Starkey & Mueller

Starkey & Mueller

What do you get when you combine a longtime local sports writer (Joe Starkey) with a brash young talk-show host (Chris Mueller)? You get Starkey and Mueller. Listen weekdays 2p-6p on 93.7 the Fan.
  • Friday, February 5th
  • Pitt Great Jimbo Covert

    Jimbo Covert joins Starkey and Mueller to talk about the incredible 30 For 30 done on the 1985 Bears, a team he was a part of.
  • Trib Sports Columnist Rob Rossi

    Rob Rossi talks Super Bowl and Hall of Fame voting and offers up his Super Bowl prediction.
  • Steelers Insider Ed Bouchette

    Ed Bouchette talks Hall of Fame voting, who should get in this year, who shouldn't and if special teamers belong in the Hall of Fame.
  • Most Overrated And Underrated Super Bowl Plays

    It's our final day of the Starkey Super Superlatives as we look at some of the most overrated and underrated plays in Super Bowl history.
  • Has The Super Bowl Gotten Too Big?

    Starkey and Mueller talk about the spectacle the Super Bowl has become.
  • The Peyton Manning Distraction

    Peyton Manning's people looking for answers about the HGH reports surrounding him had the cops called on them and the guys talk about the distraction this could become.
  • Show Open

    Starkey and Mueller open the show coming right out of the gates with their Super Bowl predictions.
  • Thursday, February 4th
  • Trib Pens Beat Writer Jonathan Bombulie

    Jonathan Bombulie tells us what he thinks is wrong with Malkin as he's out injured.  Bombulie also talks about Joe's terrible taste in music.
  • 4 Things That Have Never Happened In Super Bowl

    Joe tells us about four different things that have never happened in the history of the Super Bowl.
  • Best/Worst Special Teams Plays In Super Bowl

    Joe Starkey highlights the best and worst special teams moments in Super Bowl history.
  • Steelers Super Bowl Favorites Next Year

    Joe reacts to Vegas listing the Steelers as the Super Bowl favorite next year and if he thinks they'll live up to that hype.
  • Could An NFL Hit Land In Courts?

    Joe wonders if an NFL player targeting and hitting an opponent like Vontaze Burfict did to Antonio Brown could eventually turn into a court case.
  • Show Open

    Antonio Brown spoke out about Vontaze Burfict and Pacman Jones and Joe reacts to how mad Brown still is.
  • Wednesday, February 3rd
  • Pitt Football Head Coach Pat Narduzzi

    Pat Narduzzi tells us about his 2016 recruiting class, what he likes most about them and if and when he thinks Pitt could find their way into the national title conversation.
  • Starkey And Mueller Recruiting Profiles

    In honor of National Letter of Intent Day, Starkey and Mueller wrote recruiting profiles for each other.
  • Crosby On Embracing High Scoring Games

    Following the teams 6-5 win over the Senators, Sidney Crosby talked about how fun games like that can be and how you have to embrace them.
  • Could The Carolina Panthers Be A Top 5 Team All-Time?

    With the chance to go 18-1 and be Super Bowl champions, Starkey and Mueller debate the Panthers place amongst the all-time great teams.
  • PSU Defensive Recruiting Coordinator Terry Smith

    Penn State Assistant Head Coach, Defensive Recruiting Coordinator and Defensive Backs coach Terry Smith joins the show to talk about Penn State's recruiting class and how they landed coveted Woodland Hills running back Miles Sanders.
  • Show Open

    A hat trick for Sidney Crosby and 6 goals have the Pens riding high. Joe and Chris agree that this team is finally headed in the right direction.
  • Tuesday, February 2nd
  • Steelers Left Tackle Kelvin Beachum

    Kelvin Beachum is headed to free agency and tells Starkey and Mueller the chances that he might re-sign with the Steelers.
  • Do You Enjoy The College Recruiting News?

    Chris hates it while Joe finds himself now enjoying the college football recruiting process.
  • Super Bowl Superlatives

    We discuss the best catches and worst drops in Super Bowl history.
  • Peyton Manning's Legacy

    We talk about what Peyton could do to both help and hurt his legacy in the Super Bowl.
  • Should Pens Consider Trading MAF?

    Joe can envision a scenario where trading Marc-Andre Fleury this offseason makes sense.
  • We Don't Know Anything About Politics

    The Iowa causus took place last night and we have no idea what that means.
  • Monday, February 1st
  • Scott Boras Blames Pirates For Pedro's Struggles

    Scott Boras says the Pirates aggressive positioning of Pedro at first base was to blame for his defensive struggles.  Starkey and Mueller don't agree. 
  • Steelers Offseason Needs

    Starkey and Mueller talk about which positions the Steelers need to improve upon this offseason and how they should go about doing it.
  • Pens Second Half Expectations

    We talk about what we think is reasonable for the Penguins in the second half and if they'll find themselves in the playoffs when it's all said and done.
  • Boxer Quacking At His Opponent

    We hear the audio of boxer Sergey Kovalev quacking at Adonis Stevenson when challenging him to fight.
  • Super Bowl Champs vs College All-Stars

