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Starkey & Mueller

What do you get when you combine a longtime local sports writer (Joe Starkey) with a brash young talk-show host (Chris Mueller)? You get Starkey and Mueller. Listen weekdays 2p-6p on 93.7 the Fan.
  • Tuesday, December 1st
  • Roethlisberger's Message To High School Athletes About Toughness

    We hear Ben telling high school athletes not to be afraid to reveal they suffered a brain injury and react to the positive message coming from the Steelers Quarterback.
  • We've Been Chanting The Wrong Name For Heath Miller This Whole TIme

    Starkey and Mueller found out today that Heath Miller's first name is actually Earl and we hear what it should sound like when the Steelers tight end catches a pass.
  • Tomlin And Roethlisberger Differing On Ben's Injury

    Starkey and Mueller discuss Tomlin and Roethlisberger's differing messages on Ben's head injury and what it really is.
  • Ben On Settling For Field Goals

    Ben talks about why it's so important to find the end zone rather than settling for field goals in the red zone.
  • Monday, November 30th
  • Mike Carey Stinks And Jim Nantz Hates Him

    We listen to audio of Mike Carey's rough day during the Steelers-Seahawks game and the little amount of patience Jim Nantz had in dealing with him.
  • Reaction To Dubinsky Suspension For Cross Check On Crosby

    Starkey and Mueller talk about how dirty Brandon Dubinsky's cross check to Sidney Crosby's neck was and why it warrants more than a one game suspension.
  • Grading Mike Tomlin

    After an especially rough game by his standards, Starkey and Mueller grade the job Mike Tomlin is doing as the Steelers head coach.
  • Why The Steelers Fake FG Call Stunk

    We hear the Seahawks call of the Steelers fake field goal attempt and talk about why it was a terrible decision.
  • Stars And Stiffs From Steelers-Seahawks

    Starkey and Mueller hand out their Stars and Stiffs awards from the Steelers loss to the Seahawks.
  • Show Open

    Starkey and Mueller open Monday's show talking about the Steelers loss to the Seahawks and some of the ridiculous decisions that were made.
  • Wednesday, November 25th
  • Ben Roethlisberger Doesn't Like Eric Hagman's Question

    We hear the audio of Ben Roethlisberger ripping an Eric Hagman question.
  • Pitt Football Analyst Pat Bostick

    Pat tells us what the Panthers need to do to beat Miami this weekend and looks at the momentum this program is building.
  • Mario Lemieux Responds To Reports Of A Rift With Sidney Crosby

    We read Lemieux's statement on the reports of a rift between himself and Crosby, but we're not buying what he's selling.
  • The Worst Thanksgiving Day Get Together In The Country

    Starkey and Mueller agree, there will be no worse family get together on Thanksgiving Day than the one between the Harbaugh's and Tom Crean.
  • Steelers Left Tackle Alejandro Villanueva

    We listen to Joe's interview with Alejandro Villanueva as he talks about the adjustment to being a starting left tackle in the NFL.
  • Listener Tom Gives Us An Autographed #Necklips Bat

    Listener Tom had an auction for charity in which nobody bid on an autographed Jose Tabata bat, so he came in-studio and presented it to Starkey and Mueller
  • Is There A Rift Between Crosby And Lemieux?

    Starkey and Mueller open Wednesday's show talking about the rumors of a rift between Crosby and Lemieux and what it could be over.
  • Tuesday, November 24th
  • This Jeopardy Contestant In Super Annoyinggggggg

    We listen to the audio of a Jeopardy contestant that is driving the majority of the country insane.
  • Should The Ravens Tank?

    The Ravens have signed Jimmy Claussen to backup Matt Schaub and we think it might be in their best interest to just tank the rest of the season.
  • Which Terrible QB Will Teams Want The Most This Offseason?

    Peyton Manning, Colin Kaepernick, RG III and Johnny Manziel, which QB will teams want the most this offseason?
  • Which Sport Has The Worst Officials Plus Joe's Umpiring Career Stories

    We rank the leagues with the worst officials and Joe shares with us the tales of his short-lived umpiring career.
  • Show Open

    Starkey and Mueller talk about the undefeated Patriots and Panthers and if fans actually like watching teams take a run at perfection.
  • Monday, November 23rd
  • The Amish Marathon Runner

    An Amish marathon runner said he is motivated to run any time he thinks about sinning and Joe says he'd be lapping Usain Bolt if he had that mentality.
  • Would You Want A Pitt Bowl Game Against Todd Graham?

    Starkey and Mueller talk about potential bowl matchups for Pitt and agree that a game against Todd Graham would certainly be an interesting choice.
  • Would You Buy Stock In Pitt Or Penn State?

    Starkey and Mueller take a look at the current state of the Pitt and Penn State football programs and who they'd buy stock in.
  • The James Franklin Era At Penn State

    About two years into the James Franklin era at Penn State, Starkey and Mueller talk about the hype Franklin built up and if he's lived up to it.
  • Bartenders Love Joe And Chris Is A Jerk

    Chris recaps his weekend of everyone asking where Joe is.
  • Who Could Be The Steelers X-Factor?

