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Colin Dunlap is joined by former Steelers Punter Josh Miller and update anchor Jim Colony for a fast-paced and entertaining start to the day. Listen weekdays 5:40a-10a on 93.7 The Fan.
  • Friday, June 24th
  • Patric Hornfish Needs Help

    The new Fan Morning Show goldfish- who has been named "Patric Hornqvist", or "Horny" for short- needs to be taken care of better
  • Cleveland Poop Eater

    It turns out Cleveland fans actually do eat s***
  • Jon Niese's Struggles & The Walker Trade In Hindsight

    The guys express their disappointment in Jon Niese's season and evaluate the Neil Walker-for-Niese trade in hindsight, as they continue to talk about the Pirates' woes
  • State Of The Pirates

    With the Pirates mired in a bad season, are you still satisfied with the overall state of the organization? Are you happy with where it is?
  • Pre-Show

    Josh wants you to get off his lawn
  • Thursday, June 23rd
  • Bruce Arians Speaks Out

    Bruce Arians opens up and lets the world know how he feels about Mike Tomlin and the Steelers after they let him go a few years ago
  • Franciscio Liriano Trade Rumor

    The guys discuss the Orioles' reported interest in Liriano. Should the Pirates be looking to sell this early in the season?
  • Adam Berry

    07:45's Pirates beat writer joins the guys
  • Time For Tyler Glasnow?

    Pirates top prospect Tyler Glasnow still has some kinks to work out in his game, but the guys still want to see him in the major leagues now
  • We Have A Goldfish!

    The official Fan Morning Show fish is settling into its new home in the studio, and Jim still wants no part of it
  • Pre-Show

    Colin would rather drive in the rain than the snow
  • Wednesday, June 22nd
  • Jim Colony's Hottest Jams

    Jim has no idea what he's saying
  • Automated Balls & Strikes

    After the home plate umpire did an abominable jobs of calling balls and strikes last night, are you longing for a computerized strike zone? The guys debate the merits of the idea with callers.
  • Getting A Goldfish

    Colin wants to get an official show goldfish and have it live in the studio, but Jim thinks it's a bad idea
  • Bob Walk

    The Pirates broadcaster joins the guys for his weekly show spot (usually Wednesdays at 8:30 a.m., but will be Monday at 8:30 a.m. next weew)
  • Nick Kypreos

    The Sportsnet hockey insider and former NHLer joins the guys to offer his insight into the Evgeni Malkin and Marc-Andre Fleury trade rumors
  • Where Did It Go Wrong For The Buccos?

    Why are the Pirates struggling this season? Is anyone or anything in particular to blame? Can the Pirates come back from this to make a deep playoff run?
  • Pre-Show

    Jim will be hitting the links with someone special
  • Tuesday, June 21st
  • Street Fairs

    Colin yearns for some funnel cake and goldfish
  • Joe Block

    The Pirates broadcaster pays the guys a special extended in-studio visit
  • Austin Meadows

    The Pirates' top positional prospect has been red-hot, and he joins the guys shortly after being promoted to Triple-A
  • "Josh or Jim?"

    Josh is off, but the (game) show must go on!!
  • Jim & DeAngelo Williams

    Jim goes 1-on-1 with the Steelers running back
  • Pre-Show

    The guys love celebrity lawyers
  • Monday, June 20th
  • Trading Cutch At The Deadline

    With Austin Meadows continuing his tear in Triple-A and the Pirates falling out of the pennant chase, could it make sense for them to deal Andrew McCutchen at the trade deadline?
  • Kevin Stallings

    The Pitt men's basketball head coach got the best Father's Day gift ever- getting to watch his son Jacob make his MLB debut for the Pirates. He joins the guys to talk about that special moment. 
  • Larry Broadway

    The Pirates' Director of Minor League Operations joins the guys to give them the latest on the development of the Bucs' top prospects
  • Are You Happy For Cleveland?

    The Cavaliers just won Cleveland its first championship in 52 years. Are you happy for Cleveland? One of the guys sure isn't.
  • Bizzare Ending To The U.S. Open

    The guys talk about the drama and controversy at Oakmont on Sunday
  • Friday, June 17th
  • Random Guy from BBC Radio

    Colin and Josh are joined by some Random Guy from BBC Radio to talk Oakmont. Jim is MIA so he was replaced. Ann Lagory who is covering Oakmont also jumps on to replace Josh. Sporadic guests are joining the show.  They talk who they are picking in the tournament and the course and the Weather. 
  • Pirates Talk

    Back into the Pirates. They feel Nicasio is done in the rotation but still has a spot in the bullpen. They take a call from a listener that says trade Cutch for Kershaw
  • Marc-André Fleury

    The guys talk about what the future holds for Fleury.
  • Juan Nicasio

    The guys talk about if they have seen enough of Juan Nicasio and if it is time for him to come out of the Pirates rotation.
  • Maurkice Pouncey

    Pouncey has been unlucky with injuries. The guys talk about how he sustained an ankle injury and was kept out because of infections sustained from the original ankle surgery.
  • US Open at Oakmont

