Voting Issues: Some Trump Voters Reporting Ballots Switching To Clinton

CLINTON TOWNSHIP (KDKA/AP) – Today is Election Day and for the most part, voting has been smooth.

Many areas are already seeing long lines with some officials saying they wouldn’t be surprised if voter turnout topped 80 percent.

However, there have been some scattered issues where voters are encountering problems.

“Every time I would push a candidate for the Republican party, it would come up for the Democratic candidate,” said voter David Drane.

Election judges in Clinton Township, Butler County confirmed there were issues with two of their eight automated voting machines. Most of the issues came when people tried to vote straight party ticket.

However, others said they specifically wanted to vote for Republican Donald Trump only to see their vote switched before their eyes to Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Rick Dayton’s Report:

“I went back, pressed Trump again. Three times I did this, so then I called one of the women that were working the polls over. And she said you must be doing it wrong. She did it three times and it defaulted to Hillary every time,” Bobbie Lee Hawranko said.

Pennsylvania State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe went to Clinton Township to check on the reports for himself.

“If somebody has an issue, they should certainly let the judge of elections at the precinct know and also call their county bureau of elections as folks have done here this morning,” Pa. Rep. Daryl Metcalfe said.

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“Those machines should be taken out of the mix and they shouldn’t be using those machines. They ought to be replacing those and using new machines to replace the ones that are acting up,” Metcalfe said.

Election officials say two out eight voting machines at that one precinct needed to be re-calibrated.

In Allegheny County, officials said they heard reports about machines not recording vote choices, so they sent experts to examine those machines:

“In each of those cases, there has been no evidence that the machines are working incorrectly.  This includes reports in Robinson, West Deer, Hampton, and Sewickley Hills…In every election there are machines that need to be re-calibrated following transport.  So far today, we have reset three machines — one each in Upper St. Clair, Monroeville, and West Mifflin.  This is in line with what we see in each election.”

Pennsylvania Republican Party chairman Rob Gleason says he doesn’t see anything “nefarious” in scattered complaints Tuesday about apparent vote switching on older machines.

Butler County elections director Shari Brewer says older machines can get out of alignment during transfer. She says poll workers can cancel the vote when the wrong button lights up and move the voter to another booth.

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Pedro Cortes says the GOP reported problems with about 25 out of nearly 24,000 machines statewide. He says in all cases votes ended up being recorded correctly.

“I would like to know that my vote was for Trump, and not for Hillary,” voter Bobbie Lee said.

Allegheny County has also been dealing with some Election Day issues.

A judge of elections did not show up when the polls opened this morning in Springdale Borough.

“I wasn’t angry, it was just unsettling,” said Connie Rusek, who was waiting to vote.

When Margaret Vernon arrived, more than three hours after the polls opened, sheriff’s deputies escorted her into the facility.

Like other election judges, she carries a suitcase containing a master disc to start up the voting machines, along with a district registrar containing all the names of voters in the precinct.

While the machines were down, about 30 voters went to the polling place at a church nearby and voted on emergency ballots.

Vernon told deputies she was ill. She will be charged by summons with failure to perform duties.

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One Comment

  1. David Colton says:

    “Officials have recalibrated the machines and are confident that the problem has been resolved.”
    I am suspicious by nature, (humans have been “fixing” machines my whole life.)
    Q: WHY would a machine need to be “recalibrated,” when they were just checked out last night??
    Again, I will always be old fashioned..I want a paper trail as a backup. I have seen all kinds of digital “altering” in electronic devices over the last 40 years that I have worked on them. From video poker machines, to the electronic slots. It happens every week.
    One things for sure NOBODY will be happy with WHO wins.

    1. Bubba Bubbas says:

      EXACTLY, they got caught defrauding voters and switching their votes to Clinton! My question is after they flipped the “cheat” switch off, how long until it goes back to cheating and switching votes from Trump to Clinton again!?!

    2. WC Montoya says:

      Why is it every time there’s a problem with a voting machine it always involves a Republican candidate being switched to Democrat?

      1. Hillary won the coin toss with Bernie 6 times in a row, just another coincidence.

      2. Why is it EVERY time I hear about voting frauds/irregularities it’s always in the direction of aiding the Democrats? Are we not supposed to notice this?

