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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – When it comes to buying back to school tech, most people assume you are talking about college students.

However, it now encompasses kids from kindergarten through graduate school.

So, where do you begin? We asked the experts from Best Buy to help us get organized when it comes to picking the right tech tools.

“The storage is very important. You want to back-up all of your information just in case there is some sort of an emergency. And as you move to something like a Fire Stick, that is more for entertainment,” Best Buy Assistant Manager Wyatt Moore said.

There are so many choices from coffee makers and alarm clocks to specialized ultra-modern backpacks.

“It has its own protective padding just to make sure we keep it safe as you are going from class to class. There’s even some now too that will have Bluetooth built into the bag, which I think is really interesting,” Moore said. “Things like speakers and whatnot, you can connect right to it while you are walking around if you have a long commute or a long walk to class.”

Entertainment, especially for college kids, is a big deal.

“If you are going to watch a movie in the dorm room with a group of friends, you are going to want a 24-inch TV, but if you are going to watch something personal on a computer, it’s awesome to have that 4K display on there too,” Moore said.

That is why the right computer is key. Wyatt sees many kids get their first right before their freshman year in high school.

“The big thing is always a computer, because these days it is becoming more of a necessity,” he said.

One of the biggest purchases for a student, whether it is high school or college, is getting a laptop computer. Wyatt said the most important thing is making sure that that computer can do what you need it to do.

“We are going to ask you the right questions to figure out exactly the perfect one for you. It isn’t going to be based so much on price point as it is going to be on your lifestyle — exactly what you need,” he said.

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