Cook and Poni

Cook and Poni

Longtime Post-Gazette Sports Columnist Ron Cook is joined by Andrew Fillipponi for an informative look the day’s biggest sports stories. Listen weekdays 10a-2p on 93.7 The Fan.
  • Thursday, September 29th
  • Tony Dungy/ Sunday Night Football in America Analyst

    Tony Dungy joins Cook and Poni to preview the Steelers/ Chiefs game coming up Sunday Night on NBC. Dungy says it's not time to panic for the Steelers but they do need to run the ball and get a pass rush against KC in this game. 
  • Rob King/ Root Sports Studio Host

    Rob King joins Cook and Poni to discuss all things Pittsburgh a special 50 hours of Pens programming for the Pens 50th Anniversary leading up to the season opener. 
  • Will Cutch be back?

    The callers are weighing in on Cutch's future with the team...and one caller doesn't want them to overreact to one bad season. 
  • What will the Pirates do with Cutch for next year?

    The callers are weighing in on the Pirates options for Cutch next year and whether they think he will be back. 
  • Will this be the last time we see Andrew McCutchen at PNC Park?

    Andrew and Ron open the show talking about how we saw history at PNC Park last night...Could we see Cutch for the last time in a Pirates uniform tonight? 
  • Wednesday, September 28th
  • Bob Pompeani/ KDKA-TV

    Pomp joins Cook and Poni in his weekly spot to remember Arnold Palmer while trying to forget the Steelers loss in Philly. 
  • Where did it all go wrong for the Pirates?

    Andrew and Ron talk to the callers about where the Pirates season went south. 
  • The Pirate shave officially been Eliminated

    Andrew and Ron discuss how the Pirates playoff hopes were dashed last night....Can next year be better? 
  • The local college football teams have really let us down

    Andrew and Ron discuss how the local college football teams have not lived up the hopes by the fans. 
  • Ed Bouchette/ Post-Gazette Steelers Insider

    Ed doesn't paint a very good picture for Steelers fans. 
  • What is Bell's future with the Steelers?

    Ron thinks right now Bell's chances of being with the Steelers next year is 50/50...The callers son't think he is worth the big money. 
  • Is Bell worth the long term risk?

    The callers are weighing in on what the Steelers should do moving forward with Bell. 
  • Bell is back....what does it mean?

    Andrew and Ron open the show talking about how Le'Veon Bell returns to the Steelers on Sunday...what does it mean for the Steelers now and in the future? 
  • Tuesday, September 27th
  • Ben Roethlisberger/ Steelers QB

    Ben Roethlisberger joins Cook and Poni to talk about a tough loss to the Eagles, but looking forward to playing in prime time Sunday night and getting Le'Veon Bell back. 
  • Pirates fans discuss how the Pirates can get to the Cubs level

    The callers are weighing in on how the Pirates can be the Cubs
  • Can the Pirates ever catch the Cubs?

    Andrew and Ron discuss how the Cubs have set themselves up for a good long term run...What can the Pirates do to catch up?
  • Monday, September 26th
  • One caller knows who to blame for this

    One caller says this balme for this beat down to the Eagles starts at the top. 
  • There is plenty of blame for the Steelers loss

    When you lose can spread the blame but Andrew and Ron try to decide on who deserves to get the brunt of it. 
  • There are some frustrated fans today

    The callers are weighing in on the Steelers beating. 
  • The Steelers get smacked in Philly

    Andrew and Ron discuss the Steelers 34-3 beating by the Eagles and rookie QB Carson Wentz. 
  • Bob Ford/ Oakmont Pro

    Oakmont pro Bob Ford tells Cook and Poni that Arnold Palmer made an impact off teh course just as much as he did on the golf course. 
  • We remember Arnold Palmer

    Andrew and Ron open the show remembering the life of the Legendary Arnold Palmer who passed away yesterday at the age of 87. 
  • Friday, September 23rd
  • Tom Donahoe/ Eagles Personnel Director and former Steelers GM

    Tom Donahoe joins the guys to talk about what he saw for the Eagles to take Wentz and how he has become the talk of the town. 
  • John Wehner/ Pirates Broadcaster

    John Wehner joins Cook and Poni to talk about a possible long term deal for pitcher Ivan Nova 
  • Is Ivan Nova worth a 5 year, $70 million dollar risk?

    Ron and Andrew finish up the Steelers talk before switching gears to a reported asking price for pitcher Ivan Nova. Is he worth the risk? 
  • One Steelers fan thinks Wentz will carve the Steelers defense

    One Steelers fan is buying into teh Wentz hype. 
  • Steelers/ Eagles....Who needs it more?

    Andrew and Ron open the show talking about Steelers/ Eagles and who would benefit most from a win and suffer the most with a loss? 
  • Thursday, September 22nd
  • Nate Jackson/ Former Broncos TE and author of "Fantasy Man: A Former NFL player's Descent into the Brutality of Fantasy Football"

    Former Denver Brocos TE Nate Jackson gives us a former player's perspective of fantasy football and how he became such a fan. 
  • Chris Hoke/ Steelers Analyst and former Steelers DL

    Chris Hoke joins Cook and Poni to preview a state battle between two undefeated teams. 
  • Angelo Cataldi/ Sportsradio WIP Philadelphia Morning Radio Host

    Angelo Cataldi joins Cook and Poni to talk Wentz mania in Philly....and will it continue after the Steelers visit on Sunday? 
  • Is the Pirates surge too little too late?

