Starkey & Mueller

Starkey & Mueller

What do you get when you combine a longtime local sports writer (Joe Starkey) with a brash young talk-show host (Chris Mueller)? You get Starkey and Mueller. Listen weekdays 2p-6p on 93.7 the Fan.
  • Tuesday, March 3rd
  • Starkey and Mueller: Pirates Reporter Dan Zangrilli

    Dan Zangrilli talks about what he saw from the Pirates in their spring training opener and the significance, if any, of the home runs Pedro Alvarez and Jung-ho Kang hit. Keywords: Pirates, Pedro Alvarez, Jung-ho Kang
  • Monday, March 2nd
  • Starkey and Mueller: Which Was The Better Pens Deadline Trade?

    Starkey and Mueller talk about which trade they liked better, Despres for Lovejoy or Bortuzzo for Cole. Keywords: Penguins
  • Starkey and Mueller: Sporting News Hockey Writer Sean Gentile

    Sean Gentile talks about the Pens deadline moves and who the top team in the eastern conference is right now. Keywords: Penguins
  • Starkey and Mueller: Reaction To Pens Trading Simon Despres For Ben Lovejoy

    Starkey and Mueller talk about whether or not they liked the Despres for Lovejoy trade. Keywords: Pittsburgh Penguins, Simon Despres, Ben Lovejoy
  • Starkey and Mueller: The Rob Rossi Report

    Trib Sports Columnist Rob Rossi reacts to the NHL trade deadline and talks about Jung-ho Kang's role with the Pirates. Keywords: Penguins, Pirates
  • Starkey and Mueller: Are Pens Among East Elite?

    Seth Rorabaugh sticks around for a second segment and we talk about how the Pens stack up against the rest of the east. Keywords: Penguins
  • Starkey and Mueller: Opening Segment

    We're joined by Seth Rorabaugh in-studio and we open the show talking about the Pens trade of Robert Bortuzzo for Ian Cole. Keywords: Penguins, Trade Deadline
  • Friday, February 27th
  • Starkey and Mueller: Should Storming The Court Be Banned?

    Chris talks about the idea of court storming in college basketball and if it should be banned. Keywords: College Basketball
  • Starkey and Mueller: The Sporting News Mike DeCourcy

    Mike DeCourcy talks about Pitt's tournament chances, coaches behaving badly and fans storming the court. Keywords: Mike DeCourcy,Pitt
  • Starkey and Mueller: USA Today Hockey Writer Kevin Allen

    Kevin Allen talks about the Pens roster as the trade deadline draws near and if they're one of the top teams in the eastern conference right now. Keywords: Kevin Allen, Penguins
  • Starkey and Mueller: Jim Rutherford Says Pens As Good As Anyone In The East

    Chris reacts to Jim Rutherford saying the Pens have as good of a chance as any team in the east to make it to the Cup Finals. Keywords: Penguins, Jim Rutherford
  • Starkey and Mueller: Dan Zangrilli Live From Bradenton

    Dan Zangrilli talks about Gerrit Cole becoming an ace this year, Lambo's role on the team and how the catching position will work without Russell Martin. Keywords: Pirates, Gerrit Cole
  • Starkey and Mueller: Opening Segment

    Chris hears Jim Rutherford's take on Jordan Staal and talks about whether or not he thinks that trade will ever happen. Keywords: Penguins, Jim Rutherford
  • Thursday, February 26th
  • Starkey and Mueller: Should Pirates Extend Andrew McCutchen Now?

    Starkey and Mueller debate over whether or not the Pirates should lock Andrew McCutchen up long-term right now. Keywords: Pirates, Andrew McCutchen
  • Starkey and Mueller: Pirates President Frank Coonelly

    Frank Coonelly talks about the teams interest in locking up Andrew McCutchen long-term and the improvements made to both PNC Park and the teams spring training facilities. Keywords: Frank Coonelly, Pirates, Andrew McCutchen
  • Starkey and Mueller: Would You Trade Beau Bennett Straight Up For Jaromir Jagr?

    Starkey and Mueller debate over whether or not they'd trade Beau Bennett for Jaromir Jagr. Keywords: Penguins, Beau Bennett, Jaromir Jagr
  • Starkey and Mueller: The Football Fix

    Starkey and Mueller talk about some free agents they think the Steelers should be interested in. Keywords: Steelers
  • Starkey and Mueller: Pens Playback

    Starkey and Mueller give an in-depth breakdown of the Pens 4-3 victory over the Capitals. Keywords: Penguins, Capitals
  • Starkey and Mueller: Opening Segment

    Starkey and Mueller open the show reacting to last night's Pens victory over the Caps including the bench brawl that broke out. Keywords: Penguins, Capitals
  • Wednesday, February 25th
  • Starkey and Mueller: Trib Sports Columnist Rob Rossi

    Rob Rossi says he thinks the door is closing on a potential Pens deal for Jaromir Jagr after the Daniel Winnik trade. Keywords: Penguins, Jaromir Jagr

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