    3. Taluca Lake says:

      When does someone go to jail. Start with HRC

    4. Calibrate???? Why? What the hell does that mean? Calibrated to be honest and integral the way they’re supposed to be? Why would they get out of “calibration?” Let me guess….some POS reprogrammed the machine (and many others) via the back door.

      1. My experience with touch screens is that once they’re calibrated, they might lose calibration but it shows up as not recognizing a touch; they will NEVER switch from one selected field to another. Saying a machine needs “re-calibrating” is bogus BS.

    5. As a software developer, I am more concerned about the changes that can be done that the user doesn’t see.

    6. Bill Toth says:

      I would love to her the “technical” explanation as to what EXACTLY was “calibrated” and the full procedure used in the calibration and why it failed initially. Maybe they calibrated the “back door”? I smell a rat.

    7. “Recalibrated”? what the hell does that mean? These clerks should switch immediately to paper ballots if they find too many of these mal-functioning machines!

    8. They needed to be re-calibrated so they don’t show the vote being changed. No wonder hillary is ahead in PA.

    9. I have worked with tabulating equipment for most of my adult life and I do not understand, in any of the technologies, paper, mechanical, punch card or even digital where the machine tabulating the vote would need any type of calibration. Saying they fixed this problem with calibration is akin to saying you fixed your car by kicking the tires.

      Honestly if the media wanted to really do a service for their consumers they would be telling people what to do so they can verify their votes and also tell us what happened to the people that reported the problem. What did the officials do? Was the voter’s vote correctly tabulated or was it forfeit in meaningless technological bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo?

  2. Kathy Katie says:

    Funny how I haven’t heard of one instance where a vote for Clinton was changed to Trump! Not once! Hmmm.

    1. Jim Brock says:

      Kathy: You beat me to it. Very, verry, verrrry strange.

      1. You and thousands of other Americans that have been paying attention.

    2. Joe Fish says:

      It is truly amazing isn’t it. All these “glitches” are switches from R straight ticket.

      I haven’t heard one single report of votes switching from Democrat to Republican.

      Amazing coincidence.

    3. Ant Nee says:

      Who cares what you heard? Stop gaslighting.

      1. Ant Nee says:

        My apologies, i misread your comment. Are these machines connected to Soros?

    4. Because Trump voters are more likely to get confused by technology.

      1. d0ct0rj says:

        Are you kidding? The dumbest Trump engineer could design a voting machine that would run rings around the best Soros machine…

  3. Looks like another 110% blowout in PA.

    That state should be thrown out if they cant get it right. It not like the election SNUCK up on them.

  4. Tess Gipson says:

    check to see if you are voting on a SOROS machine. if you are, you can bet your last dollar your vote was for hiLIARy – regardless of what you wanted !!!!

  5. RIGGED VOTING MACHINES IN PENNSYLVANIA – They re-calibrated them, what does that mean. Use a paper ballot.

    1. It means that the machine will now switch the vote once the switch can no longer be viewed by the voter!

  6. Daniel Petry says:

    Amazing how you don’t hear that a Hillary vote magically switched to Trump.

  7. Rick Smith says:

    In Chicago / Illinois that’s called a coincidence

  8. Confident the problem has been resolved, after hundreds of votes have already been cast.

    1. Janice Lyons says:

      Exactly. So the machine was “recalibrated,” How many Trump votes got turned into Clinton votes BEFORE it was recalibrated?

  9. Why is it that when voting problems like the one discussed in this article always have the voting machine switch the vote to the Democrat candidate?

  10. John Oakman says:

    There is no voter fraud–obola. AND YOU CAN KEEP YOUR DOCTOR.

  11. Soros machines. color me shocked.

    1. Debra Cior says:

      This is happening also in other towns in Pennsylvania and also in Texas

  12. DISGRACEFUL!!! Very suspicious. How come it’s only Trump votes being changed and not Clinton’s? The same thing has happened elsewhere. Is the system rigged?

  13. Robert Cat says:

    The machines need to be recalibrated to allow voters to vote for the candidate they chose? What kind of B.S is this??

  14. Eric Jackson says:

    What township did this happen in again? Say that again? *cough*

    Stolen votes benefit democrats. Dead votes benefit democrats. Illegal votes benefit democrats. See a pattern yet? #DrainTheSwamp

    1. While Democrats are busy stealing the election, their constituents are complaining about voter intimidation, ya right! Black lives matter are easily scared when you look them in the eyes!

