Starkey & Mueller

Starkey & Mueller

What do you get when you combine a longtime local sports writer (Joe Starkey) with a brash young talk-show host (Chris Mueller)? You get Starkey and Mueller. Listen weekdays 2p-6p on 93.7 the Fan.
  • Wednesday, September 2nd
  • Lemieux And Burkle Asking A Record Breaking $750 Million For Pens

    Starkey and Mueller react to the latest reports on the potential sale of the Penguins.
  • Predicting Steelers Over/Unders

    Starkey and Mueller take a look at some of the Steelers individual over/under stats for the upcoming season as set by Vegas.
  • How Will Steelers Fans Receive Mike Vick?

    With Vick making his Heinz Field debut this week, Starkey and Mueller wonder what sort of reception he'll receive.
  • Does Gerrit Cole Need Chris Stewart?

    With Cole struggling when Cervelli is behind the plate, Starkey and Mueller wonder if the Pirates need to give Cole back his personal catcher.
  • Would You Call Gerrit Cole An Ace?

    Starkey and Mueller talk about Cole's recent struggles and we hear from Ray Searage on Cole's "ace" status.
  • Show Open

    After the worst start of his career, Starkey and Mueller open the show talking about Gerrit Cole and if he's still their choice to start a potential wild card game against the Cubs.
  • Tuesday, September 1st
  • Pirates Broadcaster Greg Brown

    Greg Brown talks about expectations for the Pirates and what he'd consider a success this year.
  • Former Pitt Great Jimbo Covert

    Jimbo Covert joins the show to talk about the new Jim Moore offensive line award and what he thinks of the new direction the Pitt football program is headed in under AD Scott Barnes and head coach Pat Narduzzi.
  • What's A Success For Pitt Football?

    Starkey and Mueller share their ideas of what will mean success for Pat Narduzzi and the Pitt football team.
  • How Will The Steelers Fare In The AFC North?

    Starkey and Mueller discuss the Steelers chances of winning the AFC North this year.
  • Steelers Projected Win Total: 8.5

    Starkey and Mueller talk about their Steelers prediction for the season and if they think they'll win more than the 8.5 games Vegas has predicted.
  • Show Open

    Starkey and Mueller open today's show asking if the wild card game will be a failure for the Pirates this year.
  • Monday, August 31st
  • Trib Steelers Beat Writer Mark Kaboly

    Mark Kaboly joins Joe Starkey for 15 questions on the Steelers ranging from teammates reaction to Martavis Bryant's suspension to who will get cut.
  • Reaction To Josh Scobee Trade

    Joe Starkey reacts to the Steelers trading for Josh Scobee, marking their third kicker of the preseason already.
  • Trib Sports Columnist Rob Rossi

    Rob Rossi joins the show for his weekly spot and talks about the Martavis Bryant suspension, how bad the Steelers defense has looked and if he thinks Sergei Gonchar might actually make the Penguins this year.
  • Former NFL Scout Chris Landry On Martavis Bryant Suspension

    Chris Landry joins the show and tells us teams were aware of Martavis Bryant's red flags going into last years draft.
  • Why The Pirates Shouldn't Start Mercer And Harrison Together

    Joe Starkey explains why Clint Hurdle shouldn't have both Josh Harrison and Jordy Mercer in the starting lineup at the same time.
  • Show Open

    Joe Starkey is solo today and opens the show talking about what should be a sickening feeling for Pirates fans as they chase the Cardinals.
  • Friday, August 28th
  • Will Martavis Bryant Ever Play A Full Season Again?

