The Fan Morning Show

The Fan Morning Show

Colin Dunlap is joined by former Steelers Punter Josh Miller and update anchor Jim Colony for a fast-paced and entertaining start to the day. Listen weekdays 5:40a-10a on 93.7 The Fan.
  • Friday, December 9th
  • Breakfast Bytes

    Conor Sheary says the Pens played a pretty complete game last night. Are we complaing too much about the Pens?
  • Tyrod Taylor Stinks

    Colin says the Steelers should not lose to a Tyrod Taylor-led team. But crazier things have happened. 
  • The Pre-Show

    Josh was at a very special basketball venue last night: St. Mary's Lyceum. 
  • Thursday, December 8th
  • NFL Network Analyst Brian Billick

    Hear what Billick said about the Steelers chances to go to the Super Bowl this year. 
  • Pitt Head Basketball Coach Kevin Stallings

    Coach Stallings with an honest assessment of his team's play against Buffalo and so far this season. 
  • AB Shows Up Late To Autograph Signing

    People were waiting outside a Planet Fitness waiting for AB to sign autographs and he showed up very late. One lady is extremely mad. 
  • Breakfast Bytes

    Le'Veon Bell appreciates his goons. 
  • Another Day, Another Cutch Discussion

    The Nats traded for Adam Eaton using some of the same prospects rumored to be in a McCutchen deal. the guys discuss how this changes things and if he is going to stick around after all. 
  • The Pre-Show

    People are getting an incredible amount of packages delivered to their houses for Christmas. What are burglar's biggest threat?
  • Wednesday, December 7th
  • Bills Fans Like To Drink...A Lot

    The Steelers will walk into a tough environment in Buffalo...especially after they've had a few. 
  • Pirates Fans Are Angry

    Seems as if Pirates fans are as angry as they have ever been...even more so than through the 20 years of losing. 
  • Who Is Ronald Ocean Anyway?

    AB wants everyone to call him Ronald Ocean now. Where did this come from? We tried to contact a Ronald Ocean in Virginia who is a answer. 
  • Rating Tomlin's Career So Far

    The next Steelers win will be the 100th for Mike Tomlin. How would you define his Steelers coaching career to this point?
  • Breakfast Bytes

    Ben Roethlisberger brought up keep Andrew McCutchen unsolicited yesterday on his show. This is just what the Pirates wanted, huh?
  • The Pre-Show

    Colin will never be that parent that takes the car over to the bus stop to pick up the kids. Also a story on a lady's coupon problem at a grocery store. 
  • Tuesday, December 6th
  • Josh Or Jim

    Eric from Morningside tries his hand at Josh or Jim for Carnegie museums family passes. 
  • Pirates writer Adam Berry

    Adam joins the show and this just of 8:30 am...Andrew McCutchen is still a Pirate. Adam also comments on Jung Ho Kang and the rest of the Pirates off-season. 
  • Steelers Guard Ramon Foster

    Ramon joins the show in his weekly spot and talks about coming to the defense of Le'Veon Bell, the defense stepping up in Cam Heyward's absence and whether he hangs out with opposing players before a game. 
  • Steelers Insider Ed Bouchette

    Ed joins the show in his weekly spot and comments on the seemingly improved Steelers defense and the emergence of Ladarius Green. 
  • Breakfast Bytes

    Neal Huntington joined MLB Network to talk about potentially trading McCutchen. Hear what what he had to say. 
  • Pens Win But Goalie Controversy Is Real

    Pens win a high-scoring game last night but Fleury was pulled for Matt Murray. This goaltender situation is getting worse. 
  • The Pre-Show

    The continued mystery: Why do stinkbugs die in gas station read-outs?
  • Monday, December 5th
  • Kang's Third DUI Arrest

    Jung Ho Kang has now had his license suspended in South Korea. Does Kang have character issues? How should the Pirates handle this?
  • Steelers Should Run The Table From Here

    Colin believes the Steelers should win out as long as Ben, Brown and Bell stay healthy. Is there anything that can stop them from doing that?
  • College Football Playoff/Bowls

    The conference championships are over and the College Football Playoff is set. Thoughts on Penn State being left out?
  • Breakfast Bytes

    Ramon Foster on sticking up for Le'Veon Bell late in the game. 
  • The Pre-Show

    Josh says the goalie on his son's hockey team has left for greener pastures midseason. Youth sports parents can be crazy. 
  • Friday, December 2nd
  • Pirates Beat Writer Adam Berry

    Adam joins the show to talk Cutch trade and everything Buccos
  • It's Cake Day!

