Man Claims NYC Bar Denied Him Service Over Pro-Trump Hat

NEW YORK (AP) – A Philadelphia man has sued a New York City bar after he says he was denied service because he was wearing a hat supporting President Donald Trump.

The New York Post reports Greg Piatek says in the lawsuit that he and his friends were initially served drinks at The Happiest Hour on Jan. 28. But he says once a bartender noticed his “Make America Great Again” hat, he asked Piatek if it was “a joke.” He says a second round of drinks was “slammed” down on the bar.

The suit claims a manager later asked Piatek to leave, saying he was told by the bar owner that “anyone who supports Trump or believes what you believe is not welcome here.”

The bar didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment from The Associated Press.

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One Comment

  1. Bill Charles says:

    Hit them where it hurts! They created these rules of “You can’t refuse service on your beliefs!”. now destroy their livelihood using their own BS against them.

  2. My city sucks now.

  3. Red says:

    You have to be careful around these Trump Derangement Syndrome Leftists. You never know what they are going to do…they are nearly completely unhinged.

    8 years of Obama has entitled them to be the “Thought Police”…and anyone that doesn’t think like they do is hated by them.

    I can relate though, in my small business (not a public storefront), when I arrived at a potential customer’s house and saw Obama or local Democrat stickers on their car, or if they had PMSNBC on TV when I walked in…lets just say I viewed them “differently”. I see Obama sychopants as my enemy, because they support the enemy of my country…Progressives.

    If this guy has any cell video or audio of the manager saying this, the bar may be paying some money…or if the people he was with will testify, but that’s a harder lift.

    I usually just vote with my wallet. I would appreciate if an establishment put its political views on the front door so I could simply not walk in if they are wacko leftists. I have no problem with their free speech or even denying me service for some low brow reason like this, I will spend my money elsewhere and tell everyone I know about my experience including online reviews.

    I dont think the political right should try to sue anyone out of business over stuff like this. That’s the kind of stuff awful Democrats and other Leftists do. Don’t be like awful Democrats…stay above their childish ignorance.

    1. Sorry, but “staying above” only increases their nasty attacks; they need to be confronted EVERY TIME until they get the message.

      1. Its on people. The time of turning the other cheek is over. They will not relent. Will you stand your ground?

  4. Jack Hill says:

    We’ll see if the press treats the bar like they treated the bakery. Somehow i don’t think they will.

  5. David Gouge says:

    “Man Claims NYC Bar Denied Him Service Over Pro-Trump Hat”

    Cue the ACLU to step up and defend this guy by filing a discrimination lawsuit on his behalf in 3… 2… 1….

    1. I suspect you’re still waiting, just like the rest of us.

  6. Democrats are turning America into 1960’s East Germany.

    1. Yes, look at the comments by Tim Allen! My own daughter reports that she has to “keep her head down” at work because the “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is in full force. An hysterical woman in the next cubicle, who gets all her political news and opinion from CNN, has a DAILY TIZZY about the latest “Trump failing” according to the media. No matter the topic, the woman dithers, “What are we going to do about Trump?” Or, “We have to do SOMETHING about that man.” The woman sees NOTHING good about Trump! In fact, NEVER listens to any of his accomplishments. Only parrots CNN!

      1. And my 16 year old granddaughter said,”If they found out you voted for Trump, I wouldn’t make it off campus alive.” Great stuff they’re teaching our kids….

  7. It is clearly posted over the bar: “We serve progressive elitists and their mindless minions ONLY. No freethinkers allowed.”

  8. Yirmin Snipe says:

    Simple solution… I hereby proclaim the First Church of Trump… Now any members may sue the hell out of any establishment that refuses to serve them just like a muslim is allowed to sue for being denied service.

  9. No big deal. Just go to another bar. Unless the bar is owned by the city and operated by the city as a public place the bar owner has the right to refuse service to anyone. Or at least he should have that right if the libs in NYC haven’t illegally stolen that right from him. I operate a private business, not all that dissimilar in it’s administrative operation of a bar. As the owner and sole risk taker for the business, who I decide to ‘serve’ based upon my personal likes and dislikes is my business and not the business of the City, providing I am not providing harmful or illegal services that a person could get out on the street. When the City/State/Nation starts to sign on to the other liabilities I personally encounter in operating my business then they can have a say so about who I serve and who I don’t serve. Until that happens it’s my business. If you as a customer don’t like it then you are free to do your business with someone else. Let the consumers determine what business practices they like and what they don’t like and let businesses regulate themselves accordingly. We don’t need a nanny state government running every aspect of our daily lives. Government intrusion to business like this should not be something we entertain as a way to maintain our overall society.

    1. Ian Elliott says:

      The courts have decided it isn’t that simple, if you are ruled as a “public accommodation.” Restaurants and hotels clearly are, I’m not as sure about bars. This was resolved to end no blacks only policies. Owners of establishments then (nearly always white) claimed they get to decide who to serve or not serve. Courts decided otherwise.

      Not sure how much of a leg you’d have to stand on in a place that nominally accepts all walk in customers, simply because you don’t like their politics. Just sayin…

      1. Sorry, Ian! I read Dave’s letter and went straight to reply. I just got back and read your excellent answer. I didn’t need to repeat what you said.

        Since my parents were in one business and I was in the other, I’m very sensitive to the duties of “innkeepers” and “publicans” going back to the times when the public began to travel. Our job was to “refresh” and “sustain” and “keep travelers safe” from highwaymen and thieves (including those who work at the establishment). This is our historic charge and NOTHING has changed.

        This bartender was completely off base and needs serious educating. EVERY man has a right to go into a public house and be refreshed with ZERO judgment from the business. It goes against all that we are from the advent of public travel.

