Nearly 100,000 Pennsylvania Voters Switch From Democrat To Republican

HARRISBURG (KDKA) – Nearly 100,000 Pennsylvania Democrats have switched to Republican since the beginning of the year.

What’s more: The Pennsylvania Republican party says more than 240-thousand new voters have joined the party since last November.

The state Republican party says that the surge in Republican registrations is nearly twice the number of newly registered Republicans compared to both the 2008 and 2012 numbers combined.

The party says the new numbers come from the Pennsylvania Department of State which shows that 97,607 Democrats have actually switched to Republican.

Numbers also show that 38,020 Republicans actually switched to Democrats.

“Enthusiasm is clearly on the side of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania this year,” Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason said. “Republicans are making historic gains in voter registration in the Keystone State. As the last-minute registrations are processed, we’re confident we will see our Party grow even larger.

Since the November 2015 election, 243,139 new voters have joined the Pennsylvania Republican party.


One Comment

  1. To put these numbers into a proper context, the reader needs the total new registrations figure. Too bad you didn’t report that number.

    1. True.

      They gave the total number of new Republican voters since 2015.

      They gave the number of Democratic voters who switched to Republican since 2015.

      They gave the number of Republican voters who switched to Democratic since 2015.

      But they didn’t give the total number of new voters since 2015.

      1. News for all the pundits Nov 8 will be the final pole. Trump is the man

  2. Don Francis says:

    It said SWITCHED from Democrat to Republican

    1. “Switched to Republican”. What did they do, get a job?

  3. guess people might be starting to see that democrats will finish destroying this states economy

  4. Jeff Bundy says:

    This article is pretty poorly written, it’s not clear whether the Republicans are exaggerating their numbers or whether their numbers are correct and the article is just worded weirdly

    1. Pete Dosado says:

      Of course the Republicans are inflating their numbers and the saintly Hillary Clinton will win Pennsylvania in a landslide! Feel better now?

    2. Phil Mason says:

      What about “figures released from the Pennsylvania Department of State” leaves you confused or questioning whether the Republican Party is inflating the numbers. It is not their figures, in case you cannot understand that on your own.

      1. Go trump. We will show up no matter what hiilarys paid shills are spewing over the internet. Yea hillary shills,we got that off the leaked emails to.

  5. Willy Wilson says:

    Hopefully it’s enough, when Donald Trump said PA was corrupt he wasn’t stretching the truth by any means. Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and Philly metro area’s vote Democrat the rest of the state votes Republican, the state is red except for a couple blue spots and blue always wins. In addition you have extremely high voter turnouts in these metro area’s that make one say Hmmmmm…..

    1. Dave Sweeney says:

      or as James Carville said “Pennsylvania is Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Kentucky in between”

      1. “Between Paoli and Penn Hills, Pennsylvania is Alabama without the blacks. They didn’t film The Deer Hunter there for nothing — the state has the second-highest concentration of NRA members, behind Texas.”

    2. Yes where the people live they vote democrat. Where people don’t live they vote Republican.

  6. So what?! Big deal. Even if Democrats can’t count on the living to vote for them, they still have the voting block of the dead all locked up.

  7. Robert Mull says:

    If hillery was doing so great then WHY are the liberals and communists fighting so hard, and why did hillerys people need to have women accuse Trump of garbage????? Because she is a LOSER…

  8. David Brower says:




    1. Im a penssylvanian and im one of them that switched from democrat to republican. Trust me i switched to vote for trump.

  9. These numbers are are REAL and there much better then polling! Kick their A$$ TRUMP!!!

  10. Now if we can only get dead people to switch from Democrat to Republican.

    1. Mike Farley says:

      The democrats have promised the dead a living wage.

  11. “Hidden Cam: Clinton Staffer Brags — I Could ‘Grab’ Coworker’s ‘$ss’ And Not Get Fired”

  12. Between the refugee distribution and HRC volunteers illegally registering (Democrat) new voters, I hope the legitimate votes supersede the shenanigans.

  13. Ken Pardun says:

    So, couldn’t be the Dems switched trying to influence the Republicans to give them the weakest candidate since Hillary was going to win PA going away, right? Nah! Cant be that!

  14. Sky Swooper says:

    This definitely explains the lack of Hilary signs I am seeing since here is no shortage of Trump signs out there. I was really wondering if there was a chance Trump might come close to winning. I still don’t believe he will win the state due to all the voter fraud, but at least it should be close this time around.

    1. Bee Cee says:

      Seriously. How many people do you actually know who support -her-? I can’t believe they say she’s ahead. More media corruption at play?

  15. Jon Doe says:

    Something just isn’t adding up to me. Trump is having rallies with 10,000 people and another 10,000 trying to get in outside. Clinton can’t manage to fill 300 seats and is having her staff pass out phony hand written signs. I see Trump signs everywhere. Very few Clinton signs. No one like this woman. No one wants her. And all the polls tell us she is leading. I smell a rat with these polls. I do not believe they are real numbers.

  16. k7ben says:

    It doesn’t help when you have another 100,000 dead people vote for Clinton.

  17. Most articles on this website have by-lines…yet THIS story (linked from the ultra-conservative Drudge Report) has none. Keep deluding yourself Republicans. Hillary will trounce Trump, and down-ballot Republicans will lose, too.

  18. Tim Sullivan says:

    That will be barely enough to make a dent in the fraud that will come pouring out of Philadelphia.

  19. Jeffrey Gee says:

    The Trump train keeps on rolling!

  20. Bob Suyak says:

    No problem for dems, the will holding massive “get out the vote” rallies at all cemeteries.

