By Dave Crawley

MT. LEBANON (KDKA) — An exotic bird was on the loose in Mt. Lebanon.

Lynn Sunseri scoured her neighborhood, trying to get her macaw to come home. Tuesday morning, the hunt led to a neighbor’s tree. Lynn shook a container of bird seed, as the blue and gold macaw peeked through the branches.

“Sometimes she hears me shaking this at home, and I’m hoping she’ll come down,” the owner said. “She hasn’t eaten until at least 4:30 yesterday.”

That’s when Lynn Sunseri stepped outside her home, the bird on her shoulder.

“She crawled down my arm, and she doesn’t usually fly away,” she recalled. “She just has never done that before. She heard the rain, and took off in the rain.”

Neighbor Brandi Kasprzak said she first saw the owner trying to coax the macaw from a neighboring rooftop. Later, she said, “All of a sudden I heard the bird, again. And I said, the bird has followed me home. So I came out, and everybody was in my back yard, and the bird is now up in my silver maple.”

So why didn’t they just use a bucket truck? As the bucket gets closer, the bird would get more and more nervous, and finally take off.

Lynn Sunseri held out hope.

“I guess logic tells me she’s going to get hungry,” she said. “She’s going to get thirsty. And at some point she’s going to find food. She’s going to want to find something to eat, She’s going to want to find something to drink.”

The sad story finally had a happy ending, as Linda’s 16-year-old son coaxed the bird out of a tree, after he came home from school.

Meanwhile, his mother had made a decision: “She’s certainly going to get her wings clipped. Real short.”

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