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The Fan Morning Show

Colin Dunlap is joined by former Steelers Punter Josh Miller and update anchor Jim Colony for a fast-paced and entertaining start to the day. Listen weekdays 5:40a-10a on 93.7 The Fan.
  • Friday, September 30th
  • Have your Pitt football expectations changed?

    The guys talk about whether or not their expectations for Pitt football have changed.  
  • Ties aren't so bad but what happened in St. Louis was

    Colin doesn't understand all the national media backlash over the tie last night when in St. Louis they really screwed up that ending. 
  • Former Steeler and Chief Kendall Gammon joins FMS

    Can the Chiefs stop AB? What will the Steelers defense do against another Andy Ried influenced offense? 15 year NFL veteran and former Steeler and Chief Kendall Gammon joins the guys to break down the Steelers-Chiefs game this weekend.  
  • Don't you wish you could place a few sports bets on this big sports weekend?

    It would be a fun weekend to place a few wagers but the betting laws prohibit that.  The guys agree and talk about how there has to be a better option than the illegal parlay slips. 
  • A heckler did what at the Ryder Cup yesterday???

    A heckler got his money's worth at the Ryder Cup yesterday so the guys shared other feats of amazing fan performance at sporting events. 
  • Ryan Shazier is injured so how much will he play this year?

    People are starting to sour a bit on Ryan Shazier because he can't stay on the field. The guys break down how much we will see him in the game on Sunday and beyond. 
  • Did you see the controversial end in St.Louis last night?

    People in San Francisco should be really upset with how things ended in St. Louis as the Cardinals won in a very controversial way.  The guys break down how lazy umpires led to a bad decision that could really impact who wins the Wild Card spots.
  • Was last night's Pirate game Ivan Nova's last game as a Pirate?

    Ivan Nova had some interesting comments after the game last night that make it sound like he wants to return to the team.  
  • With Bell back should the Steelers use 2 backs?

    Le'Veon Bell is back but what does that mean for offensive coordinator Tood Haley.  Will he use a 2 back system?  The guys break down the pros and cons and what it all means for the offense. 
  • Fan Morning Show Pre Show

    These creepy clowns doing creppy stuff around the country are just too much for the guys.  
  • Thursday, September 29th
  • Is throwing home run balls into the river a new tradition?

    The guys weigh in on whether or not this idea of fans throwing opposing team homers in the Allegheny should be a new tradition. 
  • Greg Brown had one heck of a call on Jaso's Cycle

    John Jaso made history with the first cycle in PNC Park history and Greg Brown lost his mind with the call.  The guys listen in to the amazing call. 
  • What should one wear to a Styx concert at the Benedum? pt2

    Oh man there will be a Styx concert and Kevin Greene celebration this weekend and the guys wonder what exactly to wear to the Benedum for such a celebration.
  • What should one wear to a Styx concert at the Benedum? pt1

    Oh man there will be a Styx concert and Kevin Greene celebration this weekend and the guys wonder what exactly to wear to the Benedum for sucha celebration. Be sure to check out part 2!
  • Who should be playing CF and LF for Pirates?

    With such a bad season almost behind them, the Pirates may have to reevaluate who plays what positions inthe outfield next season.  The guys give their thoughts and their answers may surprise you. 
  • Steelers secondary injuries are mounting

    The injuries in the Steelers secondary are adding up and the guys try and figure out what the secondary will look like against the Chiefs on Sunday. 
  • Taillon finishes strong

    Jameosn Taillon had a great end to his season with a strong start against the Cubs.  The guys break down his start and listen in on some of his post game comments
  • Fan Morning Show Pre Show

    No Josh but no problem as the guys talk about the Trib's news to stop printing papers and bad weather on the way.
  • Wednesday, September 28th
  • CBS Football Analyst Amy Trask joins the FMS

    CBS Football Analyst Amy Trask joins the FMS guys to talk about the Steelers and NFL. 
  • Jim Mora with another Epic Rant!

    Jim Mora Sr. is an analyst for the Saints and had another epic rant after the Saints fell to 0-3 on Monday night football.  The guys weigh in on Mora going nuts!
  • Bob Walk on the Fan Morning Show

    Bob Walk joins the guys to talk about the Pirates and the ending to a tough season. 
  • Pirates Talk and some guy ranked 500 of his favorite Steelers

    The guys talk more Pirates and theres a guy on twitter who ranked 500 of his favorite Steelers, yikes!
  • Who wins in a Steelers LB fight?

    The guys take it one step further discussing the Steelers LB fight and take some calls. 
  • Harrison vs. Lambert vs. Lloyd Who wins?

