It happened in the blink of an eye.

A normal Wednesday morning at Franklin Regional High School –

Turned into a scene of terror and confusion.

A sixteen year old boy –

Armed with two kitchen knives –

Suddenly attacked other students.

By the time he was stopped –

Twenty-one students and a security guard had been injured.

There was shock –

There was disbelief –

And there were heroes:

The student who pulled the fire alarm to get kids out of the building;

The teen who stayed with her friend – keeping pressure on his wound until help arrived;

Teachers who helped the injured and calmed frightened students;

The assistant principal and security guard who tackled the suspect;

The student who helped take away his weapons;

The first responders who swarmed to the scene –

And the doctors and nurses at area hospitals who mobilized to deal with the injured.

Now that the crisis is over – it’s time to think about recovery.

The attack only lasted a few minutes.

The physical and emotional scars will take much longer to heal.

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