84 Lumber Forced To Change Super Bowl Ad Over Controversial Political Statement

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The first national Super Bowl ad for 84 Lumber will not appear during the game the way it was intended.

The Pittsburgh advertising company that created the spot was forced to make a change.

Super bowl ads are a pinnacle of an advertising career.

“It’s a big deal, something we’re excited about. There’s a lot of energy, a lot of enthusiasm,” said Michael Brunner, the chairman and CEO of Brunnerworks.

The creative minds of Brunner Advertising have been working for months on the spot for 84 Lumber.

They have three goals in mind. Brunner says they want to generate national awareness of 84 Lumber, create pride in the workforce and fill jobs within the company.

“We’ve got over 400 positions that we’re looking to fill at all levels, at all capacities,” said Brunner.

The owner of 84 Lumber, Maggie Hardy Magerko says the company is defined by its people.

In a statement says said, “That’s why we’re casting a wider net. We want the world to know 84 Lumber is the place for people who don’t always fit nicely into a box.”

And it was in that effort that the ad apparently made FOX a bit uncomfortable.

“Simply put, that was a spot that they didn’t think they would be willing to run during the Super Bowl,” said Brunner.

He would not be more specific, but the ad reportedly featured a wall blocking people looking for work in the United States, and immigrants unable to cross the border due to the wall.

“Parts of it were shot out west, parts of it are in Mexico,” Brunner said.

FOX saw the script and threw a flag.

“There’s some elements in it that are… can be considered politically sensitive,” Brunner said. “They are the host. We’re paying the dollars, but they are the host.”

Watch full ad below:

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So the Stanwix Street wiz kids did some re-noodling.

“We changed the spot and that’s what we’ll be running on Sunday,” Brunner said.

The resulting 90-second spot will direct you online for the conclusion.

“Clearly, we would have liked to aired a 90-second spot start to finish, then you get all the eyeballs that are watching the Super Bowl. That’s a no-brainer,” Brunner said. “The changes that we’ve made, I would hope help it, but that was not part of the plan.”

Could the controversy draw even more attention to the spot and more importantly 84 Lumber?

“I can’t answer that right now,” said Brunner. “We’ll have to wait and see.”

The spot is set to air just before halftime on Super Bowl Sunday. 84 Lumber posted the full ad on Twitter after it aired.

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One Comment

  1. “Build the Wall”
    Make America Great Again !

  2. David Frank says:

    As Fox moves left they will continue to lose the audience they once had.

    1. Larry Smith says:

      You do realize the ad was ANTI-wall

      1. Lee Enfield says:

        I interpret the story to read that the ad was ANTI wall. OTOH, it can be the usual sub-par reporting.

  3. John Dendy says:

    So is FOX becoming CNN?

  4. Pike Guy says:

    Isn’t that like a Christian baker not baking a cake for LGBT wedding? Seems the same to me…

  5. Hey folks, this is all the article revealed about the content of the AD. There is no way to know for sure which way 84 Lumber and FOX are coming down on this yet.

    “He would not be more specific, but the ad reportedly featured a wall blocking people looking for work in the United States, and immigrants unable to cross the border due to the wall.”

    This could be either way. An anti or pro-wall thing.

  6. Vox Veritas says:

    84 Lumber knows that their ad won’t be remembered for more than 48 hours, right?

  7. 84 Lumber couldn’t be so stupid as to have an anti-wall commercial, right? They must know their customers are probably 80% Trump voters.

  8. If Fox is stupid enough to leave few millions on the table, its their loss.

    84 Lumber has a golden nugget in their hand.
    Take it to the Internet.
    This free publicity alone would get them the same American eye balls they were hoping for on Fox TV.

  9. Geo Rubik says:

    I’m sure the NFL had a hand in the rejection. They are trying to expand to the Mexico market.