  21. John Baker says:

    this election isn’t about healthcare – the economy or immigration – its about the founding principal that a free people have a right to disagree with the government without fear of retaliation … its about the principal that common folk cannot be bullied or silenced, by the news media that sides with one political viewpoint ….. its about a presidency that must be held in check from overreaching executive orders – unconstitutional policies and watering down the constitution itself. its about the appointment of supreme court justices that will rubber stamp any democratic policy no matter how unconstitutional, overreaching or unethical it is. — of course theyre changing over – they’re not stupid …..

  22. It’s due to Trump and no one else.

  23. How many of these were voters who switched, so they could vote in the Republic primaries for the Republican candidate who they considered the most beatable?

  24. Word around the internet is they did that in the primaries to ensure Hillary would go against Trump because he was the easier man to beat. We will see.

  25. Dont believe it was dems switching to vote for trump to be the nominee because he was the weakest candidate? Then check all the polls for Penn.

    Chance of winning Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes


    Hillary Clinton
    Donald Trump

  26. I want Trump, but he’s going to lose the electoral college has him losing big time. Its over

  27. I have always voted for the democratic candidate,( for 20 years) but this election I will be voting for Donald Trump.

  28. Fred Doe says:

    Expect hillary to win with 150% of actual registered voters voting.

  29. iambicpentamaster says:

    The fix is in for Mrs. Stainmaker.

    Trump will have to win by double digits or he’ll lose.

  30. WikiLeaks is good evidence that Democrats cheat and lie to win elections. Trump is right – it is a rigged system.

  31. iambicpentamaster says:

    I don’t recall Romney attracting Democrats in these or ANY significant numbers.

  32. Funny, if Trump wins, you will say it isn’t rigged, and if Trump loses, you will say it is rigged…. sore losers…which is not very “American.” If an election was ever “rigged”, it would have been Bush v Gore….and we know how that played out. You Republicans have short, delusional, convenient memories. The system is not rigged. Sometime your side wins, sometimes your side loses. Either way, you’re never getting your “white America” back. Get over it.

    1. I’d be remiss if I didn’t once again thank the good voters of Tennessee, those who knew Al Gore best, for keeping him out of our Oval Office…Only the lowest of the low infos still think Gore won Florida…

  33. How many of those were Democrats that switched so they could vote for the worst Republican in the primary and then vote Democrat again in the general?

  34. Mark David says:

    The number of Trump voters is underreported, specifically because of ridicule and harassment.

    Trump is going to CRUSH Hillary in the election.

  35. Awesome! They have finally realized that the Democratic Party is two-faced just like Hillary who has a private positions and a public position when it comes to political hot-button issues.

  36. Angela says:

    Give me a break. Myself, and a lot of people like me switched our registrations to republican before the primary in order to vote against Trump. And none of us in that voting block are going to give that man our vote.

    1. So, what you are saying is that you didn’t trust American people to fairly pick a candidate for their party, so you jumped over and tried to underhandedly scuttle their efforts. If republicans switched over to block Hillary, you would be crying foul.
      Democrats-the ends justifies the means.

    2. David Coker says:

      Your conduct is disgusting. Is there anything a Communist Democrat won’t do try and get their way? For Democrats there are no rules. Strange how the murder of Seth Rich became old news so fast. We as a nation do not deserve what you fools have planned.

  37. David Coker says:

    There is nothing that would restore my faith in government faster than seeing Hillary and all her criminal accomplices behind bars.

  38. Dusty Rhodes says:

    I guess these were the living Democrat voters because the dead ones who are registered Democrats couldn’t fill out the paperwork to switch their registration.

  39. Come on, that is no big deal. Heck Hillary already has more illegal votes then that already set to go. Hillary had this thing won a long time ago with the help of the federal courts, illegal aliens, and corrupt media. Trump never stood a chance and now with the Hillary backing ultra left wing registered Democrat Chris Wallace running the debate as always, she will get a pass just like she got when he interviewed her a month or so ago and he will try and go a after Trump like he just killed Wallace’s wife. Give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. I met one of Trump’s Pennsylvania supporters at a flea market. He was selling Trump flags and Nazi swastika flags (special deal for both). Coincidence? I doubt it.

    BTW, in last 14 years there have only been 31 confirmed cases of voter impersonation of other alive or dead voters) or voters voting more than once (record was a Republican who tried to vote 5 times) in Federal or State elections. Only way to rig elections is to block opponent’s voters through intimidation (Trump’s polling place gestapos), restrictive ID laws, phonied up felon lists, or fixing the entire s/w in advance – and Republicans own all the companies. No good to try to hack machines one at a time at the polls. When Colorado tried to justify Voter ID laws to SCOTUS, the justices asked them to come up with proof of prior voter fraud. In the entire 140 years Colorado has been a state, they couldn’t find even ONE case.

    1. Sure you did and just so you know i was born on mars

    2. oh for the record unlike you i wont make accusations without links. So heres over 700 voter frauds from pa. But of course we are a democratic state so nothing can be done about it.

  41. Great news and we can assume the same is happening all over the country. Go Trump!

  42. For all the deniers i might ad lets not forget PA has a declining and aging population. Just the quarter of a million new registered voters alone speaks wonders for the trump train.

  43. Oh, it’s bigger than that, each state is a bit different, but you don’t have to formally change, the ballot will have all choices on it Nov.8th, so a simple make of the pen goes to Trump…and he is do far ahead of Hillary that they will keep dragging out more raped women, children and grandma to stop the love of Trump…won’t work…?

  44. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I still believe Hillary will go to prison.

  45. Noo Ccar says:

    I live in Pennsylvania, and the number of Clinton posters being placed in people’s yards is increasing daily. At the same time the number of Trump posters is declining. So I don’t know where the Republicans are thinking that they are going to get all these votes from, because it is sure looking like the place is turning blue to me.


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