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Cook and Poni

Longtime Post-Gazette Sports Columnist Ron Cook is joined by Andrew Fillipponi for an informative look the day’s biggest sports stories. Listen weekdays 10a-2p on 93.7 The Fan.
  • Wednesday, August 24th
  • The Pirates fans discuss Nova's future with the team

    The Pirates fans weigh in on Nova. 
  • Is Ivan Nova the Pirates make good for Happ?

    Andrew talks to the callers about the fact they might forget Happ by bringing Nova back. 
  • Have the Pirates found another gem in Nova?

    Andrew opens the show talking about how the Pirates might have found their next gem in Ivan Nova....but should they conbsider bringing him back? 
  • Tuesday, August 23rd
  • The Pirates with 40 games to go...Is it playoffs or bust?

    Andrew wonders if the Pirates finish over .500 but miss the playoffs if the fans think they wasted a great opportunity? 
  • Steelers WR Martavis Bryant takes on the national media

    Andrew talks about how Bryant takes issue with national media. Can Steelers fans feel sorry for him? 
  • The Steelers are still looking for corner help...Could help be on the way?

    Andrew talks about how the Steelers are looking to an old friend to help their secondary. 
  • Are the fans on board with Freese?

    The callers are weighing in on Freese extension. 
  • Despite an 0-4 Homestand thus far..should their be praise for the Pirates?

    Andrew is solo today and he opens the show talking about how their should be praise for the Pirates despite an 0-4 start to teh homestand. 
  • Monday, August 22nd
  • Mike DeCourcy/ Sporting News Senior Writer

    Miek DeCourcy join sus to talk Team USA Basketball winning the gold in Rio. 
  • Pat Narduzzi/ Pitt Football Head Coach

    Coach Narduzzi joins us right after practice to talk about his team gearing up for Villanova. 
  • Ed Bouchette/ Post-Gazette Steelers Insider

    Ed Bouchette joins Paul Zeise who sits in for Cook and Poni today and they discuss the latest on the Steelers. 
  • Stephen Nesbitt/ Post-Gazette Pirates Beat Writer

    Stephen Nesbitt joins Paul Zeise who is in for Cook and Poni today. Stephen says the Pirates are down right now but not out. 
  • Paul Zeise is in for Cook and Poni today and he opens with some thoughts on a bad weekend for the Pirates

    Paul Zeise says the Pirates are a team trying to figure out who they are right now. 
  • Friday, August 19th
  • Ed Bouchette-Part 3

    Ed Bouchette continues to join the guys LIVE from Manor Valley. He talks about the Steelers possibly losing weapons on offense and the biggest AFC threats. 
  • Ed Bouchette-Part 2

    Ed conontinues tto join the guys LIVE from The Fan Golf Outing with the latest on James Harrison and the NFL fued looking liek it might be coming to an end. 
  • Ed Bouchette/ Post-Gazette Steelers Insider

    Ed Bouchette joins the guys LIVE from Manor Valley and Ed laughs off the idea of the Steelers being desperate for a backup QB. 
  • John Wehner/ Pirates Broadcaster

    John Wehner joins us to chat about his former teammmate Barry Bonds who returns to Pittsburgh. John also previews a huge weekend series against the Marlins. 
  • Bonds returns to Pittsburgh

    Andrew and Ron discuss how Barry Bonds is returning to Pittsburgh this weekend. The guys discuss teh Bonds days and how Pittsburgh still feels about him. 
  • The Steelers fans weigh in on the QB situation

    The Steelers fans always have the is the QB situation. 
  • The Steelers need a backup QB

    Andrew and Ron open the show talkinga bout a huge need to back up Ben Roetrhlisberger. 
  • Thursday, August 18th
  • Mike Mayock/ NFL Network Analyst

    Mike Mayock joins Cook and Poni to preview the Steelers. He will be calling tonight's Steelers/ Eagles game on TV. 
  • Happy Birthday Roberto!

    Ron and Andrew remember Roberto Clemente who would have turned 82 today. 
  • Welcome Matt...Matt Cullen returns to the Pens

    Ron and Andrew discuss the return of Matt Cullen on a 1 year deal to the Pens. 
  • "Slinging Arrows" with Former Pitt G Ruben Brown and Former Penn Ste. DT Anthony Adams

    Two former Pitt and Penn State stars join us each Thursday leading up to the return of the Pitt/ Penn State game to promote "Ball for Orange Arrow" a fundrasier for Orange Arrow. Orange Arrow is a non-profit organization helping to coach young athletes off the  field. 
  • Not all Pirates fans feel the excitement of this team right now

    Count George as one Pirates fans not ready to put the team in the playoffs just yet. 
  • Cutch happened on the road...but is he back??

    Andrew and Ron open the show talking about how the Pirates had an impressive 5-1 road trip and Andrew McCutchen seems to be coming out of his slump.
  • Wednesday, August 17th
  • Bob Pompeani/ KDKA-TV

    Pomp joins us in his regular weekly spot to talk Steeler, Harrison and the surging Pirates. 
  • Ryan Vogelsong/ Pirates Pitcher

    Ryan Vogelsong joins Cook and Poni LIVE from San Francisco to talk about his long return from a serious eye injury that could have ended his career back in May. 
  • The fans are afraid of some smoking gun in the Harrison case

    The calls are debating the Harrison case. 
  • Harrison vs. The NFL continues

    Ron and Andrew discuss how the battle between Harrison and the NFL continues and it could cost Harrison. 
  • The NFL power rankings are out....Where do the Steelers sit?