    Coming off their bye week, Starkey and Mueller look at the Steelers x-factors that could help them make a run the rest of the season.
  • Show Open

    Starkey and Mueller open Monday's show talking about a suddenly open AFC North and if the Steelers could overtake the Bengals.
  • Friday, November 20th
  • Terrible Coaches

    With one of the worst coaches at any level coming to Pittsburgh this weekend in Bobby Petrino, Starkey and Mueller talk about the coaches they can't stand.
  • What Should The Definition Of MVP Be?

    With Bryce Harper winning the MVP award while playing on one of the most disappointing teams in the majors last year, we look at what the criteria should be for MVP's
  • Trib Sports Columnist Rob Rossi

    Rob Rossi joins us for his weekly segment and tells us why the Pirates should play a series in Puerto Rico every year.
  • Pens MVP And LVP At The Quarter Pole

    Starkey and Mueller look at the Pens at the quarter pole and give out their MVP and LVP awards.
  • Penguins Historian Bob Grove

    Bob Grove tells us some unbelievable stats about the Pens record when both Crosby and Malkin score in the same game.
  • Show Open

    Starkey and Mueller open Friday's show talking about a good Penguins victory over the Avalanche.
  • Thursday, November 19th
  • Joe Responds To Allegations From The FAN Morning Show

    Joe owns up to some of the things The FAN Morning Show ripped him for but says there was some misguided anger that led to this.
  • Steelers Insider Ed Bouchette

    Ed tells us about how the bye week will help some banged up Steelers but isn't quite ready, like some others, to proclaim the Steelers as the second best team in the AFC behind the Patriots.
  • Pitt Football Head Coach Pat Narduzzi

    Pat Narduzzi joins us to discuss the strong first season the Panthers are having under him, the development of Quarterback Nate Peterman and the expectations he has for this program.
  • Reaction To Neil Walker Trade Rumors

    Now that the trade rumors are really swirling, Starkey and Mueller talk about what it would feel like seeing Neil Walker play for a different team next year.
  • Joe's Awkward Interview With Phil Kessel

    Joe warns us about his interview with Phil Kessel and then we hear it in all it's awkward glory.
  • Why Are The Pens Pairing Rob Scuderi With Kris Letang?

    Starkey and Mueller discuss the terrible defense pairing that will be Scuderi-Letang.
  • Would You Trade Kris Letang?

    Starkey and Mueller talk about hypothetical trades they'd make involving Kris Letang.
  • Wednesday, November 18th
  • Reaction To Olli Maatta Injruy

    Starkey and Mueller can't believe that the hit that injured Olli Maatta isn't illegal.
  • 8 High School Football Players Have Died This Year

    Erik Brady of USA Today joins us to talk about his report on the 8 high school football related deaths this year and the future of the game.
  • Hippos, Gentle Water Mammals Or Godless Killing Machines?

    We saw a very disturbing hippo video during the commercial break and now it's all we can think about.
  • Pittsburgh Really Is A #CatTahn

    The guys react to a report that provides evidence that Pittsburgh is a Cat Tahn.
  • Joe Is Cranky And Annoying Co-Workers

    Joe hasn't eaten yet today, is cranky and taking it out on his co-workers including update anchor Eric Hagman.
  • Show Open

    Starkey and Mueller open Wednesday's show talking about Evgeni Malkin's big game and last night's Pens victory.
  • Tuesday, November 17th
  • 2-Minutes In The Box With Pierre McGuire

    Joe Starkey sits down with NBC Sports NHL Analyst Pierre McGuire as the two discuss Crosby being on pace for only 43 points this year and what in the world is wrong with him.
  • Are The Penguins Boring You?

    After hearing Keith Jones call the Penguins boring, Starkey and Mueller talk about their current style of play and the lack of excitement that comes with it.
  • Where Do The Steelers Rank In The AFC?

    With the Bengals losing and the Patriots mounting injuries, Starkey and Mueller look at how the Steelers stack up against the rest of the conference.
  • Do You Feel Safe Attending Sporting Events?

    Given recent attacks, Starkey and Mueller talk about how they feel when they go to games.
  • Naked Locker Room Etiquette At The Gym

    Joe had a very bad experience in the gym locker room earlier today and we hear all about it.
  • Should The Pens Ever Consider Trading Sidney Crosby?

    Starkey and Mueller aren't saying the Pens SHOULD trade Sidney Crosby but they wonder if the team would ever consider it.
  • Monday, November 16th
  • Does Mike Johnston Think He's On The Hot Seat?

    Joe Starkey asked Mike Johnston if he ever thinks about being on the hot seat. You can hear his answer right here.
  • Evgeni Malkin On Pens Low Goal Totals

    We hear Evgeni Malkin talk about the design of the Pens system and why they're supposed to win low-scoring games rather than putting up high goal totals.
  • Reaction To Antonio Brown's Celebratory Flip

    Starkey and Mueller talk about why they loved Antonio Brown's flip so much,
  • Who Pronounced It Better?

    Tommy Maddox was back at Heinz Field yesterday and a huge debate breaks out over how to properly pronounce his last name.
  • Chris Is Back, Are The Guys Happy To See Each Other?

    With Chris back in-studio from his west coast trip, we find out if the guys are actually happy to see each other again.
  • Should Ben Have Started Against The Browns?

    Starkey and Mueller talk about the unusual set of circumstances that led to Roethlisberger coming off the bench and if the Steelers screwed up in the way they handled him.
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