There’s was quite a ruckus after people parked on the grass at North Park last month –

And got 370-dollar tickets on their windshields.

Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald heard the complaints –

Parking is limited around the North Park Boat House –

There were no signs warning visitors not to park on the grass –

And the fines seemed outrageously high.

Fitzgerald’s response?

He reportedly transferred a county police officer over the matter –

However, Fitzgerald is having more parking spaces put in – and more “no parking signs” put up.

Plus – County Council is considering dropping the fine to 50 bucks.

Still – there’s another problem.

Apparently – county police shouldn’t have put the fine amount on the citation.

Only a district judge can do that.

So – if you get a ticket – you can’t just pay it –

You have to go to court.

That penalizes people who make a mistake – and just want to pay.

While County Council is setting the fine at a reasonable amount –

It should also streamline the process of dealing with a citation.

It won’t make getting a ticket more fun –

But it won’t make it more of a hassle, either.

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