    Ron and Andrew discuss the new NFL power rankings...are the Steelers teh AFC's best? 
  • The Pirates are turning it around

    Andrew and Ron open the show talking about how Neal Huntington is answering his critics from the rtade deadline with the play of his team since. 
  • Tuesday, August 16th
  • Suzie McConnell-Serio/ Pitt Women's BB Coach/ Two Time Olympian

    Suzie McConnell-Serio joins us to talk about the Team USA Women's Basketball team and how she felt when she won gold in the Olympics. 
  • Have the Pirates fans become spoiled?

    Does a wild card spot mean anything to the Pirates fans anymore? 
  • Are the Pirates fans suffering from wild card fatigue?

    Andrew debates as to whether the Pirates fans have moved past the wild card game and if a second wc spot would even mean anything to them this year? 
  • Ed Bouchette/ Post-Gazette Steelers Insider

    Ed Bouchette joins us LIVE from Steelers Camp to give us the latest on the James Harrison situation. 
  • Who is to blame if Harrison is suspended?

    The callers weigh in on the NFL taking a stand against Harrison.
  • Steelers LB James Harrison facing suspension

    Andrew opens the show talking about how James Harrison just needs to answer the NFL and avoid this suspension. 
  • Monday, August 15th
  • Lanny Frattare/ Former Pirates Broadcaster

    Lanny Frattare the longtime Voice of the Pirates calls in to tell us some stories of the great Vin Scully. 
  • Andrew talks about the legendary Vin Scully and the impact he has made

    Andrew says that Vin Scully has made such an impact on the game and he wonders how important Broadcasters are in our love of sports.
  • Pirates fans weigh in on if all is good with a 4th straight playoff appearance.

    The callers reaction is mixed and some would be happy to make the playoffs again...but others say making it does not forgive the lack of effort to make this team better. 
  • Are the Pirates bad deals forgiven if they make the playoffs?

    Andrew and Eric Hagman debate the idea that all is forgiven with the Pirates moves if they make the playoffs. 
  • The Pirates fans debate Cole

    The callers debate Cole being an "Ace" and his recent struggles
  • Pirates take 2 of 3 in LA but there are concerns with the "Ace"

    Andrew says the weekend was good for the Pirates but there is concerns with Cole who was roughed up yet again. Andrew says it's hard to feel good about the rotation when the top is struggling. 
  • Steelers fans weigh in on WR depth

    The callers are weighing in on the Steelers need for a second opotion behind Antonio Brown. 
  • Are the Steelers hurting for a second WR behind Antonio Brown

    Andrew is solo today and he opens the show talking about a need at WR for the Steelers behind AB.
  • Friday, August 12th
  • Ed Bouchette/ Post-Gazette Steelers Insider

    Ed joins Cook and Poni to give us the latest on Ladarius Green and previews the pre-season lid lifter
  • John Wehner/ Pirates Broadcaster

    John Wehner joins the guys LIVE from LA to preview a tough west coast trip. John says they have really turned around their play since last week. 
  • Do the Steelers have options with Green?

    Andrew and Ron discuss whether or not tehSteelers have options with Green and if it's too early to decide.
  • The Steelers/ Lions pre-season lid lifter is tonight but it's Ladarius Green getting the headlines

    Andrew and Ron open the show talking about bad injury news for the big free agent signing...Ladarius Green.
  • Thursday, August 11th
  • Jameson Taillon has been good....and the Pirates need him to be again today

    Andrew and Ron discuss how the Pirates need another great start from Taillon today. 
  • Pirates fans are looking for better fundamentals

    The callers are weighing in on the issues with the Pirates play right now. 
  • Andrew makes his case

    Andrew has some numbers to support some of the guys getting benched. 
  • The Pirates are hard to watch right now

    Andrew and Ron are LIVE from PNC Park talking about another real hard loss to watch 
  • Wednesday, August 10th
  • Bob Pompeani/ KDKA-TV

    Bob Pompeani joins us for his regular weekly segment to discuss the Pirates wild card chances and the Steelers/Lions pre-season opener he will be calling friday night. 
  • We are 1 month away from the return of Pitt/ Penn State

    We are 1 month away from the return of teh Pitt/ Penn State game and the fans are excited. 
  • "Slinging Arrows" with Former Pitt FB Lousaka Polite and Former Penn State RB Ki-Jana Carter

    Our weekly "Slinging Arrows" segment features two greats talking about the return of the Pitt/ Penn State game but also working together to promote "Ball for Orange Arrow" which is a fundraiser for Orange Arrow and their mission to coach young student athletes to aim for success off the field.
  • The Pirates fans take issue with Jaso again

    The callers are weighing in on the Pirates including one caller who has had enough of watching Jaso in the lineup. 
  • Ron returns and so does Polanco

    Andrew and Ron discuss how the Pirates really needed Gregory Polanco and he looked good in the cleanup spot in a Pirates win last night. 
  • Tuesday, August 9th
  • Bruce Gradkowski/ Steelers QB

    Steelers QB Bruce Gradkowski joins Andrew to talk camp and getting ready to backup Ben once again. 

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