Actor Robert De Niro Concerned With Dangers Of Mercury In Vaccines

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020/AP) – You know actor Robert De Niro for his long list of iconic roles that have spanned decades.

On Wednesday, he joined the “KDKA Morning News” to discuss his most important role – a concerned father.

De Niro’s son, Elliot, is on the autism spectrum. De Niro cites studies that link the mercury in vaccines to autism.

“There’s something here [with mercury in vaccines] that’s not being addressed for some reason, so I’m trying to help raise that profile of the situation,” says De Niro.

De Niro and World Mercury Project Chairman Robert F. Kennedy Jr. are concerned that mercury is still used in some vaccines.

Kennedy says he is pro-vaccine, but he concerned with the amount of mercury in some.

“I’ve always been pro-vaccine; Bob [De Niro] is pro-vaccine. I’ve had all six of my kids vaccinated. I want to get mercury out of the vaccines. I’ve been trying to get mercury out of fish for 30 years, nobody calls me anti-fish,” says Kennedy.

Kennedy says the World Mercury Project, “is determined to create free of the devastating effects of Mercury.”

De Niro and Kennedy will hold a press conference Wednesday morning to discuss their plan to help rid the world of the neurotoxin mercury in some vaccines and other areas of the environment.

The news conference will also announce a challenge with a “substantial cash award” to the U.S. people and media, and address questions about President Donald Trump’s vaccine safety commission.

De Niro, who has been very critical of the Trump administration, says if they get involved in the World Mercury Project it will be a positive.

“If [the Trump administration gets involved] that’s a good thing. They can do good things that are good and right and do the right thing. If they do, more power to them,” says De Niro.

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One Comment

  1. John Dole says:

    So because someone is an actor, their voice and opinion should be more important to us, why…?

  2. Stupid and irresponsible to give a forum for this dangerous and long discredited nonsense. What’s next, an Exxon funded scientist to tell us how global warming isn’t real?

    1. Lort Bizniz says:

      Did you people even watch the news conference or you’re just trying to save your dying vaxtremist religion? Unless you can prove otherwise and claim your 100K, you have 0 credibility.

      1. Ok pal, I forgot vaccine discussions bring out the crazies. Enjoy the measles!

  3. jedi– I don’t believe DeNiro has any industry funding behind him in this. In fact, he’s offering $100,000 to anyone who can show him a scientific study showing that the level of mercury in typical vaccines is safe. If you’re so sure that the current vaccines are safe, why don’t you try googling and earn a quick 100K?

  4. DeNiro is pimping a movie so he has a financial interest in this debunked mercury connection. The fact is that autism is a terrible and as-yet unexplained condition and helpless parents look for any reason to explain it to themselves, out of a sense of guilt for possibly passing it genetically to their children. Hucksters and con artists created this theory to obtain funding. Look up the name Andrew Wakefield.

    1. So go ahead and claim the 100K reward instead of spewing your pathetic Ad hominem attacks.

      1. If you people don’t believe what’s on the CDC website then I don’t know what I can find to convince you. Thankfully your lack of immunity to childhood diseases will cull your bloodline soon enough!

  5. Thank you for sharing this news that many other news sources are afraid to share because of pharmaceutical advertising dollars. You are brave, and that is one of the most important things a news agency can be.

  6. What’s funny @Jedi is you think our “lack of immunity” will wipe us out, when in fact our real natural immunity we have from living through manageable diseases will make us come out on top. Look around, see all the people with allergies and autism and tons of medical issues on the rise lately? That’s the governments way of “population control”. And if you don’t think NWO is real and we aren’t on the fast track to it, I suggest you start doing proper research. Maybe from a news source NOT based/bought out in the US.

  7. If you want to read a good article on the conference this morning go to and look up – de-niro-robert-kennedy-jr-hold-press-conference-massive-corruption-vaccine-industry

  8. Finally people asking questions and not blindly taking the antiquated practices in vaccine research as law!

  9. Those “studies” have been debunked. It’s not mercury…it’s a mercury compound. That changes everything. Consider this:

    Sodium is dangerous and deadly. So is chlorine.
    The compound sodium chloride (common table salt) is relatively harmless.

    Do your homework before you jump on the lunatic snowflake band wagon.

  10. Thank you for covering this story! More research is needed and it won’t happen until more media discusses vaccine injury!

  11. Rob Meek says:

    I want to punch Mercury in the face! lol

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