LATROBE (KDKA) – Despite the dance with the raindrops, loyal Steelers fans sought the best spots they could for autographs they hoped would come.

Some employed gimmicks to attract players’ attention.

“I got Heath Miller, Troy Polamalu, Lawrence Timmons,” said Scott Vandergriff of Salisbury, N.C. “Some of the bigger names.”

For some, it’s about ambiance and getting close to heroes.

“It’s really exciting to just see all the players and be able to meet them and get their autographs, you know,” said Savanah Popella of Tampa, Fla.

“They are really nice guys, you know, and they’re very people friendly and that’s really important as far as fans go,” said Chris Bell of Uptown.

While the agenda for others is a good time.

“I heard it was fun and there’s lots of games,” said Ethan Doman of Uniontown. “And I went to football practice and I heard there was kicking and stuff so – and I like the Steelers too, so I came here to just see the practice.”

Four days into camp, the Steelers are already just four days away from their night practice in Latrobe Friday night.

And they’ll be packing up for home on Aug. 15. Seems like a quick camp.

“There’s times when it seems like it’s long when you’ve been here two-and-a-half weeks and a preseason game and you come back to camp,” said Steelers General Manager Kevin Colbert.

But there is a big difference this year and if you’re looking for a target date to come to camp, it might be when the Buffalo Bills come to camp for the last week of training camp.

“I expect the tempo to pick up because now you have someone else to practice against after you play a preseason game,” said Colbert.

For many, this is an annual pilgrimage, for the Pryors from Memphis, this is their 42nd year at camp.

“’Cause my husband is a diehard fan, supporting fan,” said Mrs. Pryor.

“Get a chance to see what you read about early,” Mr. Pryor said. “Put a name with the face, close association all the way back to ’72.”

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