The Fan Morning Show

The Fan Morning Show

Colin Dunlap is joined by former Steelers Punter Josh Miller and update anchor Jim Colony for a fast-paced and entertaining start to the day. Listen weekdays 5:40a-10a on 93.7 The Fan.
  • Friday, May 22nd
  • Cliff Floyd

    The MLB Network analyst joins the guys
  • What Impacts How We View Cheating

    The guys discuss the various factors that play into how we talk about a cheater
  • Getting The Pirates Back On Track

    What will it take?
  • Will Smith & Cheating

    The guys discuss Brewers pitcher Will Smith being caught with a foreign substance on his arm. Does cheating still bother you?
  • Pre-Show

    Chris Mack is in for Colin. Chris had to give away his cat because it was misbehaving. The guys discuss their plans for the weekend.
  • Thursday, May 21st
  • Diagnosing Pirates Woes / Where Is Jose Tabata?

    What has caused the Pirates to struggle so much? And what is Jose Tabata doing right now?
  • Pirates In Bad Shape?

    How worried should we be about the Pirates' recent slide?
  • Intern Matt Tries To Track Down The Ball

    The guys get updates on the intern's trek
  • John From The Steelers' Cafeteria

    The Trib's Mark Kaboly said that John was a huge fan of Jim but has since soured on him, so the guys find out what's on John's mind
  • The Guys Launch Their Home Run Ball Investigation

    The guys formulate a plan to track down the ball that Pedro Alvarez hit into the boat on Tuesday, and send their intern off to find the guy who took it
  • Pre-Show

    Colin is moving out of his house today and tells a story about how the cops were involved in his move in.
  • Wednesday, May 20th
  • Boat Owner's Wife

    After speaking to the owner of the boat that Pedro Alvarez's home run landed in earlier, the guys get a call from his wife
  • Starling Marte's Awful Fielding

    The guys try to make sense of Starling Marte allowing a runner to score from first on a single.
  • Bob Walk

    The Pirates broadcaster joins the guys in his regular weekly spot (Wednesday at 8:48a)
  • Kelvin Beachum, Part 2

    The Steelers offensive lineman joins the guys in-studio
  • Kelvin Beachum, Part 1

    The Steelers offensive lineman joins the guys in-studio
  • Jose Tabata Returns

    The guys celebrate Tabby's return to the majors
  • Owner Of Boat That Pedro Alvarez's Home Run Landed In

    He calls into the show
  • Pre-Show

    The guys continue to be fascinated by Post-Gazette advice columnist Natalie Bencivenga
  • Tuesday, May 19th
  • Ray Searage

    The Pirates pitching coach joins the guys
  • Horse Racing

    Why do people still watch it? Do horses know they're competing?
  • Pedro Alvarez's Struggles

    What can be done about them?
  • Napping

    The guys discuss their napping habits
  • Pre-Show

    Colin doesn't see the point of the postal service
  • Monday, May 18th
  • CMU Sex Study

    Does more sex make you happier?
  • Yinzer Accents On Cops

    Colin heard some very Pittsburgh-sounding Pittsburghers on the show
  • Jordy Mercer's Road Back

    The guys discuss how Jordy Mercer can earn his starting role back, as his struggles have resulting in his being supplanted by Jung-Ho Kang
  • Friday, May 15th
  • Joe Starkey's Trip To Kennywood

    Joe Starkey- filling in for Josh- is headed off to Kennywood after the show
  • Billie Nardozzi's Song Of The Week

    Billie sings about Deflategate
  • Swimming Naked

    Joe Starkey says that he had to swim naked in high school
  • Bell, Patriots, Bowel Movements

    The guys discuss the latest on Le'Veon Bell and Deflategate, and take an unusual call
  • Pre-Show

    Joe Starkey fills in for Josh, who has the day off
  • Thursday, May 14th
  • Rob Scahill

    The Pirates reliever joins the guys after taking some heat from Colin earlier in the season
  • Fake Korean Radio Station Prank

    The guys convinced Jim that he was being interviewed by a Korean radio station, and they have the audio of the fake interview
  • Pat Narduzzi

    Pitt football's head coach joins the guys
  • Pre-Show

    Colin tells a story about a heartbreaking baseball experience
  • Wednesday, May 13th
  • Colin Rants On Boston Fans

    Colin has had enough of Patriots fans and Boston fans as a whole
  • Bob Walk

    The Pirates broadcaster joins the guys in his regular weekly spot (Wednesdays at 8:48a)
  • Steelers & Cheating

    The guys look at some of the ways that the Steelers have cheated in the past. Also, how would Steelers fans react if they were faced with the same situation that Pats fans find themselves in?
  • Pre-Show

    Colin has a bone to pick with cooking shows
  • Tuesday, May 12th
  • Bob Schieffer's Solution To Deflategate

    Bob Schieffer offered his take on the scandal
  • Jim Colony, Xenophobe?

    Jim has been accused of hating foreigners
  • Denise Calls On Deflategate

    ...and throws the guys way off course
  • Melancon's Struggles & A Special Call For Cutch

    At what point do you remove Mark Melancon from the closer's role? The guys discuss that and Pete Rose giving Andrew McCutchen some advice.
  • Pre-Show

    Colin is getting bothered by all sorts of solicitors
  • Monday, May 11th
  • Jim Was Wrong About Jung-Ho Kang

    ...and he's never going to hear the end of it
  • Ben Volin

    The Boston Globe Patriots writer offers up the latest on the Deflategate scandal and a potential punishment for Tom Brady
  • Pedro Alvarez's Future Daughter

    What should her nickname be when she's born?
  • Pre-Show

    Colin is perturbed by the cost of bubble wrap
  • Friday, May 8th
  • Billie Nardozzi Song

    Billie rolls out "Bucco Land"
  • Mike Felger

    The afternoon host for 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston shares his thoughts on Deflategate
  • Cutch Leads The Way

    The Pirates ended their slide on Thursday night led by Andrew McCutchen, who pulled out of his own skid
  • Potential Tom Brady Suspension

    How long should it be? The guys discuss that and take a few calls on Deflategate.
  • Pre-Show

    Sunday is Mother's Day, and Josh needs to help his kids buy gifts. Colin discusses his daughter's eating habits.
  • Thursday, May 7th
  • The Fan Morning Show: 7:48 am

    LeSean McCoy had some harsh words for Chip Kelly
  • The Fan Morning Show: 7 am

    It was a real strange night for Reds 1B Joey Votto
  • The Fan Morning Show: 7:20 am

    Gronk speaks on DeflateGate
  • The Fan Morning Show: 6 am

    We are talking BALLS again
  • The Fan Morning Show: 6:20 am

    The callers have a few thoughts on what Tom Brady's punishmnet should be
  • The Fan Morning Show: 6:48 am

    The Pirates woes continue