Cook and Poni

Cook and Poni

Longtime Post-Gazette Sports Columnist Ron Cook is joined by Andrew Fillipponi for an informative look the day’s biggest sports stories. Listen weekdays 10a-2p on 93.7 The Fan.
  • Thursday, October 8th
  • Pens Preview, Part 2

    The guys take an extended look at the Pens, the decision to send Derrick Pouillot to Wilkes-Barre, and the rest of the Metro division.
  • Pens season opener

    The guys give a couple of quick thoughts on the start of the '15-'16 season at Dallas.
  • Bucs-Cubs beanballs, brawl

    The guys discuss Jake Arrieta hitting two Pirates, and Tony Watson's retaliation and ensuing brawl.
  • Neil Walker's future

    Was the wild card game the last time we'll see Neil Walker in a Pirates uniform?
  • The callers react to the end of the Pirates season

    The fans are unhappy after the Pirates 4-0 loss, and weigh in with their reasons for why the Pirates lost.
  • The Mourning After

    The guys give their thoughts after the Bucs 4-0 loss to the Cubs in the Wild Card game.
  • Wednesday, October 7th
  • Bob Pompeani/ KDKA-TV

    Bob joins the guys in his regualr weekly spot to make his wild card predictions
  • Yes the Pirates need to find a way to get to Arrieta but the callers are getting a bit crazy

    The callers are getting a bit crazy with their ideas on how to get to Arrieta.
  • The callers are weighing in on some healthy debate on how to get to Arrieta

    The calelrs have thoughts on how to get to Arrieta
  • The Pirates wild card roster is set but there are still questions about the lineup

    The guys debate as to what the lineup should look like
  • The Pirates fans are ready but nervous

    The callers are weighing in on the wild card game that is just hours away
  • It's wild card day

    Andrew and Ron are LIVE from Federal Street to kick off our Pirates coverage
  • Tuesday, October 6th
  • The #1 Cochran Ben Roethlisberger Show

    Ben talks to the guys for the first time since his injury and he says he is progressing well but is not ready to put a number on his return.
  • The callers are weighing in on the Pirates lineup

    Who should start and who should sit against Arrieta?
  • Who should start in this wild card game?

    Andrew and Ron open the show talking about what the Pirates lineup should look like against Arrieta.
  • Monday, October 5th
  • Wanna a laugh? Listen to how bad the guys 2105 MLB predictions were

    Ron and Andrew look back at the picks they made prior to Opening Day and just how bad they were.
  • Steelers make yet another change at kicker

    The Steelers have yet another new kicker
  • The Bengals look legit

    Ron and Andrew are recapping week 4 and how the Bengals are taking a real hard lock on the division
  • Penn State Coach James Franklin is feeling the heat a bit

    The callers are weighing in on some very strange comments made by teh coach
  • Penn State gets an ugly win over Army and WVU falls hard

    Ron and Andrew continue the college football talk as Penn State wins but it wasn't pretty and WVU crashed
  • Pitt gets a huge win on Saturday

    Ron and Andrew switch gears to discuss how Pitt got a HUGE road win Saturday at Virginia Tech in the ACC opener.
  • Can the Pirates find a way?

    Andrew and Ron are taking calls on the lineup and how the Pirates can figure out Arrieta.
  • How do the Pirates figure out Arrieta?

    The callers are wondering what the lineup might look at against Arrieta/
  • Wild Card game goes through Pittsburgh

    Andrew and Ron open the show talking about the Pirates have secured the home field advantage but Ron wonders if the Pirates bigger advantage might be playoff experience.
  • Friday, October 2nd
  • John Wehner/ Pirates Broadcaster

    John joins the guys in studio to talks about the Pirates need to finish strong to keep wild card game at what scares him going into the one game playoff.
  • How did the Steelers lose that game?

