Starkey & Mueller

Starkey & Mueller

What do you get when you combine a longtime local sports writer (Joe Starkey) with a brash young talk-show host (Chris Mueller)? You get Starkey and Mueller. Listen weekdays 2p-6p on 93.7 the Fan.
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  • Friday, December 19th
  • Starkey and Mueller: Kansas City Radio Host Bob Fescoe

    Bob Fescoe of 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City gives us an insiders look at the Chiefs and if they have any chance of beatin the Steelers this weekend.. Keywords: Steelers, Chiefs
  • Starkey and Mueller: Steelers-Chiefs Prediction

    Starkey and Mueller give their Steelers-Chiefs predictions and why they think either team will win. Keywords: Steelers, Chiefs
  • Starkey and Mueller: The Friday Draft

    Starkey and Mueller draft the top Pitt football players during the Steve Pederson administration. Keywords: Pitt Football, Steve Pederson
  • Starkey and Mueller: The Football Fix

    Starkey and Mueller take a look at this weekend's biggest games and Troy Polamalu missing the game against the Chiefs. Keywords: NFL
  • Starkey and Mueller: KDKA-TV Reporter Richie Walsh

    Richie Walsh tells us about two candidates who are now off Pitt's radar and which they'll hire first, a new head coach or a new athletic director. Keywords: Pitt Football
  • Starkey and Mueller: Opening Segment

    Starkey and Mueller open the show talking about the latest Pitt coaching and athletic director rumors. Keywords: Pitt, Steve Pederson
  • Thursday, December 18th
  • Starkey and Mueller: College Football Expert Bruce Feldman

    Bruce Feldman joins the show and tells us getting rid of Steve Pederson means Pitt will have more coaches interested in their position. Keywords: Pitt, Paul Chryst, Steve Pederson, Bruce Feldman
  • Starkey and Mueller: Steelers Insider Ed Bouchette

    Ed Bouchette joins the show for his weekly spot and talks about how much longer he thinks we'll see Troy Polamalu in a Steelers uniform. Keywords: Steelers, Troy Polamalu, Ed Bouchette
  • Starkey and Mueller: Fantasy Football Advice With Paul Charchian

    Fantasy Football Expert Paul Charchian joins the show for his weekly segment as he helps you set your championship lineup. Keywords: Paul Charchian, Fantasy Footabll
  • Starkey and Mueller: First Move New Pitt AD Should Make

    Starkey and Mueller give their thoughts on the first moves the new Athletic Director at Pitt should make. Keywords: Pitt
  • Starkey and Mueller: Should Pitt Hire A New AD Or Head Coach First?

    Starkey and Mueller discuss why Pitt needs to hire a new Athletic Director before they hire a new Head Coach. Keywords: Pitt, Steve Pederson
  • Starkey and Mueller: Opening Segment

    Starkey and Mueller open the show giving their initial reactions to the Steve Pederson firing news and ask Andrew Fillipponi what it was like at The Pete when the news broke. Keywords: Pitt, Steve Pederson, Paul Chryst
  • Wednesday, December 17th
  • Starkey and Mueller: The Quiz Show

    Joe tries to make it three in a row in The Quiz Show.
  • Starkey and Mueller: More Pens Players Being Tested For Mumps

    Starkey and Mueller talk about whether or not the Pens are doing enough to contain their mumps outbreak. Keywords: Penguins, Mumps
  • Starkey and Mueller: Pitt Beat Writer Jerry DiPaola

    Jerry DiPaola tells us whether or not Greg Schiano is a real candidate for the Pitt job and how long he expects the search to last. Keywords: Paul Chryst, Greg Schiano, Bob Tomsula
  • Starkey and Mueller: Ranking Le'Veon Bell Against The Rest Of The NFL

    Starkey and Mueller rank Le'Veon Bell against the rest of the NFL and where they'd take him in a draft of all the players in the league. Keywords: Le'Veon Bell, NFL
  • Starkey and Mueller: Reaction To Greg Schiano As A Potential Paul Chryst Replacement

    Starkey and Mueller react to the reports that Pitt has reached out to Greg Schiano as a potential replacement for Paul Chryst. Keywords: Paul Chryst, Greg Schiano
  • Starkey and Mueller: Opening Segment

    Starkey and Mueller open today's show throwing their support behind the candidate they believe should be the next Pitt head coach. Keywords: Paul Chryst, Pitt
  • Tuesday, December 16th
  • Starkey and Mueller: Grading Paul Chryst's Time At Pitt

    Starkey and Mueller give Paul Chryst grades for his time at Pitt as it appears he'll be taking the head coaching job at Wisconsin. Keywords: Paul Chryst, Pitt
  • Starkey and Mueller: Chris Peak

    Chris Peak of Panther Lair joins Starkey and Mueller for the latest on Paul Chryst and the Wisconsin job. Keywords: Chris Peak, Pitt, Paul Chryst

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