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Starkey & Mueller

What do you get when you combine a longtime local sports writer (Joe Starkey) with a brash young talk-show host (Chris Mueller)? You get Starkey and Mueller. Listen weekdays 2p-6p on 93.7 the Fan.
  • Friday, June 24th
  • Cancel The Olympics...FOREVER!

    Chris says the Olympics are so corrupt and a drain on society that the negatives now outweigh the positives and it's time to end them for good.
  • Trib Sports Columnist Rob Rossi

    Rob Rossi tells us how he sees the Marc-Andre Fleury situation playing out for the Pens.  Rob also talks about the upcoming Olympics and what changes he'd like to see made.
  • Does McCutchen Deserve To Get Boo'ed?

    Andrew McCutchen has been getting boo'ed by the home fans and Chris asks if that's fair treatment for a former MVP.
  • Worst DIY Home Projects

    Chris is doing work on his house and ranks the top 5 home improvements you can take on.
  • Flames Writer Eric Francis

    Eric Francis tells us that he could see the Pens getting two 2nd round picks for Fleurybut not the Flames 6th overall pick.
  • Show Open

    Will Marc-Andre Fleury be a Penguin after this weekend?  Chris opens things up talking about what he thinks the future holds for the Pens netminder.
  • Wednesday, June 22nd
  • Gerrit Cole Injury Update

    Dan Zangrilli gives us the latest report from the Pirates on Gerrit Cole and when we could expect him back,
  • The Quiz Show

    With Joe out today, Chris gives a listener a shot at beating him in The Quiz Show.
  • Why Soccer Isn't More Popular In The US

    Chris has theories about why soccer hasn't caught on in the United States and how that could change.
  • Should Crosby Win The Hart Trophy?

    Chris says he shouldn't, but there's a good chance he does.
  • Trib Pens Beat Writer Jonathan Bombulie

    Jonathan tells us about the latest trade rumors surroudning Evgeni Malkin and Marc-Andre Fleury.  We also talk about Crosby's chances of winning the Hart Trophy tonight.
  • The Football Fix

    We talk about J.J. Watt and Mike Florio's Twitter battle from last night.
  • Show Open

    The Pirates got beat bad against last night and Chris asks if fans are starting to get worried that the end to all of this losing is nowhere in sight.
  • Tuesday, June 21st
  • Pirates Broadcaster Greg Brown

    Greg Brown talks about accidentally ignoring Joe Starkey's texts, the unlikely nature of Kratz's home run off Bumgarner last night and why Jeff Locke is a better 5th man in the rotation than most teams have.
  • The Sporting News' Sean Gentille

    Sean talks about the report that the Blackhawks are "kicking the tires" on Evgeni Malkin.  We also discuss the Fleury trade rumors and what he thinks the Pens could realistically get in return.
  • Pens Fleury Trade Demands

    Jim Rutherford reportedly asked the Flames for their 6th overall pick in this years draft in exchange for Marc-Andre Fleury and Chris talks about what he thinks is reasonable.
  • Joe Starkey's "Staycation" Update

    Chris ran into Joe on his "staycation" yesterday and tells us about the big things Joe is doing this week.
  • The Football Fix

    The Steelers may have recently thrown Mike Tomlin under the bus when it comes to who decided to get rid of Bruce Arians.
  • Show Open

    The Pirates had the most unlikely of heroes last night against the Giants and Chirs talks about the teams much needed win. 
  • Monday, June 20th
  • Mike Kearney On Playing Oakmont

    The FAN's Mike Kearney was part of a group of the media that won a lottery to play Oakmont the day following the US Open and he tells us what he shot.
  • FAN Golf Show Host Mike Dudurich

    Mike Dudurich tells us about his biggest takeaways from the US Open and what he thought of the way the USGA handled Dustin Johnson's penalty stroke.
  • The Sporting News' Mike DeCourcy

    Mike DeCourcy talks about why he thinks Lebron could be considered the greatest NBA player of all-time now.
  • Cleveland Finally Won A Title

    Chris says he's happy for Cleveland that they've ended their title drought.
  • Should The Pirates Be Thinking About Trading McCutchen?

    Chris says that with Austin Meadows climbing his way through the minors, the Pirates need to be looking toward the future and consider all their options when it comes to Andrew McCutchen.
  • Show Open

    The Pirates got swept by the Cubs this weekend and have been a disaster lately.  We open Monday's show trying to figure out if their problems can be fixed.
  • Thursday, June 16th
  • Trib Sports Columnist Rob Rossi

    Rob Rossi talks about his Conn Smythe vote and what the Pens should do with Fleury this offseason.
  • FAN Golf Show Host Mike Dudurich

    Mike joins us live from Oakmont to talk about how the course is playing throughout the first round of the US Open.
  • Former Penguin Colby Armstrong

    Colby Armstrong tells us what he thought was the most unlikely aspect of the Pens season and what the Pens should do with Fleury and Murray.
  • What Could The Pens Get For Fleury?