  15. also watch the tickers where it shows ballot received. they are stuck in Connecticut

  16. Fixed? How many votes were “fixed” before this lady caught this feature of the voting machine?

  17. Art Carney says:

    it happening all over. funny it always from trump to Clinton switching the votes.

  18. It’s always a guarantee that when a machine fouls up, it’s by switching a Republican vote to a Democrat vote. You could clean up if you could find a bookie that would put any sort of odds on it. But they all know it’s a sure thing too.

  19. I’m happy I voted for Trump in Florida by paper ballot

  20. Eric Jackson says:

    REMEMBER: You have the right to request a paper ballot!

  21. tngilmer says:

    And so the blatant election stealing by the Democrats continues.

  22. Where’s the outrage? If someone had voted for Hillary and it changed to Trump there would be a national outcry on the MSM. Are these the machines manufactured by one of Soros owned companies?

  23. There will be war and blood in the streets if Hillary steals this!

    1. David Colton says:

      Sadly, I am afraid you are 100% RIGHT!

  24. Stan Olson says:

    Clinton Township! kind of/sort of explains everything. No need for the grammar police.

  25. Joel Harmon says:

    The cheating, lying Democrats have modified these machines to do this. There is no way this is a coincidence when it has happened in over three states now!

  26. Jim Harr says:

    Why is it that whenever this happens, it defaults to the Democrat? Are there any examples of voting irregularities favoring a Republican?

  27. One Soros’d machine per precinct is all it takes…

  28. Ted Hales says:

    Straight up fraud right here. The “calibration” excuse is a lie.

  29. Why are none of these incidents “accidentally” voting Trump?

  30. Imagine that a voting machine switches from Trump to Hillary!! And this CBS news site reports it as no big deal “Things are going smoothly for the most part” Utter Bullsh!t!!

  31. It’s easy to calibrate a touch-screen to be “off” by a few inches in one direction or another if in fact they are using touch-screens. You can also create dependent field triggers so that when a user selects say the last field on the form, field 1 for the presidency (now above the fold) can be changed “onClick”. If the user doesn’t then go back and re-check every field on their ballot before submitting, they are voting for the wrong person.

  32. JD Yank says:

    This is total bulls*#t!!! Funny no votes changing to Trump!!! Are these Soros machines?? This corruption is beyond belief!!! Mayor, Governor, State Police, FBI, DOJ???? Anyone??? Oh, I forgot, there is no voter fraud….

  33. J.b. Patton says:

    Funny every time I hear about votes flipping it’s always going from Trump to Clinton ?? has anyone heard of the votes flipping from Clinton to Trump funny isn’t it..

  34. Corruption is rampant in America. Those aren’t glitches. America get’s corruption because it votes for corruption consistently. That’s why career politicians do what they do and take advantage of you; they know you won’t do anything about it….even when you have a clear opportunity to send a message.

  35. Ra Williams says:

    Voter turn out is huge! Some districts are over 130%!

  36. Isn’t it fascinating how these glitches are always… Always… an R vote being switched to a D vote?

  37. Jeff Hermann says:

    “RE-CALIBRATE” The Democrat term for getting caught committing Voter Fraud

  38. “An Ancient Evil Stalks our land, from Sea to Shining Sea!
    It’s Known by many different names, But All Are Hillary”!
    Sic Semper Tyrannis !

  39. The democrats can steal a lot of votes with these rigged vote-switching machines.

  40. John Paglia says:

    You Dem supporters should be EMBARRASSED and ASHAMED! Notice that there are no reports of Hillary votes switching to Trump at any point? Your party is CROOKED AND CORRUPT from top to bottom.

  41. rigged….do not leave until your bad vote is discounted and the new one is COUNTED…AND IF THE SOROS MACHINES (SMARTMATIC) still counts Hilllary…PAPER BALLOT.

  42. If The Hildabeast wins, it was massive voter fraud and we should revolt.

  43. It is 2016. Does anyone in PA have a cell phone with video?

  44. Dems are criminals! Straight out of the Chicago playbook!

  45. This is obvious fraud! How many voters didn’t notice before leaving?!?!?!

  46. El He says:

    Are these machines among those linked to Soros? Otherwise, does anybody know why these sorts of things almost exclusively happen to the detriment of the GOP? My ‘favorite’ example in NC from 2012 occurred when one voting station ran out of Spanish ballots. This was an election-day problem so people could only vote at assigned polling places. When the ‘smoke’ cleared,
    it was found that more Spanish language votes were counted than Hispanic US citizens were registered a that polling place. There are other examples but no follow-up ten because Romney won the state.

