Starkey & Mueller

Starkey & Mueller

What do you get when you combine a longtime local sports writer (Joe Starkey) with a brash young talk-show host (Chris Mueller)? You get Starkey and Mueller. Listen weekdays 2p-6p on 93.7 the Fan.
  • Friday, January 30th
  • Starkey and Mueller: Super Bowl Predictions

    Starkey and Mueller offer up their Super Bowl predictions with a score and MVP. Keywords: Super Bowl, Seahawks, Patriots
  • Starkey and Mueller: Former Steeler Rod Woodson

    Rod Woodson breaks down Seahawks-Patriots and makes an arguement for why Jerome Bettis belongs in the Hall of Fame. Keywords: Rod Woodson, Super Bowl
  • Starkey and Mueller: How Will This Super Bowl Be Remembered?

    Will this Super Bowl be remembered for anything other than DeflateGate? Keywords: Super Bowl, Patriots, Seahawks
  • Starkey and Mueller: Westwood One Analyst Kevin Harlan

    Kevin Harlan is calling the Super Bowl and joins the show to preview the game. Keywords: Super Bowl, Kevin Harlan
  • Starkey and Mueller: Will Jerome Get Into The Hall Of Fame?

    Starkey says yes, Mueller says no. Should Jerome get into the Hall of Fame this year?. Keywords: Jerome Bettis, Hall of Fame
  • Starkey and Mueller: The Football Fix

    Starkey and Mueller go over the more interesting prop bets for this years Super Bowl. Keywords: Super Bowl
  • Starkey and Mueller: Opening Segment

    Starkey and Mueller open the show reacting to Roger Goodell's state of the NFL press conference. Keywords: Roger Goodell, NFL
  • Thursday, January 29th
  • Starkey and Mueller: Former NFL Scout Chris Landry

    Chris Landry talks about being a scout under Bill Belichick and how he was always trying to find any advantage he could gain over his opponents. Keywords: Chris Landry, Bill Belichick
  • Starkey and Mueller: A Super Bowl In Pittsburgh

    Starkey and Mueller debate whether or not Pittsburgh could host the Super Bowl. Keywords: Super Bowl
  • Starkey and Mueller: Steelers Insider Ed Bouchette

    Ed Bouchette talks Super Bowl and the voting process for the NFL Hall of Fame. Keywords: Steelers, Jerome Bettis
  • Starkey and Mueller: Football Fix

    Starkey and Mueller talk about a number of topics surrounding the Super Bowl just three days away. Keywords: NFL, Super Bowl
  • Starkey and Mueller: Pens Playback

    Starkey and Mueller give a detailed breakdown of the Pens 4-0 loss to the Capitals. Keywords: Pens, Capitals
  • Starkey and Mueller: Opening Segment

    Starkey and Mueller open things up talking about last night's Pens-Capitals game. Keywords: Pens, Capitals
  • Wednesday, January 28th
  • Starkey and Mueller: Who We're Pulling For In The Super Bowl

    Starkey and Mueller reveal who they're hoping wins the Super Bowl. Keywords: Super Bowl, Seahawks, Patriots
  • Starkey and Mueller: Reaction To Maxime Lapierre Trade

    Starkey and Mueller react to the Maxime Lapierre trade and the role they want to see him play. Keywords: Penguins, Maxime Lapierre
  • Starkey and Mueller: St. Louis Blues Analyst Darren Pang

    Darren Pang tells Starkey and Mueller what kind of player the Pens have acquired in Maxime Lapierre. Keywords: Maxime, Lapierre, Penguins, Darren Pang
  • Starkey and Mueller: Dixon's Coaching Job Against Virginia Tech

    Starkey and Mueller break down Dixon's coaching job against Virginia Tech and say he hurt his teams chances of winning the game. Keywords: Pitt Basketball, Jamie Dixon
  • Starkey and Mueller: Evaluating Pirates Outfield

    Starkey and Mueller discuss how good this Pirates outfield can be next year. Keywords: Pirates
  • Starkey and Mueller: Opening Segment

    Starkey and Mueller open things up reacting to last night's trade and what the future looks like for the Pirates outfield. Keywords: Pirates, Travis Snider, Penguins
  • Tuesday, January 27th
  • Starkey and Mueller: Should The Pens Rest Sidney Crosby?

    Crosby admits his latest injury is impact every facet of his game and the guys discuss whether or not the Pens should rest him until he's healthy. Keywords: Penguins, Sidney Crosby

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