The Fan Morning Show

The Fan Morning Show

Colin Dunlap is joined by former Steelers Punter Josh Miller and update anchor Jim Colony for a fast-paced and entertaining start to the day. Listen weekdays 5:40a-10a on 93.7 The Fan.
  • Monday, July 6th
  • Pirates Getting Plunked

    The guys discuss the Trib's article on the Pirates getting hit by pitches frequently
  • On The Cardinals' Heels

    Are the Cards still public enemy number one when it comes to the playoff race?
  • NFL Fireworks

    Some NFL players got involved with fireworks celebrations over the weekend
  • Padres Series

    Colin is looking past the Padres and ahead to the weekend's Cardinals series
  • Pre-Show

    Colin is back from vacation
  • Thursday, July 2nd
  • Sydney Hutchko

    Joins the guys in-studio to look ahead to peforming on Federal Street and singing the national anthem before Friday's Pirates game at PNC Park
  • Ray Searage

    The Pirates pitching coach joins the guys
  • Jim's Text Exchange With Pascal Dupuis

    The guys have a laugh over a Freudian slip from the exchange that the two are having about the Pens acquiring Phil Kessel
  • Steve Simmons

    The Toronto Sun columnist that ripped Kessel after the trade joins the guys, and what he says surprises them
  • Nick Kypreos

    The Sportsnet NHL insider and former NHLer joins the guys to break down the Phil Kessel trade
  • Expectations For Kessel

    Is there reason to feel apprehensive about the acquisition?
  • Kessel Trade Reaction

    The guys react to the Penguins acquiring Phil Kessel from the Leafs
  • Pre-Show

    Chris Mack is in for Colin again. He and Josh talk about ice cream men.
  • Wednesday, July 1st
  • Bob Walk

    The Pirates broadcaster joins the guys in his regular weekly spot (Wednesdays at 9:03a). He thinks that Gerrit Cole was right to retaliate for Starling Marte getting plunked.
  • Selling Baby Names

    Would you take $10,000 to name your baby "Quinoa"? Josh thinks something is off about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
  • Pens Can't Land Brandon Saad

    How much should the Pens have been willing to give up for Saad? Should the Pens be willing to give up their young defensemen? Should more teams want Brandon Sutter?
  • Gorkys' Gaffe

    Gorkys Hernandez made a huge blunder on the basepaths last night
  • Rob Rossi

    The Trib sports columnist dishes on the Pens' plans for free agency
  • Beanball War

    Was Gerrit Cole right to retaliate for Justin Verlander hitting Starling Marte? Victor Martinez sure doesn't think so.
  • Pre-Show

    Chris Mack is in for Colin again. He talks about attending a concert while Josh talks about his ice cream man.
  • Tuesday, June 30th
  • Filling A Need

    Are the Pirates going to be able to address their needs using trades? Or are the deals just not there?
  • Phil Mickelson & Gambling

    How much of a problem is it when athletes get involved with gambling?
  • Scott Barnes

    Pitt's new athletic director joins the guys in-studio
  • Pre-Show

    Chris Mack is in for Colin again, and he has had enough of Amelia Bedelia.
  • Monday, June 29th
  • Darren Dreger

    TSN's hockey insider joins the guys to discuss potential Penguins moves
  • Pirates' Offensive Struggles

    The guys discuss the issue that the Pirates' hitters have been having
  • What Animal Would You Be?

    If you could be any animal and know everything that you know now, what animal would you want to be?
  • No Penguins Moves

    The guys discuss the Pens not making a trade during the draft weekend
  • Pre-Show

    Chris Mack is in for Colin this week. Josh has received a special(?) honor.
  • Friday, June 26th
  • Billie Nardozzi's Song Of The Week

    Billie has a new ballad for The Fan
  • Religious Experiences

    The guys talk about growing up Jewish and Christian
  • A Very Pittsburgh Call

    Colin is delighted by a caller with a local flair
  • Interest In Phil Kessel

    Should the Penguins trade for him?
  • Pirates Lose Series To The Reds

    The Bucs have now lost five of six
  • Pre-Show

    Colin continues to prepare for his move
  • Thursday, June 25th
  • Sizzling Shots

    The guys do their regular look at the Post-Gazette's listing of local hole-in-ones
  • #GetAJin

    Pirates players are campaigning to get A.J. Burnett into the All-Star Game. The guys decide to do the same.
  • Polanco's Issues With Sliding & More

    Gregory Polanco hasn't been developing at the rate many had hoped he would... or really at all.
  • Gerrit Cole's Bad Start

    Gerrit Cole struggled on Wednesday night
  • Pre-Show

    Colin is moving, and he's having trouble getting mail delivered to his new place.
  • Wednesday, June 24th
  • Bob Walk

    The Pirates broadcaster joins the guys in his regular weekly spot (Wednesdays at 9:03a)
  • Jeff Locke's Struggles & Beating Good Teams

    The guys discuss Jeff Locke's poor play and a caller worries that the Pirates can't beat good teams
  • Ask Natalie

    The guys do their weekly advice column segment
  • What To Do With Pedro Alvarez

    What's next for the maligned first baseman?
  • Pre-Show

    Colin talks about his trip to the hospital that caused him to miss yesterday's show
  • Tuesday, June 23rd
  • Why Do People Love Cats?

    Seriously, why?
  • Pirates' Offense & Phone Beeps

    Who needs to step up for the Pirates' offense? Why do listeners' phones keep beeping?
  • P Diddy & Gym Weapons

    After P Diddy's kettlebell attack, the guys discuss what they'd use as a weapon if they got into a fight in a gym
  • Pete Rose News

    The guys react to the revelation that Pete Rose bet on games while playing
  • Pre-Show

    Chris Mueller sits in for Colin
  • Monday, June 22nd
  • Tabata (Maybe) Leaning In

    The guys discuss Jose Tabata (sort of) breaking up Max Scherzer's perfect game
  • Jim Pulled Over

    Jim was caught speeding on the way to work
  • Sizzlin' Shots

    The guys take one of their regular looks at the listing of local hole-in-ones
  • Rough Weekend For The Pirates

    Things went very wrong for the Pirates down in Washington
  • Pre-Show

    There's an unfamiliar face on KDKA-TV
  • Friday, June 19th
  • Billie Nardozzi's Song of the Week

    Billie sings a Father's Day ballad
  • Gerrit Cole & Eight Straight

    The guys react to Gerrit Cole leading the Pirates to their eighth win in a row last night
  • Scooter & Parrot

    A discussion of a guy riding a power chair on Route 28 somehow leads to a discussion of parrots
  • Jim Chats With Maurkice Pouncey

    Jim gets in trouble during a chat with the Steelers' star center
  • Pre-Show

    It's Colin's anniversary, so he tells the story of his Vegas wedding.