  47. If it’s close in PA, team Trump will sue! We will not lay down and play dead this time!

  48. LMJ313 says:

    It never is reported where the vote is switched in the next direction

    1. LMJ313 says:

      …and by that I mean as a Clinton vote switching to Trump.

  49. Eric Foster says:

    Paper,.on paper,….its not like it can’t be done.

  50. Rich Ord says:

    Dems are crooked and that’s why when votes are changed, ballots are lost, ballots are found, etc… it always favors Democrats. Please save our nation from these cheats.

  51. Also happened in Cressona, Pennsylvania!!!

  52. GEORGE SOROS should swing from a tree.

  53. Another technically illiterate journalist. Instruments that take measurements can be calibrated, but a voting machine is not something that needs to be “calibrated” or “recalibrated.”

    Either it records votes honestly, or it does not.

  54. “Officials have recalibrated the machines and are confident that the problem has been resolved.”

    Recalibrated it? Or fixed it? Recalibrated could mean that instead of changing to a Hillary vote before your eyes, it doesn’t change until you’ve left the booth.

    Why is it we don’t hear from Democrats complaining that their Hillary vote keeps changing to Donald?

    We need to go to paper ballots, purple dye marked thumb, and photo ID. No early or absentee voting, no provisional ballots, and no burkas. Hold the election on a Saturday. You must vote in person and your thumb gets inked,

  55. It must have been a coincidence that the machines cheated to HELLary. The DemocRATS are an honest bunch of “folks”

  56. Calibrated my A*ss , those machines were rigged to default, to reverse votes, they are suppose to do a basic operation, one key mechanically pushed, directed to the line of choice.
    Clinton’s cheating every way she could.

  57. Jack Inmanz says:

    Move along, nothing to see here.

  58. Ken Keppel says:

    This is the reason 2 big counties in Texas had to switch to all paper ballots. But, when there are almost 4,000 more democrat poll watchers assigned than republican – what kind of “calibration” are they doing? Does it keep it as a Clinton vote or totaly erasing the republican vote? Weren’t we told that there is no such thing as voter fraud?

  59. Most likely each time the vote switches to Hillary it is recorded for her as well. So 6 or 7 tries later Hillary will have a substantial lead over Trump. Those machines are rigged for Hillary just like they were for Obama in 2012.

    Trump should never concede if he comes up short in PA tonight. The DNC and the MSM don’t care about legal and ethical, they need to win this MOFO.

  60. And as soon as they walked away there vote switched to Hillary again, there is no way this election is going to be honest and accurate.

  61. In this case I do believe that it’s Outside Players trying to influence the election.

    Russia already has Cankles in their pocket. SHE’S the one they want to win, not Trump!!

  62. Bill Welling says:

    My wife and I both voted in TX, They had this problem but it seemed to be all voter error. Saying that while we were in line they took one of the 8 voting machines offline. These machines have a dial to Select, Enter and Go Back. Both my wife and I went BACK a number of times to be sure our vote was not reversed from all Republican to Democrat.

  63. Chris Troke says:

    That vote change was supposed to happen in the back round. It has been “re-calibrated” so the change can no longer be seen.

  64. I’ll be slightly more cofident this is a fair election when I heard about a Hitlery vote being switched to Trump. Are these multiple reports from all parts of the country coincidence, or is this thing rigged from the start? Does anyone from the opposition (Dem) see why there’s a revolt in this country yet?

  65. Right and I have a Brooklyn Bridge to sell you for a Million. The only way a trump vote got switched is someone switched the vote to make Hillary Happy.

  66. Geof Grooms says:

    When my clients make a billing mistake, its never an over-payment. They usually forget the check. Its amazing how consistent, random acts can be.

    These voting machines certainly have a consistent error for voting mistakes.

  67. Jen Magnus says:


  68. Doug Day says:

    Democrats can only win by cheating. They’re cheaters. TRUMP 2016!!

