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  • Wednesday, January 18th
  • Chelsea Manning's Sentence Commuted

    Obama thinks Chelsea Manning's time served is enough.
  • Trump Almost In

    Trump's inauguration is right around the corner.
  • Trump Won, Get Over It

    Mike is sick of liberals complaining about the election.
  • Tuesday, January 17th
  • Skipping The Inauguration

    Numerous Democratic Lawmakers are skipping Donald Trump's Inauguration.
  • Addiction In Our Area

    Are there ways to prevent addiction that we have not tried?
  • Dr Neal Capretto

    Dr Neal Capretto of Gateway Rehab discussed the newest drug that is kill addicts.
  • Monday, January 16th
  • Dems Won't Attend Inauguration

    Numerous Democrats will not attend the Inauguration.
  • Is Circus Outdated?

    Financial issues also led to the closure of the Ringling Circus.
  • Ringling Circus Closing

    PETA's Ben Williamson joined Mike to express his happiness in the closing of the circus.
  • Friday, January 13th
  • Should Athletes Be Role Models

    Who do your kids look up to?
  • Special Treatment?

    Do NFL players and coaches get away with crimes because of who they are?
  • Beth Pittinger Police Review Board

    Joey Porter had his charges reduced.
  • Thursday, January 12th
  • Weed is Better than Opioids

    Can marijuana help prevent Opioid addiction and overdoses?
  • Marijuana to Combat Opioid Abuse

    Addicts can't reveive pain pills after surgery, why shouldn't they get medical cannibus?
  • Calling Cops on the Wind

    A woman called the cops because the wind was howling too loudly.
  • Wednesday, January 11th
  • Trump Press Conference

    Donald Trump came out swinging in his first press conference since being elected President.
  • Fake News

    The Trump story seems to hold no water.
  • Professor Bill Moushey

    Point Park University Journalism Professor Bill Moushey is upset with current state of journalism.
  • Tuesday, January 10th
  • Bike Lanes: The Saga Continues

    Callers weigh in about bike lanes.
  • Hollywood Butts In Again

    Meryl Streep is lecturing Americans how to live.
  • Councilman Dan Gilman

    Pittsburgh Councilman Dan Gilman joined Mike to discuss Wage Equality Legislation.  Why should potential employers be allowed to ask how much you were payed at your previous job?
  • Monday, January 9th
  • Concealed Carry

    Kim Solfer talks about the right to conceal carry.
  • Donald Trump Text Messages

    Should President Elect Trump spend his time tweeting?
  • Thursday, January 5th
  • Dr. Lawrence Schlachter

    Medical Malpractice.
  • Bike Lanes

    Causing traffic jams and head aches.
  • Wednesday, January 4th
  • Ask The Judge

    Judge Robert Dzvonick joined Mike for his monthly visit.
  • College Not For Everyone

    There are plenty of trade jobs out there.
  • Free Weed In DC

    Free Weed In DC to protest Federal pot laws on Inauguration Day.
  • Tuesday, January 3rd
  • Winter Time At The Zoo

    Henry Kacprzyk of the Pittsburgh Zoo joined Mike to tell us what the Zoo has to offer.
  • Precious Snowflakes

    Some millenials preach tolerance, but don't practice it.
  • Mike's Back

    Mike Pintek is back from his Holiday break and he's got a lot to get off his chest.
  • Friday, December 30th, 2016
  • Chris Moore Hour 3

    Chris Moore fills in for Mike.
  • Chris Moore Hour 2

    Chris Moore fills in for Mike.
  • Chris Moore Hour 1

    Chris Moore fills in for Mike.
  • Wednesday, December 21st, 2016
  • Festivus For The Rest Of Us

    Mike and listeners aired their grievences.
  • Rick Santorum

    Former United States Senator representing PA Rick Santorum joined Mike to discuss Trump's presidency.
  • Merry Christmas

    Mike is hearing more people saying "Merry Christmas"
  • Merry Christmas

    Mike is hearing more people saying "Merry Christmas"
  • Monday, December 19th, 2016
  • The Final Vote is Today for Donald Trump

    Mike talked about the electoral college and the vote that is happening today. He can't believe the liberals response.
  • Mike talked with Bill Green the Political machine

    Mike talked with KDKA political analyst Bill Green about the electoral college.
  • Friday, December 9th, 2016
  • 5,4,3,2,1....Lift Off

    Mike talked about the passing of John Glenn and the future of the Space program.
  • What should the City be worried about?

    Mike talked with Christine Bryan, the spokeswoman for the Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh, about the city trying to pass a law against gay conversion in the city.
  • The Trump Transition

    Mike talked about the trump transition and about his nominations.
  • Tuesday, December 6th, 2016
  • Now what are they saying about the election?

    Mike talked about how Joe Biden said he is going to run in 2020 and Madonna saying that women hate women and that is why Hillary lost?
  • South Carolina Cop Mistrial.

    Mike continued to talk about the shooting case in South Carolina with a cop who shot a man in the back.
  • Monday, December 5th, 2016
  • The Recount and Jill Stein

    Mike talked to the Chairman of the Allegheny County Republican Party, Raja about the recount and who is behind the recount going on only in states that Trump won.
  • The Recount Continues

    Mike talked to listeners about the time and money that this recount is wasting.
  • Do you trust the person under your Hood?

    Mike talked to Bob Eyerolles, an approve repair specialist for over 30 years, to talk about the story that AAA had saying that most U.S. drivers are leery of auto repair shops.
  • Friday, December 2nd, 2016
  • Christmas traditions with Sarris Candy

    Rob Pratte was in for Mike Pintek and talked to Norm Candelore from Sarris Candies
  • Do you think Trump will be able to do what he says.

    Rob Pratte was in for Mike Pintek and talked to caller about if Why they feel Trump can Identify with the blue collar worker.
  • Is the Democrat party out of touch?

    Rob Pratte was in for Mike Pintek and they talked about why democrats voted for Trump
  • Tuesday, November 29th, 2016
  • How much of a Refugg problem do we have in America?

    Mike talked with Dr Steven Camarota from the Center for Immigration Studies and Ira Mehlman from the federation for American Immigration.
  • To many Gun Free zones and What is up with Jill Stein?

    Mike talked with listeners about the news media getting the OSU story wrong and starting a gun control debate and he also talked about Jill Stein and the reason behind her pushing the Recounts.
  • What made the News of the Day?

    Mike covered everything he could in the news today. Re-Count, low flying plane, Hillary in 2020, and Mayor Peduto and the LGTBQIA+. What?
  • Monday, November 28th, 2016
  • WHat is it like really protecting the president?

    Mike talked to former secret service officer and NYT bestselling author of "crisis of Character" Gary Byrne about what the secret service goes through in protecting the president and his family.
  • Did Dr Phil take advantage of Shelly Duvall's mental illness?

    Mike talked to callers who saw the Dr Phil episode where he talked with Shelly Duvall, who is suffering from mental illness.
  • What Will a Re-Count Do?

    Miked talked with Former PA State Senator and Counsel to Arlen Specter, Bruce Marks. They talked about how this is recount will not change a thing.
  • Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016
  • Mike Talks Trump

    Mike talked about Trump and wanted to know if people are angry that Trump isnt following through on promises like building the wall and going after the Clinton Foundation
  • Trump promises and PA Porngate.

    Mike talked about Trump broken promise to go after Hillary and PA Porngate.
  • Mike Talks Turkey.

    Mike talked with Kuhns Market owner Joe Dentici about types of turkey and what store go through making sure they have turkeys. He then talked to listeners about how they cook their turkeys and stories they had about their own thanksgiving dinners.

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