    Jim with another stellar performance in the demolition of the office cake. 
  • Jim's Bet With Arthur Moats

    An epic brawl between UNH and James Madison. Colony v. Moats 
  • Duquesne Head Basketball Coach Jim Ferry

    Coach Ferry joins the show to talk City Game and the make up of his team this season. 

    Colin gives a hearfelt rant about Bob Nutting and Pirates ownership. 
  • AB or OBJ?

    Two of the game's best receivers meet on Sunday. Which would you rather have on your roster?
  • Breakfast Bytes

    Alejandro Villanueva comments about Ladarius Green starting to make an impact. 
  • The Pre-Show

    Shocking details revealed about Josh's method of putting up Christmas lights. Hornfish's tank needs sold. RIP.
  • Thursday, December 1st
  • NHL Network Analyst John MacLean

    John joins us to talk about the Murray-Fleury situation and the Penguins not playing a full 60 minutes. 
  • Pitt Football Color Analyst Billy Osborn

    Billy joins us to explain how close Pitt is to a Top 10 program, recaps it's season and says how much fun he would have playing in Matt Canada's offense. 
  • Pitt Head Basketball Coach Kevin Stallings

    Coach Stallings joins us again for a recap of the Maryland win and preview of the City Game. 
  • How Pirates Management Should Explain Cutch Trade

    A trade of Andrew McCutchen seems almost inevitable at this point. Here's how Pirates management should explain this one away. 
  • New MLB CBA And Its Changes To Baseball

    MLB struck a deal to avoid a lockout. Here are some of the highlights. 
  • Breakfast Bytes

    Yea yea it's Bud Dupree. 
  • The Pre-Show

    Colin got cupcakes in the mail and there was a warning on the package of the ice pack saying not to eat it. Incredible. Also, Jim is eating cranberry sauce for breakfast.
  • Wednesday, November 30th
  • Jim Colony: Santa Clause

    Would Jim be the perfect Santa? We think so. 
  • Pens Beat Writer Jason Mackey

    Jason joins the show to talk Murray-Fleury, Malkin taking penalties and the Pens defensemen. 
  • Geno's Stupid Penalties

    It seems that taking penalties has become a part of Malkin's game. Is this a real problem? 
  • Pitt Basketball's Win Over Maryland

    Pitt basketball went on the road and collected a pretty impressive win over Maryland last night. Is the product already better than a Jame Dixon-led team?
  • Breakfast Bytes

    Mike Sullivan on Brian Dumoulin coming back to play tonight after being benched. 
  • The Sad State Of Jarvis Jones

    Jones has gone from a first round pick to potentially being left out of the outside linebacker rotation now that Bud Dupree is back. 
  • The Pre-Show

    Jim is mad. Turnpike guy who helped Colin with his flat tire left in the spare spot so his car now stinks. Josh is sleeping on the couch. 
  • Tuesday, November 29th
  • Cutch to LA?

    Jim Bowden gives an interesting trade proposal for Andrew McCutchen to land with the Dodgers. 
  • Josh Or Jim

    Albert in Portview (who knows Jesse James) tries his hand in the latest edition. 
  • Steelers Guard Ramon Foster

    Ramon Foster joins us in his weekly spot. Hear what he said to Antonio Brown about his dancing and the Steelers running game. 
  • Steelers Insider Ed Bouchette

    Ed joins us in his weekly spot on the show and gives us an update on the Steelers linebackers. 
  • Breakfast Bytes

    Arthur Moats says he didn't watch any other football games this weekend despite being off. 

    Matt Murray looks like he is pulling ahead of Marc-Andre Fleury in Penguins goalie situation. 
  • The Pre-Show

    Colin and Josh debate who to give Christmas gifts to this year. Colin is definitely not giving his mailman one. Overnight show anchor Amy Lawrence used a word on her show that will never be used here.  
  • Monday, November 28th
  • Penn State Football Is A Worthy Story

    Penn State football has put together a rather impressive season. The topic was discussed on the show, much to the Pitt fans' dismay. 
  • Pitt Basketball Head Coach Kevin Stallings

    Coach Stallings joins us for his weekly spot. He talks about Pitt's offense finding success from 3-point range and what to expect from Maryland tomorrow. 
  • AB Dancing

    Yeah we know you saw it...what are your thoughts on Antonio Brown getting penalized again for another endzone celebration? Hurting the team or entertaining? 
  • Breakfast Bytes

    Robert Morris head hockey coach Derek Schooley schooled Jim Colony on Friday about his beloved UNH. 

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