  69. Chris Havens says:

    PA, the fix is in, and it is for Clinton. This is no different than William Penn cheating the Lenape Indians, but the distance a man can walk in a day. The indians did not contemplate many men at different points, and them all running. I say if Clinton wins, it is time to let the left coast the right coast, and the New England states have their constitution. The rest of us, sane, form our own nation. Splitting the union fat chance the what is left would be able to do anything. They would embroil themselves in the debate, and as Hillary has done all her life, talk and talk, and end the end do nothing.

  70. This is akin to computer gambling. The results are fixed in the software. Voting should NEVER be handled electronically because someone will cheat and we can see Clinton cheating.

  71. This is why Hillary and her corrupt establishment is being given the boot.

  72. David Alster says:

    The fix is in. How many people did not notice the vote change. Democrats have been fixing elections for years. Wait until they find Trump ballots in dumpsters.

  73. Rigged Soros voting machines just like the last “election.”

  74. The old bat
    is going to stumble
    she’s going to fall
    Trump going
    nail her ass to the wall

  75. Anti-racists say there is a RACE problem that can only be solved when the third world pours into EVERY White country and “assimilates.”

    What if I said there was a RACE problem that could only be solved if hundreds of millions of non-Blacks were brought into EVERY Black country? How long before people realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem, but the conclusion to the BLACK problem?

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  76. David Foster says:

    Trump never had a chance, the game was rigged from the start!

  77. Always check your ballot before you press the “Vote” button and hit the “Confirm” button on the screen. Always vote for every candidate individually, even if they are all from the same party. Foolproof? Not but best you can do. Regardless of who gets elected, the crooked always have, and always will, pick on the lazy and the ignorant. The return on time invested with that group is always optimal.

  78. Undoubtedly Clinton is going to win this election with a little help from her “friends”.

  79. Call the police someone is stealing your vote! We took our phones in case this happened so we would have proof.

  80. Is it the Russians again?

  81. MH Thomas says:

    Pennsylvania (CORRUPTION state). No photo ID required (everyone knows why). ” a few Faulty” voting machines. And Real Time reporting of systemic voter fraud favoring (who else?) Democrats. In other words: Business as Usual.

    Election “officials” say “At this point [HALFWAY through the vote?] the problem has been corrected”. So only half of the Trump votes were changed to Clinton. Further proof that there is no such thing as voter fraud.

  82. The same thing happened to my brother near Houston this morning!!!

  83. Fred Garvin says:

    Everyone continue to their Due Diligence to confront and expose these pathetic, government worms.

  84. You NEVER see a Clinton vote changed to Trump, EVER! The election is RIGGED! Hope Trump does not accept the results if he loses.

  85. Steve Grant says:

    Just what knuckle dragging low life leftists do. They’re ALL, evil to the bone!

  86. Chris Beyer says:

    The same thing was happening in Texas. Several similar issues have popped up in the news. Funny thought, the machines seem only calibrated to switch Trump votes to Hillary rather than the opposite.

  87. Why do these “errors” always favor the democrats?

  88. David Quinn says:

    “Recalibrate”, as if it’s a precision piece of laboratory equipment that has to be very precise.

    Word is not appropriate. “Reprogram”, “reinitialize”, “rejigger” …

    If 2 of the automated voting machines were having problems, those 2 should have been taken away to the police department as evidence and only the other 6 used.

  89. When a voting machine switches to the Democrat candidate every time, it’s not a calibration issues its a corruption issue.

  90. Haley Darr says:

    Happening in Central Pa too!

  91. Funny how it NEVER seems to happen that Democrat intended votes flip over to Republican votes. Isn’t it?
    See how THAT works?

  92. Why is it that you NEVER hear about the Democrat vote changing to Republican?!

  93. Kevin Barney says:

    First, why isn’t there a printout, for proof, second, if this is going on they need to shut down the place, get new machines not from the criminal, Soros and have another election, there is only one way she would win, cheating.


  95. Kerr Puter says:

    All the other kids with the pumped up kicks….

  96. Terry Rupp says:

    A machine flipped my wife’s votes to ALL DEMOCRAT, and 2 hrs later I used the same machine which flipped mine to ALL DEMOCRAT as well. We live in Armstrong County! This isn’t an isolated problem!

  97. the only way that I will accept that the voting machines functioned properly is if Trump wins.

  98. Gary Sanders says:

    Stealing votes is the only way Clinton will get any

  99. Morey Ladini says:

    Voting machines courtesy of another Soros subsidiary?

