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Cook and Poni

Longtime Post-Gazette Sports Columnist Ron Cook is joined by Andrew Fillipponi for an informative look the day’s biggest sports stories. Listen weekdays 10a-2p on 93.7 The Fan.
  • Thursday, October 27th
  • It's Fleury again for the Pens!

    Ron and Andrew discuss how Fleury will start again tonight vs. Islanders. How will teh two golaie system work for this team? Will it end well? 
  • A closer look at Pitt/ VA Tech

    Ron and Andrew take a closer look at Pitt/ Va Tech and how history has been kind to the Panthers in this game. 
  • Tommy Bowden/ ACC Network Analyst and former Head Coach

    Tommy Bowden joins the guys to give an in-depth preview of Pitt/ Va Tech. 
  • How to make Baseball Great Again!

    The callers are weighing in on changes that should be made to MLB games. 
  • Are their changes coming for baseball?

    Andrew and Ron discuss how we might be watching a different MLB game next year. 
  • Can the Pirates use the Indians as hope they can get to a World Series?

    Andrew and Ron wonder if the Pirates can use Cleveland as the model to get to a World Series? 
  • As a Pirates fan watching the World Series..Do you get the feeling they are closer to winning one?

    Andrew and Ron open the show wondering if watching this series gives Pirates fans hope?
  • Wednesday, October 26th
  • Bob Pompeani/ KDKA-TV

    Pomp joins us in his weekly spot to talk Penn State's big win...Pitt;s prime time showdown, The Pens getting Sid back and the Steelers at the bye week. 
  • Steelers D-Line Coach John Mitchell says the defense needs to and will get better

    Yesterday it was Cam heyward today it's John Mitchell who has words for the Steelers D. 
  • Ed Bouchette/ Post-Gazette Steelers Insider

    Ed Bouchette joins the guys to recap the loss to the Patriots and discuss what we can expect after the bye week. 
  • Sid wasn't the only one back....Jagr returns to Pittsburgh

    Andrew and Ron discuss the welcome for Jaromir Jagr
  • The Captain is Back!

    Andrew and Ron open the show talking about Sidney Crosby coming up big in his season debut. 
  • Tuesday, October 25th
  • Jay Caufield/ Root Sports Penguins Analyst

    Jay Caufield joins the guys to preview Pens/ Panthers and talk about his former teammate Jaromir Jagr who at 44 is still playing at a high level. 
  • Ben Roethlisberger/ Steelers QB

    Ben Roethlisberger joins Cook and Poni to discuss the progress of his knee surgery, his thoughts on Landry Jones filling in for him and when he might be back. 
  • Who are Pittsburgh fans going to root for in this World Series?

    Ron and Andrew discuss how the World Series opens tonight...How will Pittsburgh fans deal with this one being the Indians and Cubs? 
  • Tomlin takes

    The callers continue to discuss why the Steelers under Tomlin lose to such bad teams. 
  • The Steelers fans get their take on Tomlin

    The callers are weighing in on Tomlin. 
  • Is Mike Tomlin getting a pass?

    Andrew and Ron open the show talking about the national critics calling out Coach Tomlin.   
  • Monday, October 24th
  • Steelers fans not disgusted with what they saw from Landry Jones

    The callers were not all upset over the play of Landry Jones yesterday. 
  • Tomlin decisions are questioned

    Andrew and Ron along with the callers wonder about some of the decisions Tomlin made in teh game yesterday. 
  • Steelers fans trying to find the positive in loss to Patriots

    The Steelers fans are optimistic from what they saw even in a Steelers loss. 
  • Steelers lose...but it wasn't as bad as we had expected

    Andrew and Ron open the show talking about how the Steelers lost as expected but it didn't go as expected. 
  • Friday, October 21st
  • Bob Ryan/ Boston Globe Columnist

    Boston Globe Columnist Bob Ryan joins Cook and Poni to preview the Patriots/ Steelers game. 
  • Heath Evans/ NFL Network Analyst

    Heath Evans joins Cook and Poni to preview the Steelers/ Patriots game on Sunday and has some harsh words for the NFL's failure to suspend Burfict and Suh. 
  • Steelers fans make a case for the game on Sunday

    The Steelers fans try and put together a plan to beat the Patriots. 
  • How can the Steelers win this game against the Patriots without Ben?

    Andrew and Ron open the show breaking down a game on paer the Steelers don't appear they can how can the Steelers win?
  • Thursday, October 20th
  • Can Pittsburgh handle Cleveland winning another championship?

    Andrew and Ron switch gears to talk about how Cleveland is experincg the riches again with the Indians heading to the World Series. Who can Pirates fans root for if it's Indians and Cubs? 
  • Faith in Landry?

    Ron and Andrew discuss Landry Jones starting on Sunday...and some are starting to have faith in him. 
  • The Pens fans continue to weigh in on the Murray deal and one says he hasn't seen enough to make him the #1 goalie.

