PLUM (KDKA) — Emergency crews in Plum will soon have a new place to call their own, but they need help furnishing their new building — and that’s where the public comes in.

Right now, it’s just a big open space along Old Mine Road, but soon the land will be home to a brand new emergency services center.

The current Plum EMS Building is on New Texas Road, and EMS and paramedics outgrew it about 15 years ago. The garage can barely fit the ambulances, and the living quarters are close, to say the least.

Just down the street sits the Renton Volunteer Fire Station. It, too, is too small to house all the equipment needed to keep the people of Plum safe. So the plan is to move both entities into a new building.

The design means almost triple the space for both EMS and the fire department.

“This will give us the opportunity to put all of our vehicles under cover and increase the size of our living quarters and conference room and offices,” Bob Moran with Plum EMS said.

Furnishing the building will be costly, and that’s why EMS and firefighters have launched a “Buy-A-Brick” campaign.

“Going into a bigger building, we’re going to definitely need more equipment inside,” Moran said, “but it will be stove, refrigerator, it will be desks, computers and things of that nature.”

People can design and personalize bricks to be placed at the new building. The cost is either $50 or $85 depending on the size. Orders can be placed online at

“Our guys are getting out of bed, we’re leaving holiday dinners, we’re leaving birthday parties, graduation parties and to come out and help somebody that’s in need,” Renton VFD Chief Dave Bender said. “And it’s for anything, it’s not just my house is on fire, there’s a million different things that we respond to, so we would just encourage everyone to support that and support the department and Plum EMS.”

Construction is set to begin in just a couple of weeks. The project is expected to wrap up by January.

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