Police Officer Fired After Posting Racial Slur On Social Media

MCKEESPORT (KDKA) — The mayor of McKeesport has fired a part-time police officer after an inappropriate social media post surfaced.

The post allegedly shows terminated officer Melissa Adamson in uniform with the caption, “I’m the law today,” followed by a racial slur.

Mayor Michael Cherepko posted on the borough’s Facebook page Tuesday afternoon that the officer’s actions will not be tolerated in the City of McKeesport.

He says she has been relieved of her duties, and her employment has been terminated.

Read the full statement here:

According to the mayor, Adamson was a probationary employee in training and had only been on the job for a few weeks.

The Pitcairn Police Department also released a statement on their Facebook page.

It says: “There has been a picture circulating around of an ex-female employee of the Pitcairn Police Department. As the picture alone does not constitute misconduct, it is symbolic speech and protected under the First Amendment. However, it is the content of the text in the picture which is unacceptable. The Pitcairn Police Department holds high integrity for the community we serve and this type of conduct will not be tolerated.”

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One Comment

  1. Ken Keppel says:

    So freedom of speech doesn’t exist in McKeesport?

    1. Liza Null says:

      Now Melissa Adamson can become the bartender she was always destined to be.

    2. georgebeach says:

      No one interfered or punished her based upon Freedom of Speech, which deals only with the limits of federal law on speech. She was punished because she violated her department’s policies on speech while on active duty as an officer of the law.

  2. Deputy53 says:

    What a person says/does on their OWN time, should not be any concern of the higher ups. This Liberal, Politically Correct society in the USA today..makes me puke. I can’t tell you how many times I was required (while on duty,) to drive some drunken superior home from a bar or party. (It was never put out over the air. Either cell phone or 10-21 “call the station”) As long as she doesn’t “voice” her opinions while on duty, she should be given a chance to get thru probation.
    I guess Free Speech is dead in this country now.

    1. John Smithy says:

      She was in uniform. This has nothing to do with her personal time.

    2. georgebeach says:

      You must educate yourself about free speech as it is applied in law. It refers only to the limits of the federal government to control speech. The police department has its own laws governing behavior while employed as a member of the police department.

      1. Deputy53 says:

        I think you meant rules not laws, (police departments don’t make laws.) But I understand where you are coming from. Being retired, and in my mid 60’s, I just find it unbelieveable that your job/superiors should have ANY say so in what you do on your free time. The Liberal’s are killing/destroying this country! (MY opinion.) In my age group, and growing up, you could say Anything..to anybody, without fear of legal reprisal. (Unless it was slander.) The Liberal’s (and other people running this country now,) need to have thicker skin, and quit crying like 4 year olds when someone says something they don’t LIKE.
        We got more important troubles in this country besides someone’s “hurt feelings.” And that includes the “special interest groups.” LGBT, Muslims, etc. Grow up and be part of the solution..not part of the problem!

  3. She told the truth!! Those coloreds don’t respect the law at all!

  4. The mayor can fire her all he wants. The union will back her, and she will be back on the job. Have faith. If someone can sit for the anthem, a cop can have a personal viewpoint.

  5. John Smithy says:

    Not sure if she was being racist or a wannabe.

  6. Simon Days says:

    I am a Black man, and don’t see in racist intent in the message. Seems way overboard to ruin a person’s career for a photo of that nature. All Americans her age talk that way regardless of ethnicity. Much ado about NOTHING.

    1. georgebeach says:

      The issue is not your view of the officer’s behavior. The issue is the officer’s behavior under the statues of the local jurisdiction.

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