouldn’t let go of my hand, even when I was in the ambulance with him.”

Gracey’s father is a former school board member.

“I am very, very proud of her and everybody that was involved with this,” said Bill Evans, Gracey’s dad. “It’s humbling, it’s shocking.”

The healing may already started, but the idea of a typical school day, that notion of normal is changed forever.

“There will never be a normal. I know personally, I will never be able to walk down that hallway the same way because my best friend got stabbed in front of me,” said Gracey.

“Gracey, she’s getting a lot of the attention, but there were many others she said, and thank everybody and bless you,” added Bill.

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