PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — For Renee Craig, it’s not a question of if she’ll be making pancakes, it’s a matter of when — and of course, how many?

Her kids love them.

“On a scale of one to 10, I’d say a 19 or 20,” Renee said with a laugh. “They love every kind of pancake. They put sprinkles in them, chocolate chips, bacon.”

Anything to make the pancake-making process easier sounds great to Renee, and the commercial makes it look very easy to use, pouring batter into specially designed wells, and pumping out four perfect pancakes every time.

Renee showed KDKA’s Jennifer Antkowiak the pan she normally uses.

“It’s about the same size,” she said.

Renee says she usually cooks about two at a time.

“And here, they’ve got four built in,” she said.

After feeling it, Renee also says the it seems very sturdy.

The directions are pretty straightforward. The first time you use the pan, you need to condition it by wiping it with oil, or giving it a spray.

Next, you add half-a-cup of batter to each of the four wells, cook until the edges get a little brown and there are lots of bubbles in the center of the pancakes.

The instructions say cook times vary based on the type and efficiency of the stove.

We took a look after a few minutes, and part of the batter was stuck to the top of the pan.

“Oh, that’s not good,” Renee said. She decides to give it a flip, which seems to help. The pancakes cooked well and slid right out of the pan, coming out round and fluffy.

A second round of pancakes came out even better. There were noo problems with cooking, or flipping.

“Did you feel like you were in danger of losing batter?” Jen asked Renee.

“No,” Renee said, “I kept thinking that maybe it might slide out, but not really.”

In about 20 minutes from start to finish, Renee had eight pancakes to serve to her three kids and one of their friends. Thumbs up from all on taste.

“They’re restaurant quality almost, like when you go to Bob Evans or Eat ‘n Park and you get those big fat thick pancakes,” Renee said after trying one.

As a bonus use, the Perfect Pancake Pan also says it’s a great way to cook eggs. Renee adds one egg to each well and there’s no need for any butter or oil, because she pre-conditioned the pan.

The directions say to flip the eggs when the tops are white. All four came out well, with even cooking and no sticking.

So, the Perfect Pancake Pan promises round, fluffy, restaurant-quality pancakes and a new, easy way to make eggs. Does it really do that?

Renee says yes.

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