Ryan Mayer

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison is known around the league and among fans for his insane workouts. The linebacker routinely posts videos to his Instagram of the various things he does to get himself ready for the NFL season. You’ve probably watched, like many fans, in amazement and thought to yourself ‘how is that possible for a 39-year-old player?’

Well, we can probably rule out PEDs since according to Harrison’s Instagram account, he was selected for a random drug test for the third time this offseason yesterday.



Harrison further expressed his displeasure with another post later in the day.



He seems to believe that the testing hasn’t exactly been random this offseason, a theory that he has proposed before, most notably in speaking with PennLive.com last December.

“I mean it’s random, right? It’s supposed to be random, so it’s random, right?

“I just wish I had that much luck with the lottery. That’s all.” …

Harrison himself said he doesn’t have a problem with the process or a suggestion for changing it, though he called it funny.

Said Harrison: “I’m starting to think it’s not as random.”

Harrison has never failed a test in the NFL, though he was part of the league’s investigation into the Al-Jazeera report last year and was cleared of all suspicion by the league.

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