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Starkey & Mueller

What do you get when you combine a longtime local sports writer (Joe Starkey) with a brash young talk-show host (Chris Mueller)? You get Starkey and Mueller. Listen weekdays 2p-6p on 93.7 the Fan.
  • Thursday, May 5th
  • Is "Bumper" from "West Virginia" Trolling Us?

    Bumper from West Virginia sounds fishy and we make him prove he's actually from West Virginia and not just trolling us with a fake voice and personality.
  • McCutchen Apologizes, Pirates Keep Chasing The Cubs

    We talk about an apology issued from Andrew McCutchen and if the Pirates can catch the Cubs at any point this year.
  • Penguins Defenseman Ben Lovejoy

    Ben Lovejoy sat down with Joe Starkey following the teams game 4 victory over the Capitals talking about how emotional it was and what it has been like his second time around with the Pens.
  • Pens Unsung Heroes

    Joe and Chris name their unsung heroes of the postseason for the Pens.
  • Trevor Daley Stepping Up In Game 4

    Trevor Daley stepping up in a big way with Kris Letang out last night and the guys talk about his huge performance when the team needed him the most.
  • Show Open

    The guys open the show talking about last night's Pens victory and the biggest moments of the series so far.
  • Wednesday, May 4th
  • Reaction To McCutchen Saying Official Scorer Should Be Fired

    Following today's loss to the Cubs, Andrew McCutchen said the official scorer should be fired for ruling one of his plays an error and the guys agree that McCutchen looks horrible for saying this.
  • What's At Stake For Pens-Caps Game 4?

    The guys talk about the winner of tonight's Pens-Caps game 4 matchup gaining control of the series and who they think it will be that comes out victorious.
  • Tuesday, May 3rd
  • Pirates Broadcaster Greg Brown

    Greg Brown talks about how hated the Cubs are becoming around here and the rivalry heating up between them and the Pirates.
  • Are Fans Turning On Gerrit Cole?

    Cole got boo'ed off the field last night after another poor start.  The guys talk about the fans treatement of the Pirates starter.
  • Who Does NHL Video Voice Guy Sound Like?

    The video behind the NHL discispline videos sounds familiar to the guys and we come up with the perfect comparison.
  • Reaction To Letang Suspension

    The guys talk about the one-game suspension Kris Letang received and if it was warranted.
  • What To Do With Pens Goalies

    Marc-Andre Fleury dressed last night but was backing up Matt Murray.  The guys talk about the latest development in the Pens net and who they think should get the start from now on.
  • Show Open

    The guys open things up reacting to last night's Pens victory over the Capitals and the Kris Letang hit.
  • Monday, May 2nd
  • USA Today NHL Writer Kevin Allen

    Kevin Allen talks about the Pens-Caps series, why he picked the Pens to win it all this year and the Brooks Orpik 3-game suspension.
  • Grading The Pirates First Month

    Off to their hottest start under Clint Hurdle, Starkey and Mueller grade the Pirates opening month and where their expectations are right now.
  • Callers From West Virginia Love Us

    We take two incredible calls from fans in West Virginia.
  • Reaction To Steelers Draft

    The guys give their thoughts on the Steelers draft picks including which ones they hated.
  • Capitals Forward Tom Wilson

    Tom Wilson talks about the Brooks Orpik suspension, his own dirty play on Conor Sheary and what it's like to hear from fans on social media when you're accused of being a dirty player.
  • Show Open

    Starkey and Mueller react to the Brooks Orpik 3-game suspension and the series being tied up at 1 game a piece.
  • Friday, April 29th
  • Trib Sports Columnist Rob Rossi

    Rob Rossi talks about Sidney Crosby's performance in game one, Matt Murray's game, why he's concerned about the Pens D moving forward and what changes he'd make for game two.
  • Artie Burns College Position Coach

    Paul Williams, the position coach for Artie Williams at Miami joins us to talk about his strenths, weaknesses and how his game will translate to the pro level.
  • Did The Bengals Intentionally Screw The Steelers?

    There's a conspiracy theory out there that the Bengals took William Jackson with their first pick because the Steelers wanted him.  Joe isn't buying that theory, but plenty of our callers are.
  • Former Penguin Colby Armstrong

    Colby Armstrong talks about the Pens game one loss to the Capitals and says aside from the score, the game played out exactly like he thought it would.
  • Steve Palazzolo Of Pro Football Focus On Artie Burns

    Steve Palazzolo tells us why Pro Football Focus really dislikes the Steelers first round draft pick of Artie Burns.
  • Show Open

    Joe talks the Pens loss in game one to Capitals, how it happened and the lack of a suspension for Tom Wilson.
  • Wednesday, April 27th
  • Penguins-Capitals Series Prediction

    Joe and Chris give their predictions for the Pens and Capitals series.
  • Pirates Utilityman Sean Rodriguez

    Sean Rodriguez talks about his hot start to the season and who decided the teams approach at the plate should change as drastically as it has since last year.
  • What Should The Steelers Do In The Draft?

