Study: Women Prefer Their Smartphone To Their Partner

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Women spend more time on their smartphones than they do with their partners according to a new study.

According to the study, women spend 12-hours more a week checking emails, sending texts, or surfing social media than they do with their loved one.

Researchers also found that if people are unable to be on their phones, it leads to stress, anger and panic. A fifth of those surveyed said it would be harder to be without a phone for a week than their partner.

Even while they’re on their honeymoon, the Bausch + Lomb Ultra contact lenses study shows that adults admitted to using their cell phone.

Half checked social media, a quarter checked personal emails, and one in ten checked work emails.


One Comment

  1. Only when the sound is off.

  2. iambicpentamaster says:


  3. Joe Daigle says:

    Now that encourages me to seek out a partner and get married again. I’d just love a wife with a smart phone stuck in her mouth 18 hours a day.

  4. and they like being taken care of by the FedGov instead of having a real relationship with a man

  5. Bryn Bailey says:

    On a somewhat related topic I’d like to point everyone towards the John B Calhoun mouse experiments for some more insight into future trends.

  6. Luisa Volpi says:

    A sick sick world we are creating. Like sheep, we are willingly being lead to the extinction of humanity as we know it today.


  8. liberalism has proven to be a curable mental illness….maybe because smart phones vibrate…..lmao…..shows you the true intelligence of the XX’s ????????????????This culture is morally bankrupt…….getting worse everyday……wakeup…

  9. Well ya can’t blame ’em. Their partners have their heads up their arses instead of their partner’s arses, lol.

  10. John Beball says:

    I”d write a long rambling comment, but I think i’ll spend some more time with my “partner”.

  11. I’d wager the farm, that it’s not just women. As the social media craze grows, more and more people withdraw from personal contact, and live on their phones. I don’t understand why you would rather text, tweet, or send emails, or spend hours a day on facebook, or some other website that reduces your ability to interact with people on a personal, and physical level.

  12. Carl Mayo says:

    this is precisely what obama and the democrats want.
    if they can tear down the last vestiges of traditional human relationships, then they can turn every american into a helpless government serf.

  13. John Dillon says:

    And? Cheat on your wife and tell the court she loves her phone more than you and doesn’t know how to show affection any more. Even if you’re correct, they’ll side with her.

  14. what makes the women think a man would want them anyway?

  15. Jeffrey Gee says:

    Only if it is on vibrate mode though! 😉

  16. Andy O'Bryan says:

    They needed a “study” for this?

  17. Put it on vibrate, stick it you know where, then dial your number.

  18. Ehrin Larsen says:

    I prefer my hand and saving all my money.

  19. I’m sure thier cats seem neglected…

  20. Cyber addiction. It will become worse as the devices become more sophisticated.
    Live in the world of your senses and time or live in a cyber world that is but a poor reflection of reality.

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