Cook and Poni

Cook and Poni

Longtime Post-Gazette Sports Columnist Ron Cook is joined by Andrew Fillipponi for an informative look the day’s biggest sports stories. Listen weekdays 10a-2p on 93.7 The Fan.
  • Friday, February 27th
  • Jim Rutherford/ Pittsburgh Penguins GM

    says he likes his team right now. Doesn't expect additional moves.
  • Cook and Poni: 11:40 am

    Pitt fans react to Pitt's NCAA hopes
  • Cook and Poni: 11am hour

    Could Andrew McCutchen retire as a Pirate?
  • Cook and Poni: 10:20/ 10:40 am

    Pens fans rea
  • Cook and Poni: 11:20am

    Would Pitt be better off as a lower seed?
  • Cook and Poni: 10am hour

    Jagr watch is OVER!
  • Thursday, February 26th
  • Cook and Poni: 1pm hour

    Athletes who have received death threats
  • Cook and Poni: 12pm hour/ Caller reaction

    Steelers fans react to whether the Steelers should cut Troy Polamalu
  • Cook and Poni: 12pm hour

    Could the Steelers cut Troy Polamalu? Should they?
  • Cook and Poni: 11am

    The Pens make another bold move...Are they done?
  • Cook and Poni: 11:40 am

    Has Pirates manager Clint Hurdle taken on a new gruff act?
  • Cook and Poni: 10am hour

    Finally!!! The Pens beat the Caps
  • Wednesday, February 25th
  • Bob Pompeani/ KDKA-TV

    says Pens should focus on getting a win rather than getting even
  • Cook and Poni: 12pm hour

    Was Keith Olbermann's suspension enough?
  • Cook and Poni: 11:20 am

    Pitt basketball keeps hopes alive
  • Cook and Poni: 10:40 am hour

    The callers have some ideas how the Pens need to approach tonight's game
  • Cook and Poni: 10:20 am

    It's a big game tonight for the Pens
  • Joe Beninati/ Caps TV Play by Play Broadcaster

    says this one should be a classic
  • Cook and Poni: 10am hour

    How will the Pens respond to Ovie and the Caps?
  • Tuesday, February 24th
  • Cook and Poni: 1pm hour

    Pitt has a must win against Boston College tonight

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