    The guys ask and discuss the most important question in Steeler's linebacker history.  Harrison, Lambert and Lloyd walk into a room but who walks out after a fight?
  • Le'Veon Bell is back

    Lev Bell is back and the guys talk about how much he should and will be used Sunday against the Chiefs.
  • Breakfast Bytes - Tomlinisms

    Yesterday's Mike Tomlin presser was full of Tomlinism's and the guys discuss them and their own favorite Tomlinisms. 
  • Cutch and the Pirates Core

    Cucth had some interesting things to say about the Pirates and the core of the team 
  • The Steeler's injuries are mounting

    The guys discuss which Steeler injury concerns them the most.
  • Fan Morning Show Pre Show

    The guys discuss a good night's sleep.
  • Tuesday, September 27th
  • Is Ryan Shazier getting a label in the locker room?

    Colin has heard from a credible source that Ryan Shazier might be getting a label in the locker room that he can't struggle through injuries.  The guys weigh in and agree this is not a good look for him. 
  • Baseball fights are dumb

    There was another fight in baseball and its just silly to see it all go down.  From the bullpens jogging in and the lack of actual fighting, the guys weigh in on this dumb ritual we keep seeing in baseball. 
  • Are Le'Veon Bell's troubles behind him?

    The guys share their opinions going forward for Le'Veon Bell and the Steelers as well as react to a scathing call on Bell
  • Ed Bouchette joins the Fan Morning Show

    Ed has some interesting news to share on how the Steeler's organization feels about Le'Veon Bell going forward. 
  • Marlins says good bye to Jose Fernandez

    It was a surreal night in Miami as the Marlins said goodbye to former teammate Jose Fernandez.  The guys weigh in on the heartfelt display and offer their thoughts on the tragedy. 
  • Ramon Foster Show

    Ramon joins the Morning Show guys to break down the Steelers tough loss, how he feels physiclaly about playing Sunday, and a little bit about bragging right at his alma mater Ol Rocky Top. 
  • Fan Morning Show Pre Show 9/27

    The guys discuss the opening of the Liberty bridge but it comes with a catch. 
  • Friday, September 23rd
  • Matchup With The Eagles

    The guys look at how the Steelers should fare against the upstart Philly squad
  • Mike Mitchell

    The Steelers safety joins the guys 
  • Joe Giglio

    The host for 94 WIP in Philadelphia joins the guys to preview Steelers vs. Eagles
  • Nova Negotiations

    The Pirates are trying to re-sign Ivan Nova, but his camp is making very lofty demands
  • Pre-Show

    Paul Zeise in a turbo car- could it happen??
  • Thursday, September 22nd
  • Aaron Taylor

    The CBS college football analyst joins the guys
  • Athletes Continue To Fight Injustice

    But some callers aren't cool with it
  • Facing Carson Wentz

    Colin ain't scared
  • Steve Tasker

    The NFL on CBS analyst joins the guys and says that Antonio Brown shouldn't be returning punts
  • Pirates Still Alive?

    They very well may be
  • Pre-Show

    Is it weird that Colin reads the obituaries every morning?
  • Wednesday, September 21st
  • "Josh Or Jim?"

    Another edition of the original game show
  • Athletes Speaking Out

    Do you like it when athletes speak out on social issues, or do you prefer that they stick to doing their jobs? 
  • Bob Walk

    The Pirates broadcaster joins the guys for his regular weekly spot (Wednesdays at 8:30 a.m.)
  • Antonio Brown's Attitude

    Is it going to cause problems?
  • Steelers Offense On The Rise

    How good can it get? Also... Ben Roethlisberger almost quit football???
  • Pre-Show

    It's pumpkin season, so EVERYTHING is available in pumpkin flavors. EVERYTHING!!!!
  • Tuesday, September 20th
  • Joe Block

    The Pirates broadcaster joins the guys for his regular weekly spot on the show (Tuesdays at 9:30 a.m.)
  • Wishing The Browns The Best(?)

    Colin sees a reason why the Browns improving might be good for Steelers fans
  • Weird Sports Injuries

    Colin hurt his finger while putting a dumbbell back on a rack. What's the most ridiculous injury you've ever sustained playing sports?
  • Ramon Foster

    The Steelers offensive lineman and friend of the show joins the guys
  • Ed Bouchette

    The 93-7 The Fan Steelers insider and Post-Gazette reporter joins the guys
  • The Steelers' Bending Defense

    Can the Steelers' defense afford to give teams some space, or do they need to tighten things up if they're going to keep winning?
  • Pre-Show

    Colin heard gunshots last night

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