    Ed Bouchette tells us about the days when the Super Bowl champs had to take on a team of college football all-stars and the way the Steelers players felt about having to do this.
  • Show Open

    Starkey and Mueller open Monday's show talking about John Scott winning the NHL All-Star game MVP and wondering why anyone watches the Pro Bowl.
  • Friday, January 29th
  • Starkey Is Impressed By Mike Sullivan

    Joe Starkey tells us what about Mike Sullivan has impressed him and why the players feel the same way he does.
  • Marc-Andre Fleury Talks Mike Sullivan

    Fleury tells us what kind of coach Mike Sullivan is and how the team has responded to him.
  • Trib Sports Columnist Rob Rossi

    Rob Rossi talks about the futures for Gerrit Cole and Andrew McCutchen and why nobody wants to be in the NHL All-Star game.
  •'s Dave Dameshek

    Joe and Dave argue over who Ike Taylor likes best.
  • Show Open

    The Pirates payroll talk is back in the news and Joe says fans have a skewed view of what their ticket purchase entitles them to.
  • The Key For The 2016 Pirates

    Joe Starkey says the Pirates success will come down to the "monster bullpen" that they're building.
  • Thursday, January 28th
  • NBA Hall Of Famer Rick Barry

    Rick Barry discusses Steph Curry and if he's the best player in the NBA right now.  Rick also talks about how much money the worst players in the NBA make and the fishing expeditions he takes fans on.
  • Recruiting Analyst Kevin Gorman

    Kevin Gorman of The Trib tells us where the big WPIAL recruits are going and how the Pitt and Penn State recruiting classes stack up.
  • Pirates Manager Clint Hurdle

    Clint Hurdle joins Joe Starkey and updates us on Jung-ho Kang's offseason rehab, expectations at first base, the uphill battle they'll have to fight in the NL Central and what he thinks about people saying the NL should adopt the DH.
  • Concussions And CTE Back In The Headlines

    Joe Starkey talks about the Phil Borque story as he revealed the concussion issues he's dealing with today.
  • MLB Writer John Perrotto

    John Perrotto talks about Francisco Cervelli wanting a 3-year, $39 million deal, the Pirates offseason signings and what he thinks the Pirates batting order will look like next year.
  • Opening Segment

    Joe Starkey opens the show talking about the reports that Francisco Cervelli would be open to signing a long-term deal with the Pirates for 3-years for $39 million.
  • Wednesday, January 27th
  • The Pro Bowl Is Awful And You Should Hate It

    Chris talks about the ridiculous number of guys who have no business even being in the Pro Bowl making the roster this year.
  • NFL Investigating Peyton Manning

    Chris talks about the NFL investigating the rumors that Peyton Manning used HGH.  Chris says he wouldn't have a problem if Manning did take something to prolong his career.
  • Oprah Makin' That Money

    Chris marvels at Oprah sending out one tweet that made her $12 million.
  • Pens Midseason Report

    Chris hands out some hardware for the Pens head into the All-Star break.
  • Show Open

    The Pens are back in the playoff picture after a win last night and Chris talks about how the arrow is pointing up for this team all of a sudden.
  • Tuesday, January 26th
  • Trib Pens Beat Writer Jonathan Bombulie Part II

    Jonathan Bombulie tells us about the differences in the Pens under Mike Sullivan.
  • Trib Pens Beat Writer Jonathan Bombulie

    Jonathan Bombulie joins the guys live on-set and the conversation steers towards studio wrestling, why it's so popular and Joe Starkey's mortality.
  • Devils Forward Bobby Farnham

    Joe Starkey caught up with Bobby Farnham and joked with him about which Penguin he would want to fight tonight and what he thinks about Joe worrying about the average male only living to the age of 80.
  • Will Peyton Manning Retire After The Super Bowl?

    Peyton Manning told Bill Belichick after the AFC Championship game that this could be his final season and the guys react to that news.
  • Could The DH Be Coming To The NL?

    Starkey and Mueller talk about why they'd be in favor of the National League being forced to adopt the designated hitter.
  • 2016 Pitt Football Schedule Revealed

    Starkey and Mueller discuss the daunting schedule the Pitt football team will be facing next year.
  • Who Would You Rather Have, Shero Or Rutherford?

    Starkey and Mueller talk about the Pens replacing Ray Shero with Jim Rutherford and if they downgraded at the position.
  • Show Open

    Ray Shero is making his return to Pittsburgh for the first time since the Pens fired him.  Joe and Chris view his time here in very different ways.
  • Monday, January 25th
  • Pitt-Penn State Rivalry

    We talk about the Pitt-Penn State rivalry and how important the victory would be for both teams.
  • James Franklin Upset With Negative Recruiting

    Starkey and Mueller react to James Franklins comments about the negative recruiting being used against Penn State.
  • Difference In Pens From Johnston To Sullivan

    Starkey and Mueller point out the differences in the Pens under Mike Johnston and Mike Sullivan after a couple of impressive come from behind victories for Sullivan.
  • Snowed In Snow Storm Stories

    We talk about the Duquesne basketball team getting stuck on the turnpike and Joe tells us about his own snowed in experiences.

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