  10. But they’ll run sultry Viagra commercials throughout games while you’re watching with your sons and daughters.
    “If you have an erection lasting longer than…..”
    Daddy, what’s an erection?

  11. I don’t want my taxes raised, I don’t want to double our population with unlimited immigration, I don’t want Syrian refugees here, I don’t want the government in my everyday life, I want to take care of the American people first, I want our Military and Veterans taken care of also, I want the Constitution followed, I want waste and fraud eliminated, I want those who need it cared for, I want to eliminate welfare as a lifetime program passed from generation to generation, I want a healthy Social Security program, I want a robust economy, I want millennials to get a clue.

    Our jobs are being taken away. Our healthcare is too expensive. Mine is $600/month now (AND RISING!). My car insurance is still $25 per month (from Insurance Panda), but who knows when our increasingly socialist government will come in and muddle that up? Things are getting more and more expensive as it is. Can we really afford to support the world’s homeless?

    This is why I voted for DONALD TRUMP

    TRUMP 2016! MAGA!

  12. Linda Ruth says:

    Puleeeeze let them run it as is I would love it to backfire on them like it has so many companies that have decided to make themselves political arbiters instead of businesses with goods to sell EVERYONE!

  13. STOP it .. the WALL doesn’t stop “immigrants” . it stops ILLEGAL ALIENS. . . #DamnLOSERS

  14. Mike Arvand says:

    Looks like the award for best commercial this year might just be one that doesn’t get aired.

  15. They should have put up an ad for an extremist left wing idea. Fox would have allowed that.

  16. Larry Smith says:

    You people are not reading the article correctly…the lumber ad was against the wall nor for it. Your comments indicate you think fox is against the wall…

  17. I can’t tell if the ad would be for a wall or against it, due to this phrase: “He would not be more specific, but the ad reportedly featured a wall blocking people looking for work in the United States, and immigrants unable to cross the border due to the wall.”

    1. Larry Smith says:

      DID you read this…”In a statement says said, “That’s why we’re casting a wider net. We want the world to know 84 Lumber is the place for people who don’t always fit nicely into a box.””

      The words “wider net”, “the world”, and the box thing leave no doubt in my mind they are taking the liberal stand…

  18. I am watching in hopes of Ga Ga taking a header off of the roof

  19. David Ivey says:

    They’re going to spend $15 million for a 90 second ad to attract 400 new employees? That’s $37,500 in ad cost per position. I think they were just trying to make a political statement.

  20. Andy Howe says:

    Rejected this ad because could be considered offensive. Can’t wait to see how many ads make it that are offensive, but present an acceptable “politically correct” viewpoint or agenda.

  21. I just became a HUGE 84 Lumber fan. Loving this idea. Of course, the NFL is okay with Ga Ga Goo Goo, that shill, grandstanding on stage in her nutty outfits with the opportunity to open her big mouth and spew some garbage. Get ready folks, it’s coming.

  22. BUILD THAT WALL! BUILD THAT WALL! Can’t have a sovereign nation without borders. #AskEurope

  23. So 84 Lumber can’t find 400 qualified applicants in their local areas and needs to recruit uneducated illegal aliens who can’t speak English? Looks like 84 Lumber runs a sweat shop to avoid paying proper wages and taxes.

    1. Jay Lewis says:

      David W. Johnson, you are absolutely correct about 84 Lumber. They are a horrible employer and nobody in their right mind would ever work there.

  24. Mikey Hunt says:

    What kind of country do we live in where it’s “politically insensitive” to say we don’t want to be invaded by 3rd world, disease infested squalor?

  25. Rick Smith says:

    Fox won’t let an ad be political but the nfl – the not for long league – is ok with kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem allowing their employees to make a political statement. I get it

  26. Here’s a new headline.

    ‘Viewer rejects FOX because of their PC advertising policy”. I can do without all of them and will attack them with my wallet.

  27. Always so happy to see that censorship is so alive and well in Omerica. Randy McDaniels, TLC.

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