  100. Graeme Cree says:

    You can have it corrected, but ONLY if you notice it. If you’re not paying close enough attention, so sad, too bad.

  101. Greg Johnson says:

    So what is the name of the company who built the voting machine? Any bets is a Soros company??

    Strange how it always seem to go Republican -> Democrat isn’t it.

  102. Roger Dane says:

    “Officials have recalibrated the machines and are confident that the problem has been resolved.” Right, sure thing Jocko… once again the “D.C.” crooks (that is District of Corruption) are trying to steal an election. You simply have to ask yourself, “will there ever be an honest election again?”

  103. Sam Reese says:

    Touch screen calibration is easily mismanaged to have the point of contact moved to another area of the scree. Double check your vote.

  104. Frankly, many of these comments sound like BS from people trying to sow doubt/confusion about the election outcome in advance of the results.

  105. Carl Mayo says:

    Anything that involves obama and george soros can’t be trusted — ESPECIALLY voting machines.

  106. Democrats could never win ANY election if it weren’t for cheating. Liberalism is a mental disease.

  107. I just get the warm fuzzies, when I hear the voting machines was recalibrated. It would seem to be corruption is at hand. Who is to say or assure us that the vote is tabulated correctly later, no one. The democrats are on record as vote cheaters and proud of it. I have doubts America, real doubts.

  108. ernie4 says:

    Bill Clinton is a RAPIST
    (in case ya didn’t know)

  109. Kim A Kirk says:

    These machines need to be examined. Anyone found guilty of vote tampering should be executed. There should be zero tolerance in messing with our democracy.

  110. Obviously it’s a touch screen calibration issue.

  111. Nothing magic fractions won’t take care of.

  112. This is happening in other places as well. And the mistake is always going to Clinton by default. That is not a glitch, that is intentional. The deeper issue is, how do any of us know where the machine actually counted the vote. Did it go into the correct database once it was fixed?
    Come on Philadelphia! We need your state! Please stay alert and vigilant when voting!

  113. Aleric says:

    It always managed to benefit the Democrats when voting problems occur, go figure.

  114. “Officials have recalibrated the machines and are confident that the problem has been resolved.”

    NOOOOO. Impound the machine before it has been ‘recalibrated’. Don’t destroy the evidence of democrat fraud. Get that machine on the 6pm TV news. Investigate the provenance of the software programming for that machine, identify the people involved, and if appropriate, prosecute them. Obviously, contest all the votes.

    No more tolerance for this cheating.

  115. Greg Dane says:

    This (again) is right out of the DNC/Soros playbook. They will alter the vote at any cost to elect who THEY want and not who the people choose!

    This a perfect example of the level of corruption that the Liberal Democrat communist/socialist party has been cramming down the throats of Americans for very long time. Thanks to Donald J Trump, NOW everyone is aware and can see it first hand. What had been hidden is NOW exposed – and ALL those who has contributed are now known as to who and what they are – and THEY ARE NOT AMERICANS!

  116. Folks, this is why you have cell phone cameras.

  117. Big surprise. It’s been discovered that some of the machines were manufactured in a Soros owned company.
    Anyhow, as we’ve seen over the past years and Wikileaks has let out, nothing is too dirty for the Democrats to do in order to steal the election. Nothing. They would murder babies(and do using PP) if it would give them the edge.

    Anyhow, I voted in Ohio this morning and I went back 3 times to double check my elections and all were OK. I highly recommend that you go back and clearly recheck your elections before you hit submit. We simply MUST keep Hillary out of office.

  118. John Smith says:

    Voters of the county when discover these type of switching must shut down voting place and reschedule voting on another date with paper ballot .The results can’t be valid īn this situation.Personally any digital voting is insane to me.We live in times where nothing is secure in digital form.And voting without clear identity of citizenship with so many non citizens is total lunacy.

  119. No wonder the dems always win PA. SMH

  120. There should be a legal, automatic and unappealable death penalty for the perpetrators — and beneficiaries — of these crimes —- no matter which political party.


    When you decide to steal an election for your candidate, you must first establish in the minds of your intended victims the idea that your candidate has a plausible chance of winning — by publishing and propagating all over the news some faked-up polls which support that contention. Obviously, if it appeared that Screamin’ Mad Cow Disease Hillary ThunderThighs Clinton The Demented, Delirious, Delusional, And Geriatric Thespian Cannibal would lose by a landslide, it would rightly provoke a revolution if she and her proxies and surrogates stole the election and claimed legitimate success.



