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The Fan Morning Show

Colin Dunlap is joined by former Steelers Punter Josh Miller and update anchor Jim Colony for a fast-paced and entertaining start to the day. Listen weekdays 5:40a-10a on 93.7 The Fan.
  • Tuesday, October 25th
  • Josh or Jim

    Mike from Brackenridge tries his hand at our weekly game to win tickets. 
  • Should The Penguins Retire Jagr's #68?

    Where does the ageless Jaromir Jagr rank in Penguins lore? 
  • Bartman First Pitch?

    Jason Kipnis grew up in Chicago and knew Steve Bartman. He said that he is leaving him tickets to a World Series game. Would you return if you were him? 
  • Cubs World Series Appearance Should Lead To More Pirates Spending

    The Cubs are in the World Series. They're also in the Pirates division. This should lit a fire under management to spend more this offseason. 
  • Local Media Too Soft On Mike Tomlin?

    Colin Cowherd ripped into Tomlin on his national radio show yesterday. Some people say the local media does not criticize Tomlin enough. 
  • Breakfast Bytes

    Joe Maddon comments on managing against Terry Francona in this year's World Series. 
  • Sid's Possible Return

    Captain Crosby has fully practiced and may be available for tonight's game against the Panthers. The guys discuss the impact he will make right away. 
  • The Pre-Show

    The side-of-the-road flower guys are the easiest to talk down on prices. Colin tells a Kevin Benson story as well. 
  • Monday, October 24th
  • Winning The Steelers Truck

    Colin asks Jim what he would do if he won the Steelers truck that was on the commercials during the game Sunday. 
  • James Franklin's Program "Healing"

    Penn State head coach James Franklin made postgame comments that the big win over #2 Ohio State helped the program "heal," presumably from the child abuse scandal. 
  • What Should NFL Do About Gronk's Comments?

    The guys compare Rob Gronkowski's postgame comments about his next career TD to AB's suggestive dances in the endzone. Should the NFL get involved? 
  • Breakfast Bytes

    Rob Gronkowski really enjoys the number of his next career TD...
  • Assessment of Landry Jones

    Colin and Jim aren't sure how to measure Landry Jones' performance on Sunday because of their low expectations for him coming into the game. 
  • The Pre-Show

    The guys go through all of the members of the 2001 Steelers that were at Heinz Field yesterday, including the legendary Fu!
  • Friday, October 21st
  • Weekend Picks

    As always, the guys wrap up the week with their weekend picks with Big Chris in the parking lot. 
  • Author Of Brady and Belichick Book Michael Holley

    Michael Holley, author of "BELICHICK AND BRADY: Two Men, the Patriots, and How They Revolutionized Football" joins the show to give his perspective on the Steelers opponent this week. 
  • DeAngelo Williams Twitter Rant

    Williams had some things to say about Vontaze Burfict and how the NFL is going about its business. 
  • Breakfast Bytes

    Willie Gay says that the team with the best gameplan will win on Sunday. Then says it again. 
  • Tony From Crafton Is Sick Of Yinz

    Tony calls in and says, in his best Pittsburgh accent, that Steelers fans are just jealous of the Patriots because they beat them all the time. 
  • The Pre-Show

    Colin tells a story of how Bubby Brister was a hero in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. 
  • Thursday, October 20th
  • Michael Felger of CBS Radio in Boston

    Felger joins the show to talk about Brady, Belichick's tablet problems and Big Papi. 
  • Marvin Lewis Defends Vontaze Burfict

    Marvin Lewis said that Burfict "did nothing wrong" against the Patriots last week. 
  • Your Thoughts On Tom Brady

    The guys take a couple calls and talk about Pittsburgh's opinion of Tom Brady. 
  • Panic! With Landry Jones

    Landry Jones tells his teammates not to panic heading into this week. Most are going are going to panic anyway. 
  • Breakfast Bytes

    Matt Murray and Marc-Andre Fleury are friends. 
  • When Will Ben Be Back? Landry Says Don't Panic

    The guys discuss when Ben Roethlisberger will be back from his knee injury. Is it reasonable to panic about the schedule moving forward despite Landry Jones saying not to? 
  • The Pre-Show

    The guys talk about their trick or treating experiences growing up compared to what the kids experience now. 
  • Wednesday, October 19th
  • Pro Golfer Jim Furyk

    Jim Furyk joins the show to talk Ryder Cup, golf strategy and tips and Arnold Palmer 
  • Jim's Hottest Jams

    Jim Colony blesses us with lyrics from the rap song he's been listening to lately. 
  • Pierre LeBrun of ESPN and TSN

    Hockey Insider Pierre LeBrun joined the show to talk about the Penguins, the Fleury/Murray dilema and the state of the NHL right now.
  • Oh Boy...Landry Jones

    The guys talk about their and Mike Tomlin's confidence, or lack thereof, in Landry Jones. 
  • Words On The "Patriot Way" From A Former Patriot

    Josh talks about how Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots go about their day-to-day business to find success. 
  • Breakfast Bytes

    Mike Tomlin said at his weekly press conference that he is "not looking for comfort."
  • Pens Loss to Habs Recap

    The Penguins lost in rather ugly fashion to the Canadiens last night in the Bell Centre. The guys break it all down. 
  • The Pre-Show

    Colin and Josh talk about the absurd amount of emails you get from companies and places once you have done business with them. Colin also talks about his days working at a liquor store in Kentucky in college. 
  • Tuesday, October 18th
  • Josh or Jim?