    With his next failed test bringing a ten game suspension and the following test bringing a year long suspension, Starkey and Mueller wonder if Bryant will ever play a full season again.
  • Reacting To Rumors That Martavis Bryant Got Caught Smoking Weeds

    Starkey and Mueller react to the reports that Bryant failed multiple tests for weed and talk about what this says about the Steelers wide receiver if true.
  • Clint Hurdle On The Teams Use Of Advanced Metrics

    Starkey and Mueller hear a clip of Clint Hurdle talking about his implementation of advanced metrics and when he realized he needed to embrace the use of them.
  • Pittsburgh Pirates Reliever Joe Blanton

    Joe Blanton joins Starkey and Mueller to talk about his outstanding pitching since joining the Pirates bullpen. Blanton tells us about announcing his retirement this offseason, deciding to make a comeback and what has clicked with him that has made him so effective. Blanton also tells us what he sees in the Pirates that makes him think they're legitimate World Series contenders.
  • New Steelers Kicker Garrett Hartley

    Garrett Hartley sits down with Joe Starkey to talk about his life off the field, including a hunting television show that he stars in.
  • Show Open

    Starkey and Mueller open Friday's show talking about the lack of playing time for Pedro Alvarez lately and why Josh Harrison was used as a defensive replacement last night.
  • Thursday, August 27th
  • Should The Steelers Sit Their Stars For The Rest Of The Preseason?

    With the Steelers injuries and suspensions mounting after the Martavis Bryant news today, Starkey and Mueller discuss whether or not the Steelers should just rest their key players here on out.
  • Steelers Players Reaction To Martavis Bryant Suspension

    Jeff Hathhorn was in the Steelers locker room when the Martavis Bryant suspension was announced and joins Starkey and Mueller to talk about the players reaction.
  • Bigger Loss For The Steelers: Pouncey Or Bryant?

    Which loss will hurt the Steelers offense more, Pouncey's injury which will have him out for an undetermined period of time, or Bryant's four-game suspension?
  • Could McCutchen Win The MVP Again This Year?

    With McCutchen hitting his 20th home run and closing in on 100 RBI for the first time in his career, Starkey and Mueller look at what it would take for him to win the MVP this year.
  • Show Open

    Starkey and Mueller open Thursday's show talking about Jeff Locke's start last night and if he's bought himself more time in the rotation.
  • Reaction To Martavis Bryant Suspension

    Starkey and Mueller react to the breaking news that Martavis Bryant is possibly getting suspended for 4-games for violating the league's substance abuse policy.
  • Wednesday, August 26th
  • Pirates Broadcaster Greg Brown Wishes Joe A Happy 50th Birthday

    Greg Brown takes us on a trip down memory lane to wish Joe a happy 50th birthday today.
  • Former Steelers CB Ike Taylor Wishes Starkey A Happy 50th Birthday

    Ike Taylor calls in to wish Joe a very special 50th birthday.
  • UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex Medical Director Dr. Vonda Wright

    With Joe turning 50 today, Dr. Vonda Wright joins us in-studio to give Joe some tips for how to get healthy in his old age.
  • Gregg Giannotti's 50th Birthday Message To Joe Starkey

    Former FAN Morning Show host and current CBS Sports Network Morning Show host Gregg Giannotti makes a special appearance on the station to wish Joe Starkey a happy 50th birthday.
  • Josh Miller's Birthday Message To Joe Starkey

    The FAN Morning Show's Josh Miller wishes Joe a happy 50th birthday.
  • Steelers Linebacker Sean Spence On Mike Vick

    Sean Spence talks with Joe Starkey about what it was like growing up playing with Mike Vick in video games and now being on the same team as him.
  • Show Open

    Starkey and Mueller open the show talking about today being Joe's 50th birthday. We also look back at last night's bad Pirates loss and how much of that had to do with the lineup they put out.
  • Tuesday, August 25th
  • Pirates Broadcaster Greg Brown

    Greg Brown talks about a wild game in Miami last night in which the Marlins pitchers couldn't seem to put the ball over the plate. Brown also talks about Bob Walk's reaction to the Marlins pitching and the red hot NL Central.
  • Trib pens Beat Writer Jonathan Bombulie

    Jonathan Bombulie covered the Penguins Alumni Golf outing today and tells us what Jim Rutherford had to say about there possibly being more trades to come and what Mike Johnston had to say about Phil Kessel playing with Sidney Crosby.
  • Roethlisberger's Reaction To Vick Reports