    Andrew and Ron open the show talking about how the Pirates are playing well now...but is it a case of being too little too late? 
  • Wednesday, September 21st
  • Bob Pompeani/ KDKA-TV

    Pomp joins us in his weekly talk Steelers, Pirates and more.
  • Ed Bouchette/ Post-Gazette Steelers Insider

    Ed Bouchette joins the guys to talk about the state showdown between the undefeted Steelers and Eagles.
  • Not all of the Pirates fans are feeling the love

    The callers continue to debate what went wrong. 
  • Shawn still has hope for a Pirates playoff run

    One of our callers hasn't given up the thought of Buctober. 
  • Does a winning season for the Pirates mean anything without the playoffs?

    Andrew and Ron open the show wondering if the fans care anymore just about finishing over .500
  • Tuesday, September 20th
  • What will the Pirates rotation look like in 2017?

    Ron and Andrew switch gears to talk about the Pirates rotation taking shape for 2017 
  • Ben Roethlisberger/ Steelers QB

    Ben Roethlisberger joins Cook and Poni to recap the win over the Bengals for a 2-0 start, and getting ready to face Carsdon Wentz and the 2-0 Eagles. 
  • One Steelers WR can't find his way on the field

    Andrew and Ron discuss how WR Markus Wheaton has become a forgotten man in the Steelers offense
  • Is Carson Wentz the real deal?

    Andrew and Ron discuss how Wentz has looked good in his first two NFL starts...but has he really faced a tough test? We should learn more on Sunday. 
  • Scouting the Eagles

    Andrew and Ron open the show talking about what they saw from the Philadelhia Eagles last night...Wentz looks good through 2 games. 
  • Monday, September 19th
  • A history lesson on Steelers (2-0) starts

    Ron shares a history lesson on Steelers (2-0) starts. 
  • The callers weighing in on Antonio Brown

    The callers are sharing their thoughts on AB the good and the bad. 
  • Is AB being selfish?

    Rona nd Andrew discuss one of the bad things from yesterday's win...Antonio Brown pouting over not getting the ball enough. 
  • Steelers defense better than advertised through first two games

    Andrew and Ron discuss how the Steelers defense has looked good thus far but John in Robinson is not afriad to ruin the party. 
  • The Steelers fans weigh in on the biggest reason for win

    The callers can't wait to talk up this win. 
  • Steelers survive the Bengals for 2-0 start

    Andrew and Ron open the show with some BIG news and the Steelers get a big win at home. 
  • Friday, September 16th
  • Paul Daugherty/ Cincinnati Enquirer Columnist

    Paul Daugherty joins Cook and Poni to give us the scoop on the Bengals but not before unloading his tears on the Pirates. 
  • John Wehner/ Pirates Broadcaster

    John Wehner joins Cook and Poni to discuss how the Pirates are approaching the rest of the season and all eyes are on some of the young players to see where they fit for 2017. 
  • Boomer Esiason/ NFL on CBS Analyst and former Bengals QB

    Boomer Esiason joins Cook and Poni to preview what he expects to be another must see Steelers/ Bengals game. 
  • The callers get to weigh in on Steelers/ Bengals and the violence of the game

    The callers are weighing in on what they are expecting from this Steelers/ Bengals game. 
  • Eric Hagman joins the guys with his take on Steelers/ Bengals

    Eric Hagman shares his thoughts on what to expect for this Steelers/ Bengals game. 
  • It's here....Steelers/ Bengals will it be just a normal game? Don't count on it.

    Andrew and Ron open the show talking about what is the game everyone wants to see. But do we want to see it get chippy? 
  • Thursday, September 15th
  • Heath Cummings/ CBS Fantasy Football Expert

    Heath Cummings joins Andrew in our Fantasy Football Focus to preview week 2 in the NFL. 
  • Bruiser Flint/ Former Drexel And UMass Men's Head Basketball Coach

    Bruiser Flint joins Cook and Poni to preview Tuesday night Coaches vs. Cancer event in Pittsburgh
  • Neil Rudel/ Altoona Mirror Columnist

    Neil Rudel joins Cook and Poni to talk about what the loss to Pitt means for Penn State Head Coach James Franklin...and the feeling around Happy Valley for the Joe Paterno celebration this weekend. 
  • What caused the Steelers/ Bengals hate?

    Andrew and Ron discuss the Steelers/ Bengals rematch and how this game has become a physical hard hitting hate fest...but what caused it to happen??
  • Eric Dickerson/ HOF Rams RB

    Former Hall of Fame Running Back Eric Dickerson joined Cook and Poni to talk Le'Veon Bell, the Steelers offense, the upcoming Steelers/ Bengals rematch and his fond memories of playing in Pittsburgh against his favorite team. 
  • It just gets worse for the Pirates

    Andrew and Ron open the show talking about just another example of how the Pirates season has gone from bad to worse. 
  • Wednesday, September 14th
  • Bob Pompeani/ KDKA-TV

    Pomp joins the guys in his weekly spot to talk Steelers/ Benglas, Pirates collapse and the World Cup of Hockey

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