MURRYSVILLE (KDKA) – A Murrysville schnauzer is stealing the social media spotlight, after the dog fainted from sheer joy and it was caught on camera.

Rebecca Sventina returned to her Murrysville home after two-years, she was working and living in Slovenia.

The family dog, Casey, hadn’t seen her in those two-years and gave her quite the reception.

“I didn’t see her for two years, and when we got home my husband wan’ted to record it for his mother and sister because we know how excited she gets,” Sventina said “Especially when she’s happy. She just runs outside and squeals. But we did not expect her to faint this time.”

In the video posted on YouTube you can hear the dog squealing, jumping in Sventina’s arms, and smothering her with kisses.

Then you can see Casey actually pass out from the excitement.

On the YouTube video Sventina says, “in fairness, two years is 14 years in dog years.”

Sventina joined the KDKA Morning News with Larry Richert and John Shumway on NewsRadio 1020 KDKA to talk about her and Casey’s new found fame.

She says her husband was recording the reunion so she could show her in-laws how excited Casey gets.

When it happened, “we were really worried she had a stroke or a heart attack so when she got up and started running around we knew she was fine but we did take her to the vet just to check everything out,” explains Sventina.

Good news. Everything’s fine. And Casey has calmed down a little since the video was taken.

“Schnauzers are very connected to their family members, I suppose,” Sventina said. “Very loyal.”

A friend told Sventina she was on the “front page of the Danish news,” as well as mentions in Mexico and Australia.

The YouTube video has already gone viral, and been watched more than 17-million times.

Hear more of her interview here:

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