    There is a mixed reaction to the thought of moving forward with Murray as the #1 guy and moving Fleury. 
  • Pens fans weigh in on the Murray deal

    The Pens fans are weighing in on the Murray extension and if it means Fleury will be traded. 
  • Pens Goalie Matt Murray gets a 3 year Extension

    Andrew and Ron open the show discussing a new 3 year deal for Matt Murray. What does this mean for Fleury? 
  • Wednesday, October 19th
  • Bob Pompeani/ KDKA-TV

    Pomp joins us in his weeklu spot to discuss Landry vs. Brady, The Pens and Pitt.
  • Pat Narduzzi/ Pitt Head Coach

    Pat Narduzzi tells Cook and Poni that he is never satisfied with where you are because he feels they could be undefeated at this point but there is a lot to like about this team especially on offense. 
  • Ed Bouchette/ Post-Gazette Steelers Insider

    Ed joins the guys to discuss Landry Jones getting to start against the Pats, and will Ed vote for Belichick and Brady for teh Hall of Fame.
  • The Pats cheating ways and Burfict avoids suspension

    Andrew and Ron continue the Brady/ Belichick debate plus we have news that Vontaze Burfict avoids suspension and it doesn't sit well with at least one fan. 
  • The Steelers fans get their vote on the Brady/ Beliichick debate

    The Steelers fans really have some thoughts on the Brady/ Belichick debate. 
  • Eric Hagman weighs in on Belichick and Brady

    Eric Hagman joins the guys to give his thoughts oin the greatest combo ever.
  • Is the best Coach/ QB combo ever coming to Pittsburgh Sunday?

    Andrew and Ron open the show talking about how Brady and Belichick are in tehir 17th season together...are they the greatst combo ever in the NFL? 
  • Tuesday, October 18th
  • The callers debate the Kaepernick protests.

    The callers are weighing in on the Kaeoernick reaction by NFL fans. 
  • Kaepernick back as a starter and in the bullseye

    Ron and Andrew discuss some shirts sold in Buffalo for the game Sunday that promotes violence towards Kaepernick. 
  • Landry vs. Brady doesn't have the same feel

    Andrew and Ron discuss how this matchup against the Pats takes a hit without Ben. 
  • The Steelers are hurting heading this one

    Andrew and Ron are discussing life without Ben and many others facing a HUGE test against the Patriots. 
  • Monday, October 17th
  • Steelers fans bracing to face the next few weeks without Ben

    Andrew and Ron are discussing the loss of Ben and how the lack of faith in Landry Jones has really shifted the line on the Patriots game. 
  • It was not a great homecoming for Antonio Brown

    Andrew and Ron are LIVE in Miami and talk about the homecoming for AB did not go as planned. 
  • Chris Hoke/ Steelers Analyst and former DL

    Chris Hoke joins Cook and Poni to try and explain what we saw yesterday in the Steelers loss to the Dolphins. 
  • The Steelers fans are dealing with the loss and the loss of Big Ben

    Not a happy day for the Steelers faithful..d.ealing with 2 huge losses. 
  • Steelers Lose in Miami...but that wasn't the worst part of the story

    Andrew and Ron are LIVE in Miami....talking about a Steelers loss to the Dolphins...but the the bigger loss was their QB Ben Roethlisberger who may be out 3-4 weeks or more after knee surgery today. 
  • Friday, October 14th
  • Bruce Gradkowski/ Former Steelers QB

    Former Steelers QB Bruce Gradkowski joins Andrew to talk Big Ben and the Steelers. 
  • Channing Crowder/ Former Dolphins LB

    Former Dolphins LB Channing Crowder joins us to help preview the Dolphins and share a few funny stories on his days with Joey Poter. 
  • Are the Steelers fans turning on AB?

    The Steelers fans are weighing in on whether they have turned against AB for his antics.
  • Antonio Brown is heading home for the game Sunday...What kind of celebration are we in for?

    AB returns home to Florida when the Steelers play Miami on Sunday...What can we expect from his TD dance this time? 
  • Did Fleury up his trade value?

    Andrew talks about the Pens possibly shopping Fleury after Murray gets back. 
  • Pens fans celebrate the opener and is time running out for Ovie?

    The callers are weighing in on teh Pens win, Fleury's big night and Ovie's old look. 
  • The Banner is raised for the Pens..what was your biggest takeaway?

    Andrew is solo once again and he opens the show talking about a Pens celebration that leads to a shoot out win...What was your biggest takeway from the night? 
  • Thursday, October 13th
  • Boomer Esiason/ NFL on CBS Analyst

    Boomer Esiason tells Andrew that there is nobody playing better than Ben Roethlisberger right now...but don't take the Dolphins lightly this Sunday. 
  • Jay Caufield/ Root Sports Penguins Analyst

    Jay Caufield joins ANdrew to preview tonight's opener and the chances of repeating. 
  • Pens fans weigh in on chances of a repeat

    The Pens fans are weighing in on their chances of winning back to back Stanley Cup titles. 
  • It's a hockey night in Pittsburgh...Can the Pens repeat?

    Andrew is solo today and he opens the show talking about the Pens raising the banner tonight...many experts think the Pens have no shot at a repeat...including him. 
  • Wednesday, October 12th
  • Bob Pompeani/ KDKA-TV

    Pomp joins us in his weekly spot top talk all things Pittsburgh sports. 
  • Ed Bouchette/ Post-Gazette Steelers Insider

    Ed Bouchette joins the guys to give us the latest on the Steelers injuries as they head into the Dolphins game. 

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