    The guys agree, the Steelers better be selecting a defensive back in the first round of the draft this year.
  • Ben Lovejoy On How To Slow Down Ovechkin

    Ben Lovejoy tells Joe Starkey if it's even possible to stop Alex Ovechkin as he gets ready to take on Ovi and the Capitals.
  • Who Has More On The Line, Sid Or Ovechkin?

    The guys talk about the legacies of Crosby and Ovechkin and whose could reach another level in this series.
  • Show Open

    The guys talk about Andrew McCutchen's huge game last night and how strong that Pirates outfield is when all three guys are hot.
  • Tuesday, April 26th
  • Celebrations In Baseball

    Starkey and Mueller love most of them, but not all.
  • Pirates Broadcaster Greg Brown

    Greg Brown shares his feelings on celebrations in baseball and what Jeff Locke needs in order to be successful.
  • Do The Pirates Miss Neil Walker?

    The guys talk about Neil Walker hitting his 8th home run of the season already and wonder if the Pirates regret trading him.
  • Murray Or Fleury, Who Should It Be?

    We hear what Jim Rutherford had to say about the goaltending situation and when he thinks Marc-Andre Fleury should get back between the pipes.
  • Should The Pirates Call Up Glasnow Or Taillon?

    Joe and Chris go back and forth about the Pirates rotation and its need for Glasnow or Taillon.
  • Jeff Locke Pitched Well And Joe Totally Predicted It

    Jeff Locke's start last night was impressive, but Joe Starkey's prediction is even more impressive considering the limb he went out on.
  • Monday, April 25th
  • The Pirates Bullpen Isn't Good Right Now

    The Pirates bullpen has been struggling all year and we look at who the biggest culprits are.
  • Should McCuthen Hit 3rd Again?

    Will moving McCutchen back to the 3-spot in the order help bust him out of his slump?
  • What's Wrong With Andrew McCutchen?

    Hitting just .213 while the rest of the offense is flourishing, the guys talk about Andrew McCutchen's horrible start to the season and what they attribute it to.
  • Fleury Update And Pens Cup Favorites

    The guys call the Pens the Cup favorite now and get an update on Marc-Andre Fleury's status.
  • Pens-Rangers Series Recap

    The guys talk about the biggest impact that was made in this series and what will stick with them the most going into the next round.
  • Tom Brady Is Suspended...Again

    We talk about the Tom Brady suspension for DeflateGate being put back in place.
  • Friday, April 22nd
  • Pens And Pirates Weekend Predictions

    Joe and Chris look to stay hot with their predictions as they try to come up with what will happen to the Pens and Pirates this weekend.
  • Pens Goaltender Matt Murray

    Matt Murray talks about how he dealt with his nerves in game 4 agaisnt the Rangers and how Marc-Andre Fleury has been helping him.
  • Trib Sports Columnist Rob Rossi

    Rob Rossi talks about the Pens goaltending situation and under what circumstances he'd consider going back to Marc-Andre Fleury.
  • Pirates Don't Want To Go To Puerto Rico

    The guys talk about the Pirates making it known that they have concerns about playing a series against the Marlins in Puerto Rico due to the Zika Virus.
  • Nobody Predicts The Pens Better Than Us

    We play our predictions from before games' 1, 2, 3 and 4 and realize that nobody has been more right than us.
  • Show Open

    The guys talk about the Pens game 4 victory over the Rangers and if they already have this series locked up.
  • Thursday, April 21st
  •'s Dan Rosen

    Dan Rosen previews Pens-Rangers game 4, the huge role Carl Hagelin is playing in disrupting the Rangers power play and much more.
  • Pens Historian Bob Grove

    Bob Grove talks about the Pens goaltending situation, the lack of minutes for Malkin in the third period of game 3 and much more from Pens-Rangers.
  • Rick Carpiniello Of Rangers Report

    Rick offers up the Rangers perspective on this series and the Letang hit.
  • Former Penguin Colby Armstrong

    Colby Armstrong talks about the lack of discipline from the league for Kris Letang and how the playoffs are essentially an "anything goes" atmosphere.
  • Do The Steelers Have Any Real Interest In Josh Norman?

    Our Steelers Insider Ed Bouchette joins us to talk about the Steelers interest in Josh Norman and if there's even a 1% chance of them signing him.
  • Show Open

    Joe reacts to Jeff Locke's poor start last night and says enough is enough.
  • Wednesday, April 20th
  • A Potentially Historic Moment In Quiz Show History

    Joe has a chance to take his first ever lead in Quiz Show history, but can he capitalize on the opportunity?
  • Is Replay Mostly Good Or Mostly Bad?

    Joe hates what instant replay has turned into in sports while Chris likes it for the most part.
  • What's Wrong With The Pirates Plus A Neil Walker Update

    The guys try to diagnose the reason for another slow start for the Pirates and look at the hot start to the season Neil Walker has had.
  • Best Twitter Reaction To BalkGate

    The guys read the best tweets responding to the balk debacle in last night's Pirates game.

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