    We hear Ben Roethlisberger's reaction to the Michael Vick reports and talk about whether or not it would be any sort of distraction.
  • Pittsburgh Is A "Cat Tahn"

    A caller tells us that the outrage over the Steelers bringing in Vick will be minimal because Pittsburgh is more of "a cat town."
  • PETA's Statement On Steelers Interest In Vick

    Joe Starkey got a statement from PETA on the Steelers potentially signing Michael Vick and we read it on air.
  • Show Open

    Starkey and Mueller open the show giving their initial reactions to the news that the Steelers are potentially going to sign Michael Vick.
  • Monday, August 24th
  • Trib Pens Beat Writer Jason Mackey

    Jason Mackey joins us in-studio to talk about spending time with Sidney Crosby at his summer home in Nova Scotia and what it was like seeing the Pens super star in that environment.
  • Should Jordy Mercer Be Back In The Starting Lineup

    With Hurdle starting Mercer Monday night against the Marlins, Starkey and Mueller talk about how much playing time the short stop should see.
  • Maurkice Pouncey Injury Reaction

    Starkey and Mueller discuss the Maurkice Pouncey injury and what it will mean for the Steelers offense.
  • Trib Sports Columnist Rob Rossi

    Rob Rossi talks about covering both the Pirates and Steelers games yesterday. We also talk about the significance of Pouncey's injury and what the Pirates should do with Pedro.
  • The Time Joe Starkey Drunkenly Tackled A Girlfriends Christmas Tree

    While talking about USC Football Head Coach Steve Sarkisian's drunken rant over the weekend, Joe Starkey tells us about the time he drunkenly tackled a girlfriends Christmas tree and ruined a party.
  • Show Open

    Starkey and Mueller open the show talking about the big Pittsburgh sports weekend and what they think the Pirates should do with Pedro moving forward as his defense continues to be an issue.
  • Friday, August 21st
  • Pirates Broadcaster Bob Walk

    Bob Walk joins us live on set from outside PNC Park to talk about Josh Harrison's return, how Hurdle handles his pitching staff and the big performances he has received from his bullpen lately.
  • Jim Colony Wraps Up Steelers Training Camp

    Having spent the majority of Steelers training camp at St. Vincent's college with the team, Jim Colony joins the show to talk about position battles and who has impressed him the most.
  • Clint Hurdle Talks Pirates Lineup With Josh Harrison Back

    Dan Zangrilli joins the show to tell us what Clint Hurdle had to say about how he'll put together the lineup each day now that Josh Harrison is back.
  • Reaction To Josh Harrison Hitting Leadoff Tonight

    With the lineup being posted and Josh Harrison hitting leadoff in his first game back, Chris talks about why he wouldn't have had him playing tonight.
  • Where Would You Play Josh Harrison?

    With the Pirates activating Josh Harrison off the disabled list, Chris Mueller looks at where he fits into the lineup now.
  • Show Open

    Chris opens the show live from PNC Park recapping another Pirates victory and talking about the clutch performances they have been getting from unexpected players.
  • Thursday, August 20th
  • Would You Have Signed Up For This Version Of Pedro Alvarez?

    Given Pedro's recent hot streak and overall decent numbers this year, Starkey and Mueller talk about whether or not they would have signed up at the beginning of the season for this version of the first baseman.
  • San Francisco Giants Beat Writer Carl Steward

    With a big 4-game series between the Pirates and Giants starting tonight, Carl Steward joins us to talk about how the Giants are limping into this series.
  • Would You Call Gerrit Cole An Ace?

    Given what Ray Searage had to say about Cole and not being ready to call him an ace, Starkey and Mueller talk about whether or not they're ready to give him that designation.
  • Ray Searage With Joe Starkey

    Pirates pitching coach Ray Searage tells Joe Starkey why he's not ready to crown Gerrit Cole as an "ace." Searage also talks about how they fix pitchers like JA Happ.
  • Which Pirates Acquisitions Were We Most Wrong About?

    Starkey and Mueller look back at the Pirates trade deadline acquisitions and which ones they were the most wrong about.