    The guys talk about what sort of return the Pens could expect to get for Fleury.
  • Show Open

    We talk about the wild scenarios that led to the start of today's show and react to the rumors that the Flames have reached out to the Pens about Fleury.
  • Wednesday, June 15th
  • The Quiz Show

    It was a dramatic start to The Quiz Show today, but a not so dramatic finish.
  • Joe's Trip To The Pens Parade

    Joe had some very interesting conversations with the fans in attendance at today's Pens victory parade.
  • Should Hurdle Have Left Taillon In?

    Joe and Chris both agree with Clint Hurdle's decision to not let Taillon start the 9th inning.
  • Reaction To Taillon's Near No-Hitter

    The guys talk about asking for a "wow" moment from Jameson Taillon before last night's game and how he overdelivered.
  • Jim Colony's Parade Report

    Jim Colony joins Joe and Chris to talk about the parade and his favorite moments.
  • Show Open

    Starkey and Mueller react to their favorite moments from today's Pens parade.
  • Tuesday, June 14th
  • Pirates Broadcaster Greg Brown

    Greg Brown talks about the Pirates recent struggles and what he thinks about their chances at competing for the NL Central slipping away.
  • Jonathan Bombulie On Pens Goalie Situation

    Jonathan tells us about various potential scenarious we could see play out where both Fleury and Murray are still on the Pens next year.
  • FAN Golf Show Host Mike Dudurich Live From Oakmont

    Mike tells us who has been sticking out to him during the practice rounds and who he is picking to win The US Open this year.
  • Pirates Season On The Brink

    The guys have a feeling everything could unravel for the Pirates soon if they don't figure out their pitching situation.
  • Former Steeler Hines Ward

    Hines Ward tells us about his Hall of Fame candidacy and an event he's hosting to honor local student-athletes.
  • Show Open

    The guys open things up talking about Marc-Andre Fleury's future with the Pens and if they will trade him this offseason.
  • Monday, June 13th
  • Our Best Moments During The Pens Cup Run

    We bring back our best moments talking about this amazing Pens Cup run.
  • Did Crosby Deserve The Conn Smythe?

    The guys agree that Crosby was deserving of the Conn Smythe, but if they had a vote, it would have gone to someone different.
  • Crosby And Malkin's Growing Legacies

    The guys talk about Crosby and Malkin's legacies after winning their second Cup and how differently their careers will be viewed now.
  • What We Were Right About Re: Pens

    The guys recap all the things they were right about when it comes to this year Pens run.
  • What We Were Wrong About Re: Pens

    The guys look back on the Pens season and what aspects of it they were most wrong about.
  • Pens Playback

    We give a complete, detailed recap of the Pens game 6, Cup clinching victory over the Sharks.
  • Show Open

    Starkey and Mueller open Monday's show talking about the improbable turnaround and run the Pens made to win it all this year.
  • Friday, June 10th
  • Does Sidney Crosby Need To Do More?

    The guys talk about the lack of goals from Sidney Crosby in the Cup Final and if they think he needs to be doing more.
  • Could Fleury Start A Potential Game 7?

    Joe and Chris both have a scenario where they would start Fleury over Murray if this series goes to Game 7.
  • Trib Sports Columnist Rob Rossi

    Rob Rossi says Matt Murray has been bad in the Cup Final and could cost this team.
  • Is Matt Murray Too Confident?

    We hear Matt Murray's postgame press conference and discuss if his confidence is bordering on delusion.
  • Steph Curry's New Sneakers Suck

    Steph Curry's new shoes are horrible, but of course Joe likes them.
  • Show Open

    The guys react to game 5 and how much longer they think this series could drag on for the Pens.
  • Wednesday, June 8th
  • The Quiz Show

    Chris leads the Quiz Show 14-13-1 over Joe and it comes down to the wire today.
  • Is Taillon Here To Stay?

    With Jameson Taillon making his debut Wednesday night, the guys talk about how long he'll be here and if they could envision a scenario in which the team sends him back to AAA after this one start.
  • Our Updated Conn Smythe Votes

    Both Joe and Chris say Phil Kessel is the most worthy Conn Smythe candidate right now.
  • Former Penguin Colby Armstrong

    Colby Armstrong talks about how he was critical of Phil Kessel's style of play but has now changed his attitude towards him and thinks he's worthy of winning the Conn Smythe.  Colby also talks about the pressure players could be feeling in trying to close out the Cup.
  • Old Bob In Monroeville

    Old Bob has Pens season tickets for the Pens and tells us he wouldn't sell his game 5 tickets even if he was offered $25,000 each!

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