    The Democrats will cheerfully vote for Jack The Ripper or Charlie Manson or the Boston Strangler or Adolf Hitler or Screamin’ Mad Cow Disease Hillary ThunderThighs Clinton The Demented, Delirious, Deluded, and Geriatric Thespian Cannibal — as long as this object of their thieving political passions uses the guns of government to rip-off other people of their money and property and share the loot with them — “to rob Peter in order to pay Paul” for his vote. That’s theft, bribery, and electoral fraud. Arrest the fkg Democrat party and hang them, one and all, in the public square until they rot to the bone. ~:<)

  123. Phil Smith says:

    It is NOT a calibration error. It IS a deliberate programing error!

  124. Mark Shrader says:

    Democrats are desperate and will lie cheat and steal to remain in power.

  125. Nota Newsa says:

    They “Recalabrated” the machines at “Clinton Township”? NOT BUYING IT! Those machines were compromised Hillary is a crook!

  126. John Nelson says:

    The Democratic Party of Hillary Clinton, Donna Brazille, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Robert Creamer and Scott Floval is hard at work again.

  127. Ansil Adabi says:

    So the machines were checked by PA elections in advance yet 2 in 8 are switching the vote. Then they had to be “recalibrated.” Someone’s definitely on the take in this town. Will be interesting to see promotions and who’s driving what new car in the near future.

  128. Colin Reed says:

    I have absolutely NO faith in the integrity of our elections. As Stalin famously said, “those who cast the votes determine nothing, but those who count the votes determine everything.” The democratic process in the US is dead. The Constitution is dead. The Republic is dead. Heil Hillary!

  129. Rick Anders says:


  130. Jim Williams says:

    Those machines have been voting Democrat for so many decades that is probably time for them to retire.

  131. Tree Fidy says:

    It’s Hillary, tryna steal the vote.

  132. So, in order for Hillary to win, and taking into consideration her rally attendance compared to Trump’s, it would be necessary to program Trump votes to go to Hillary.

  133. If it was a programming bug, it would be doing it to Clinton and Trump. This is a hack.

  134. Trump lawyers need to contest Pennsylvania. NOW! Do not let Hillary and Soros steal your election!

  135. Pitiful Censorship How sad !

  136. Everyone in Pennsylvania should demand a recount vote with a paper vote. Your voting machines , many of which are Soros owned, and those are resetting to Hillary. All the democratic BS , coming down on Trump for saying it’s a Rigged election. Well it is, and if one state carries the final win, then what the Heck can you conclude but cheating, deceitful , dishonesty. Put Hillary in jail, if it takes a revol….. , do it, we are all disgusted !!

  137. Reports of rigged electronic voting machines coming in from all over Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

    Soros is trying to steal Pennsylvania for Hillary.

  138. We need to revolt and demand paper ballets! And if they are destroyed the person responsible for the precinct gets the death penalty.

  139. Gee, who wudda thunk voting machines would malfunction in favor of Hillary in a toss up state?

  140. iambicpentamaster says:

    The election is rigged.

    “However, there have been some scattered issues where voters are encountering problems.”

    If these had been stolen Democrat votes, the issues wouldn’t be characterized as “scattered”, but instead widespread vote hacking and election stealing.

    The fix is in for Mrs. Stainmaker. But you knew that, didn’t you?

  141. Mike Burns says:

    As Donald Trump has often said ” The election is rigged” Keep your eyes open tonight and be aware of your surroundings in the following days. I think there is going to be mayhem in the streets if Clinton steals the election…..

  142. Why does every calibrate error always favour the democrat?

  143. scotttalks9511 says:

    Free Trump T-shirt (ends midnight) –

  144. And in Philly there were precincts (inner city) where there was 130% turnout with 100% of the votes for Obama… last election. By now we know PA Democrats have rigged the process no surprise here. Why do you think Soros owns companies that make voting machines?

  145. Dave Cohen says:

    Trump voters are too dumb to work voting machines

  146. tracymears says:

    Gee just like Jeb Bush’s Florida voting that gave Dubya the White House votes from NY Jewish seniors who had no idea t hey were accidentally putting the devil in DC.

Comments are closed.

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