    2. Dave: You are missing a KEY POINT! When you deal in consumables or accommodation (food, drink, housing, hotel/motel rooms), where FOOD OR SHELTER is the product being purveyed, you DO NOT HAVE THAT RIGHT!!!! These are deemed “necessities” and the manager is not able to “reserve service” to anyone! (Which is what also caught that bakery.) If you want to “choose your customers” stay away from food, drink, or beds.

      1. Ian Elliott says:

        Thanks for your reply. It’s nice to see someone who takes their calling seriously.

        We need more innkeeps and food/drink purveyors that understand and exhibit your behavior. Keep up the good work… 🙂

  10. Jay ND says:

    SUE just like the lib’s would – OWN that bar! !!!

  11. John Knox says:

    Someone has to really love sending their lawyer’s kids to private school to file a lawsuit because a bartender didn’t like them. Politics aside, this spurned patron sounds like he’s out for the biggest idiot in the city award.

    1. John: The bartender broke the law! That has nothing to do with lawyer’s kids. And, I’ll bet you celebrated the couple who sued the bakery over a wedding cake. I swear, if it weren’t for double standards, the Left would have no standards at all.

  12. Seems like the Left demonstrates more acts of prejudice than the Right on a daily basis.

  13. So what? Any business can ban you for any reason they want. Judge should sanction the attorney who is bringing this STUPID, IRRELEVANT and time wasting case. Charge the dopes with all court costs and make them pay bar’s lawyer!

    1. simon91956 says:

      Ideally a business should be able to serve who they want, or not serve, if it’s a privately owned business. But that’s not the world we live in. It would have been more reasonable for the owner/manager to ask the patron to remove right wing political items so that easily triggered Democrats, including himself, can avoid having an attack of the vapors.

  14. John Poland says:

    So a ‘Bar Owner’ who depends on paying customers is against the President who is giving MORE people work and More people More disposable income to spend there that could make His business More profitable. So now when they show up to make his business More profitable,he turns them AWAY because they Like THAT President.
    With logic like that he doesn’t belong In Business !

  15. Sparky Mills says:

    I hope he puts them out of business.

  16. I really don’t mind that someone gets turned away because a business doesn’t agree with his beliefs. It’s called free association. As long as it applies when the roles are reversed, it’s all cool with me. I would certainly have used political beliefs as a deciding factor if I’d owned a business during the last administration. If I’d had to lay off anyone, I’d have looked in the parking lot for Obama, Clinton, or Sanders bumper stickers for a place to start.

  17. I don’t mind if an owner denies service to anyone they wish, BUT it should not matter what color, sexual orientation, or ethnicity they are either. If a baker doesn’t wish to bake a cake for a same sex marriage, that should be okay. If a florist doesn’t wish to sell flowers to people of color, that should be okay. If an owner doesn’t wish to sell to Catholics, that should be okay. Let them succeed or fail in their business, by making these decisions.

  18. let the mexican girls who were carded at a restaurant file the law suits. A real Trump supporter will just drink down the street. Whyever force someone to sell you something at a large profit to them when other identical things are available elsewhere?

  19. Get to the back of the bus. Irish need not apply. How is this different? Well, for one thing, the MSM applaud it, Chuck Schummer calls it resistance, and U.S. Attorney’s declare it not just legal but necessary as they all try to stop Trump while licking their post election wounds.

  20. ahh the tolerant left is showing its true colors, free speech is only speech that they agree with

  21. Should have asked them to decorate a cake.

  22. Jack London says:

    I hope he gets millions from those @$$holes.

  23. Jill Lester says:

    Perhaps he was just drunk and denied service….

  24. Given the loser herd reaction to President Trump, I’d never go anywhere public among these vermin with visible signs of Trump support. These passive-aggressive worms are capable of anything.

  25. Jim Morrison says:

    Trump supporters should relieve themselves on the Bathroom floor of this establishment before leaving.

  26. John Woodhar says:

    shut them down like the bakery. Typical hate mongering leftists.

  27. Sue Kelley says:

    Bet the bartender is an illegal.;-)

  28. Hank Wershaw says:

    Liberal Democrats are more intolerant than ISIS.

  29. I don’t wear sports teams hats or logos when going out to eat. Too many idiots out there would tamper with your food and drinks. That is sports. This election thing has REALLY brought out the trash.

    America needs a purge.

  30. What’s the name of the bar so the owers can be be publicly called out and embarrassed? Liberals can dish it out but they certainly can’t take it and really hate it when their own tactics are used on themselves.

  31. Gerald Mucci says:

    That is much more believable than a Muslim saying he was harassed by an Islamophobe.

  32. Jim Hoffmann says:

    The Democratic Nazi Party of America is at it again. Film at Eleven. Now, for a laugh on the Democratic Nazi Party of America, check out

  33. sue these liberal pricks

  34. stick it to those liberal pr^cks, take every dime they’ve got

  35. Isn’t it interesting that CBS titles the article “Man Claims…”
    If he was thrown out for an Obama hat I suspect it would be “Man Thrown Out…

  36. I am a Trump supporter…and as one, I support the right of the business owner to deny service at his discretion. And that’s the difference between liberals and conservatives.

  37. Tim Lucas says:

    Your city sucked before the hat flap.

  38. Turnabout is fair play! To all you business-owners getting sued for declaring that it is against your religion to condone gay marriage: Ask them if they supported Hillary or Bernie for President. If they did, throw them out of your store and tell them you won’t serve anyone who supports those anti-American Socialists. No discrimination against gays or any other Lib perversion; it apparently is NOT illegal to discriminate on the basis of political beliefs. Just post a sign saying, “We Do Not Serve Libs.”

  39. Andrew Ziolo says:

    “A NYC bar”, “the bar”…..anyone else frustrated at the lack of identification? Call them out! Let’s have it, report the NEWS AP!

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