    Mike from Natrona Heights plays Josh or Jim to win a pair of tickets to Hundred Acres Manor. 
  • Steelers Guard Ramon Foster

    Ramon Foster joins the show and gives us very honest, candid answers to whether he wanted to see the Steelers run more on Sunday against the Dolphins and what the league should do about Vontaze Burfict. 
  • Our Tribute To A Friend- Patric Hornfish

    Our pet goldfish, Patric Hornfish, tragically lost his life yesterday in a water-cleaning mishap. 
  • Steelers Insider Ed Bouchette

    Ed Bouchette joins the show to talk everything Steelers, inlcuding the possbility of Ben Roethlisberger playing on Sunday. 
  • Breakfast Bytes

    We listen to Tom Brady's comments about Ben Roethlisberger's injury and the respect he has for him. 
  • The Pre-Show

    A Carnegie Mellon employee was recently the target of an elaborate kidnapping scheme. Josh and Colin wonder what's going on with the traffic on the Neville Island bridge. 
  • Monday, October 17th
  • Armando Salguero Is Back!

    Armando Salguero from the Miami-Herald re-joins the show to talk about his comments on the show Friday where he said that the Dolphins wouldn't win unless there was a rapture. 

    The guys open up the phone lines to angry Steelers fans to sound off on their frustrations. 
  • Pitt Offensive Coordinator Matt Canada

    Pitt offensive coordinator Matt Canada joined the show to talk about this high-powered Pitt offense. 
  • A Bad Steelers Loss...This Is Not The First Time

    The guys go over the many games that the Steelers have lost over the past few years against teams they were heavily favored against. 
  • Breakfast Bytes

    We hear from Dolphins 200 yard rusher Jay Ajayi about his carving of the Stelers defense. 
  • The Pre-Show

    It was a perfect weather weekend, but the Steelers put a damper on things. Josh's daughter also went to her Homecoming dance and it was an "eye-opener" for him. 
  • Friday, October 14th
  • Weekend Picks With Chris in the Parking Lot

    The guys make their picks in both college football and the NFL for this weekend. As always, Chris in the parking lot gives his picks as well. 
  • Armando Salguero of the Miami-Herald

    Armando Salguero provides us with a highly entertaining interview about the Dolphins prospects of winning against the Steelers on Sunday. A rapture is involved. 
  • Mueller's Press Pass Sale

    Chris Mueller from the "Starkey and Mueller Show" joins us to talk about his media passes being sold on eBay by someone he allegedly doesn't know. 
  • Solomon Wilcots from the NFL on CBS

    Solomon Wilcots joins the show to talk about Dolphins-Steelers. He has a very strong opinion of Ben Roethlisberger. 
  • The Banner Raising Ceremony Was Perfect

    The guys talk about the spectacle that was the 2016 Stanley Cup Championship banner going into the rafters at PPG Paints Arena. 
  • Breakfast Bytes

    Clayton Kershaw talks about closing last night's game out for the Dodgers and how much different it is to get the final three outs. 
  • The Pre-Show

    Chris Mueller's media pass from the 2013 NLDS is on eBay for $19.99. Also, the sax guy on the bridge is starting to get mean to people. 
  • Thursday, October 13th
  • NFL Network Analyst Brian Billick

    Brian Billick from the NFL Network joins the show to talk everything Steelers. 
  • Ryan Shazier Injuries and Sidney Crosby Haters

    Are you tired of Shazier's injuries? Also, a caller...from Pittsburgh...dislikes Sidney Crosby.
  • How Do You Feel About The Cubs?

    As a Pirates fan, are you rooting to see the Cubs World Series curse broken or see them fail? We have a reason you might want to see the former rather than the latter. 
  • Breakfast Bytes

    We hear from Roethlisberger, Pouncey and Mitchell on how physical Steelers' practices are. Will anything change moving forward?
  • The Pens Are Back!

    The Penguins begin their defense of the Stanley Cup tonight against the Caps. Everyone is excited!
  • The Pre-Show

    Josh continues to get great sleep, but needs to have his house very cold. A scary clown messed with the wrong guys. 

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