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The Fan Morning Show

Colin Dunlap is joined by former Steelers Punter Josh Miller and update anchor Jim Colony for a fast-paced and entertaining start to the day. Listen weekdays 5:40a-10a on 93.7 The Fan.
  • Friday, July 29th
  • Jim Claims He Could Grow A Ponytail

    Yeah, okay Jim, whatever you say.
  • Todd Haley

    The Steelers' offensive coordinator sits down with the guys at training camp
  • Developing A Secondary

    A former Steelers defensive back has questioned the team's ability to develop talent at the position. Could that shortcoming doom this Steelers team?
  • Ramon Foster

    The Steelers offensive lineman and great friend of the show sits down with the guys at training camp in Latrobe
  • A Tradition Unlike Many Others

    The Steelers have a special love for Latrobe that their fan base shares, and it's kept training camp there even as other teams have abandoned traditional out-of-town camps
  • Latest on Le'Veon

    Le'Veon Bell spoke to the media on Thursday night and tried to set the record straight, but the guys have trouble trusting him at this point
  • Pre-Show

    The guys begin a special show live from Steelers training camp in Latrobe
  • Thursday, July 28th
  • Chris Hoke

    The KDKA-TV Steelers analyst and fan favorite joins the guys
  • Trade Melancon?

    The guys disagree over whether or not it's a good idea
  • Star Wars Night

    Colin still doesn't get it
  • Cutch Getting Sour?

    Andrew McCutchen is still unhappy with how the strike zone has been called this year, but is he now taking it out on Rick Sofield?? The guys entertain a wild conspiracy theory.
  • Pre-Show

    Josh made a terrible mistake, and now he has to pay the price
  • Gerrit Cole Shines

    The guys open the show talking about Cole's brilliant performance
  • Wednesday, July 27th
  • Ed Bouchette

    The 93-7 The Fan Steelers insider and Hall of Fame reporter for the Post-Gazette pays the guys a visit
  • Bob Walk

    The Pirates broadcaster joins the guys for his weekly spot (Wednesdays at 8:30 a.m.)
  • Keeping Cool

    What's your favorite way to beat the heat while playing sports on a sweltering day?
  • Losing Patience With Jaso

    Why is Josh Bell kept in the minors when John Jaso has been hitting so horribly? Clint Hurdle made his case yesterday, and the guys aren't buying it.
  • Four Wheel Drive

    Do you need it to drive in Pittsburgh?
  • Liriano's Dud

    Francisco Liriano followed up a brilliant outing with a disastrous one, and the guys can't figure out what's going on
  • Pre-Show

    Does a 5K really deserve a bumper sticker?
  • Tuesday, July 26th
  • Joe Block

    The Pirates broadcaster joins the guys for his regular weekly spot (Tuesdays at 9:30 a.m.)
  • "Josh Or Jim?"

    It's our favorite time of the week!
  • Paul Severino

    The MLB Network studio host joins the guys
  • Negative Recruiting Against Penn State

    James Franklin is complaining about other schools railing on Penn State during the recruiting process, but the guys aren't having it- especially Colin
  • Jason La Canfora

    The CBS NFL insider joins the guys with the latest on Le'Veon Bell and James Harrison, and makes his case for why the NFL should get rid of marijuana testing
  • Should The NFL Stop Testing For Marijuana?

    Is all this madness worth it? Why should the NFL bother with it? The guys voice their thoughts and callers chime in with views from both sides of the argument. 
  • Pre-Show

    The car saga continues
  • Monday, July 25th
  • Pirates' Rotation Suddenly Barren

    After it looked like the Pirates had too many starting pitchers, they suddenly have too few.
  • Le'Veon Bell Responds

    Bell has issues a response to the reports of his suspension. The guys share it and react to it. 
  • Latest On Le'Veon

    After having a weekend to cool off and think about Le'Veon Bell's reported drug suspension, how do you feel about him and the whole situation? Colin has a feeling that NFL players aren't really smoking pot to mitigate pain, and just want to get high.
  • Ryan Vogelsong Lashes Out

    Vogelsong is furious with the pitcher that hit him in the face with a pitch back in May
  • Colin & Movie Previews

    Colin feels that there are far too many previews before movies now
  • Pre-Show

    Neither Colin nor Josh had an easy night
  • Friday, July 22nd
  • Bell Reportedly Suspended

    The guys react to the reports that Le'Veon Bell will be suspended for four games after missing/failing a series of drug tests
  • John Shumway

    The KDKA-TV reporter joins the guys to talk about the North Park piranha and Pokémon Go
  • Pace of Play

    Is baseball going too far trying to speed up its game?
  • North Park Piranha

    Josh made a startling discovery when he went to check it out
  • Is The Rotation Set?

    The guys see reason to believe that the Pirates may not need to add starting pitching any time soon.
  • Liriano Dazzles

    Francisco Liriano owned the Brewers, and the guys love it.
  • Pre-Show

    Colin is curious about packages
  • Thursday, July 21st
  • Tyler Glasnow

    The Pirates' top prospect and potential future ace joins the guys during a (hopefully brief) stint in Triple-A
  • Adam Berry

    The Pirates beat writer joins the guys
  • Ump Show

    Colin has had it with Sam Holbrook and the lot of them
  • Enough Of Jeff Locke

    Is it time to move on?
  • Pre-Show

    Today might be a challenge for Western Pennsylvanians
  • Wednesday, July 20th
  • An Offer For Chris Archer

    The guys each try to draft and propose a package to offer to the Rays for Chris Archer. Jim is incredulous over the idea that the Pirates should be looking to add a pitcher at the trade deadline.
  • Bob Walk

    The Pirates broadcaster joins the guys in his regular weekly spot (Wednesdays at 8:30 a.m.)
  • Jim Colony's Hottest Jams

    Jim wants to get Wiz Khalifa hiiiiiiiiiggggghhhh
  • DeAngelo Williams

    An interview with the Steelers running back during his football camp this week
  • Doing Favors For Favors

    A member of the crew received a weird proposition online
  • Taillon Staying In The Game

    Jameson Taillon took a screaming line drive to the head during yesterday's Pirates vs. Brewers game, but he wasn't taken out. Should he have been? 
  • Tuesday, July 19th
  • Joe Block

    The Pirates broadcaster joins the guys in his regular weekly spot (Tuesdays at 9:30 a.m.)
  • "Josh Or Jim?"

    This week's stories may be the strangest ever
  • Cutch Can't See?

    The guys try to figure out what's ailing Andrew McCutchen, but their callers already have it all figured out- they believe Cutch has a vision problem.
  • Pirates At The Deadline

    Is no move the best move? How would you react if the Bucs didn't make a move at the deadline this year? The guys are all in agreement over how they'd feel.
  • Monday, July 18th
  • Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini

    Youngstown's own Ray Mancini joins the guys to preview July 30th's Cuba vs Pittsburgh boxing event on the Clemente Bridge
  • Josh's Popcorn Habit

    Josh does something very weird at movie theatres
  • Lasting For 18 Innings

    As the guys continue to discuss the Pirates' epic win over the Nationals, they wonder if anyone out there could bear to sit through every pitch of that game. One of them actually did.
  • Pirates Win In A Marathon

    The guys break down the Bucs' seemingly endless game against the Nationals
  • Friday, July 15th
  • Ramon Foster

    The Steelers offensive lineman, NFLPA rep, and good friend of the show joins the guys

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