Bike Lane Advisory Board Proposed By City Coucilwoman

Proposed Board Would Streamline Bike Lane Information To And From City Officials

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — From the first days of their installation, Pittsburgh’s bike lanes have been controversial.

After numerous complaints, there is a proposal in front of City Council that could streamline the way residents can voice their concerns, and how they can learn more about additional safe-zones for city bicyclists.

Pittsburgh City Councilwoman Theresa Kail-Smith has proposed that an advisory board be created to review and draft policies for new bike lanes. She says the board would be responsible for notifying the public 90 days prior to the installation of a new lane so people could weigh in.

She adds that the advisory board could also propose improved designs for the bike lanes.

“I think that they look ugly,” Councilwoman Kail-Smith tells KDKA Radio’s James Garrity. “Plus, we want them to be safe, and I don’t know how safe some of the lanes are.”

The proposal for the advisory board has the support of Mayor Bill Peduto. From his office, Communication’s Coordinator Katie O’Malley says the system would provide a channel to make plans and proposals more accessible to the public.

Bike Pittsburgh advocacy director Eric Boerer says the nonprofit organization is in favor of a bike committee on the city level, but he hopes it would follow nationally based best practices for bicycle safety and would avoid redundancy.

“All of the things that are in the proposal, the city is pretty much already doing,” Boerer says, nodding to work being done by the Complete Streets Advisory Committee.

“Right now, the city is working on a brand new bike plan due to be launched in the next couple months… it’s unclear if this committee is going to be redundant or not,” he said.

Councilwoman Kail-Smith says she has learned that the state is preparing an updated version of it’s bike lane codes, and ones formulated between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh could be incorporated into the state’s planning.

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One Comment

  1. Jim Coster says:

    i have nothing against bycycles or people who like them. but as a FORMER 30 year business person in downtown pittsburgh, they are one of the reasons i closed my downtown office. frankly, i believe the pittsburgh city government has gone “batsh.t” crazy over their obsession with “biking!” there was NEVER enough parking and room for autos in the downtown area BEFORE “the rights of bikers” was ceased upon by city officials. now with dedicated bike lanes and parking spaces, city officials might as well just put up a sign on the Fort Pit Bridge Liberty Avenue sign “No Cars Allowed.” the other clearly idiotic thing about making pittsburgh “bike friendly” is that – PITTSBURGH ISN’T FLORIDA OR CALIFORNIA!! perhaps the “city leaders” hadn’t noticed but we have “hills” and “snow” in this area. frankly, i avoid coming to pittsburgh now as MUCH as i can! it just isn’t worth the aggrevation of looking for parking and trying to figure out how to drive on Penn Avenue. i suspect the long-term goal of all this “bike obsession” is to make pittsburgh completely “auto free” much like Paris and Hamburg, Germany. i really don’t see Pittsburgh being able to make that transition due to the weather and geography. in my opinion, Pittsbugh’s officials have done everything they can to run business out of the city. Allegheny County doesn’t have the geograpy, demographics or money to ever construct the amount of public transportation networks that would be required to take cars out of Pittsburgh. i went to college in Boston and lived there for several years and the average person doesn’t need a car to exist there. however, Pittsburgh, ISN’T Boston – and NEVER will be. maybe all the young “high tech” geniuses who are suppose to save Pittsburgh will bring thousands of bicycles with them and really transform Pittsburgh into the European city so many of them seem to want. that is not something i would like to see – but i’m pretty sure i’ll be walking around the “golden streets of heaven” long before that happens.

  2. I completely agree with Mr Coster. I am sick and tired of these bike lanes! It’s all bull! what happened to the rights of people who drive cars? I avoid coming into Pgh. for anything because the bike lanes/hype is a pain in the a–! The rights of the many motorist have been imposed on by the few bikers. ENOUGH, TOO MANY ALREADY

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