    Andrew and Ron open the show talking about how the Steelers blew a chance to bury the Ravens.
  • Joe Manganiello and John Wehner in-studio

    Pirates Broadcaster John Wehner joins the fun...he talks about what brought him in and Joe talks about what brought him to town
  • Joe Manganiello/ Segment 2

    Joe continues to be our special in studio guest and he talks about the Steelers loss and his love for Pittsburgh sports
  • Joe Manganiello/ Actor, Director

    Joe joins the guys in studio as our special guest Steelers analyst and he is not shy about telling us where the problems were.
  • Who to blame???

    The callers are weighing in on the Steelers loss and who was the biggest reason for it.
  • AB's streak is over...and Ron takes issue with it.

    Ron says he didn't like the way AB acted when he wasn't getting the ball last night
  • Thursday, October 1st
  • Bob Pompeani/ KDKA-TV

    Pomp joins the guys in his regular weekly spot to preview the Steelers/ Ravens game tonight and the Pirates WC game next week.
  • Where is the excitement for this Steelers game?

    The callers are weighing in on why there might not be the same buzz this year for the Steelers/ Ravens
  • Has the Steelers/ Ravens rivalry been cooled by the Pirates playoff run?

    The guys wonder if the rivalry still means as much?
  • Steve Mariucci/ NFL Network Analyst and former Head Coach

    Steve joins the guys to help preview tonight's Steelers/ Ravens game which is a big one for both teams.
  • No problem

    The callers think the Pirates can beat Arriets and then have a great shot to win it all
  • What to do with Ground Chuck?

    The callers are discussing what is going to happen with Morton moving forward
  • All eyes on the wild card now

    The callers are already thinking about the wild card game
  • Division dreams dashed for the Pirates

    Andrew and Ron open the show talking about a split with the Cards but it was enough for the Cards to clinch the division
  • Wednesday, September 30th
  • The battlin Bucs still have a shot

    The callers continue to weigh in on the Pirates loss and the chances moving forward
  • Could the Pirates win it all?

    The callers are weighing in on how they like the Pirates chances to win it all iof they can get past Arrieta
  • Bob Walk had a different take on Polanco

    Andrew and Ron differ on what Walk said about Polanco's base running and mistakes.
  • What are the Pirates chances?

    The callers are weighing in on just how far they think the Pirates can go
  • Why not Cole?

    One caller wonders why everyone is paying so much attention to Arrieta rather than Cole
  • The callers are as gloomy as the weather

    The callers reactions are mixed after losing to the Cardinals facing losing the division with another Cardinals win over them
  • Pirates/ Cards washed away

    Andrew and Ron discuss how we wait
  • Tuesday, September 29th
  • Ed Bouchette/ Post-Gazette Steelers Insider

    Ed joins the guys to talk life after Big Ben and Vick's role in teh offense
  • Big Ben net the media today with an update on his leg

  • It's least according to Bob

    Smiling Bob says you can just give it to the Cardinals after this loss
  • Steve Blass/ Pirates Broadcaster

    Blass talks to the guys about how this was frustrating because the game was there for the taking.
  • Division hopes may be dashed

    The calelrs are weighing in on how this loss almost seals the division for the Cards
  • This one might be tough to come back from

    The callers are weighing in on a very frustrating loss
  • Cards strike first

    Andrew and Ron open the show talking about how the Pirates wasted opportunties
  • Monday, September 28th
  • Pirates need to sweep Cards or face the reality of Arrieta

    Andrew and Ron discuss how the Pirates want no part of facing Arrieta if they can help it.
  • Can Vick keep the Steelers in a playoff hunt?

    Andrew and Ron are talking about what the record could look like when Ben returns
  • What are the realistic expectations for this team without Big Ben?

    Andrew and Ron are taking calls on the future of the team without Ben Roethlisberger
  • So now what....Can Vick get it done?

    The callers continue to weigh in on Vick
  • Big Ben OUT for 4-6's Vick time

    Andrew and Ron are taking calls on what this team can do with Michael Vick as the starting QB for this team
  • Steelers win...but it sure doesn't feel like it

    Andrew and Ron open the show talking about how the win over teh Rams feels a little down after Big Ben getting hurt.
  • Friday, September 25th
  • The Fearless Football Picks

    Andrew and Ron are both red hot with their what do they have for week 3?