    The guys open the show discussing the impact the rain will have on the US Open @ Oakmont. They talk about how few guys finished on Thursday and the amount that still need to complete round 1 and then the length some will have to wait to start round 2.
  • Thursday, June 16th
  • Carlos Pena of MLB Network

    Carlos talk about the slump that Andrew McCutchen has been on. He says he would start to worry that his struggle has continued this long. He talks about taking time off is need be to get back to 100%. Carlos talk about John Jaso's transition to 1st base. The former gold glove first basemen is not surprised that Jaso has figured it out. Carlos talks about when it is the right time to call up players. Carlos talks about Starling Marte and his great play not just this year but the last couple. He says that Marte is one of the best players in the league.
  • Jim Rutherford Penguins General Manager

    Jim Rutherford Penguins General Manager - Jim talk about the experience he had yesterday at the parade and the ups and downs of this season. He talks about the young guys who came up and other who joined the team mid season. He talks Murray and Fleury. He talks about expansion and how he ants to go into next season with both goalie. He talk expansion draft. Mr. Rutherford talks about the job Mike Sullivan did once he took over as head coach. He concludes talking about the Penguins two unrestricted free agents. 
  • Jim Colony with Ben Lovejoy

    Jim Colony and Ben Lovejoy talk about the parade. 
  • Jeff Locke in the Pirates Rotation

    The guys talk more about Mickelson and take a call. He hear a brief clip from Jeff Locke. The guys discuss his stance in the Pirates rotation.
  • Golfing at Oakmont

    The guys talk about the challenge of golfing at Oakmont. They say whoever wins this tournament certainly has earned the Championship. They talk about the way the course plays and possible strategies golfers may take. We hear sound from Henrik Stenson.
  • Wednesday, June 15th
  • Jim Colony's Rap

    Jim Colony may have a future in the rap business. He has put together a rap based off of his experiences over the last week
  • A Fan Talks About The Pens Goalie Situation

    The guys take a call from a fan driving from Maryland to come to the Parade. He requests for no one to talk Murray or Fleury but talks about the goalie situation himself.
  • Jameson Taillon

    Jameson Taillon had a great outing last night. The guys talk about his performance. They talk about how the Pirates needed a big start and Taillon gave them that. They all believe that Jameson Taillon has pitched his last game in the minors and is here to stay in Pittsburgh.
  • Tuesday, June 14th
  • Mike Van Sickle, PGA Golfer

    Mike Van Sickle PGA Golfer - Mike talks about how many times he has played at Oakmont. He talk about the course and some strategies he may have entering the tournament. Mike says that he feels confidant in his abilities going into the US Open. Mike talks about having an early tee time. Mike talks about how he has to block out the surroundings and just focus on the task at hand.
  • Pens Parade

    The guys open the show talking Pens Parade. They talk about if it wasn't for Jacques Martin moving to the bench, Gonchar working the d-man and if it wasn't for the video coordinator picking up the off sides in the series vs Tampa that disallowed a goal. They talk about everything that goes into an organization and all the different parts that go into winning Championships. The guys wonder if Jim Rutherford was ever on the hot seat.
  • Kris Letang (from 6/13)

    We hear from Kris Letang. They talk about the amount of hockey that the Penguins and the amount of hockey that they played this season and the short offseason.
  • Mike Sullivan (from 6/13)

    The guys talk the most important day of the season being when the coaching change happened. They talk about how everything changed when Sullivan took over. The guys talk about how Mike Sullivan was not afraid to coach the Penguins as others may have been.
  • Penguins' Team Productivity (from 6/13)

    The guys continue to talk about the productivity of everybody on the team. The guys talk about the brilliance of Sidney Crosby. They take a call and comment about the Penguins being a team of Destiny.
  • Post Game Comments from Matt Murray (from 6/13)

    We hear post game comments from Matt Murray. The guys talk about the performance of Matt Murray all post season long.
  • Stanley Cup Playoffs (from 6/13)

    The guys talk about how everybody played an important role in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. They are all in agreement that last night's game was the best game played by the Sharks in the period. They talk about how there were guys constantly stepping up.
  • Thursday, June 9th
  • Pierre McGuire

    The NBC Sports NHL analyst and former Penguins Stanley Cup champion joins the guys 
  • Mike Johnson

    The NHL Network analyst joins the guys
  • Taillon Debuts & Pirates Lose

    The guys break down Jameson Taillon's major league debut and the Pirates' loss to the Mets
  • Getting Ready For Game 5

    The guys set the stage for the potential Stanley Cup clincher
  • Pre-Show

    The guys are live on location and listeners are honking their horns as they drive by.
  • Wednesday, June 8th
  • Dan Rusanowsky

    The Sharks' radio voice joins the guys to discuss the Stanley Cup Final
  • Josh or Jim?

    This week's edition features a "crapped out" grocery store scanner, a new sport in Europe, and Bill Belichick erotica
  • Jim's Hottest Jams

    Jim reads rap lyrics
  • Bob Walk

    The Pirates broadcaster joins the guys in his regular weekly spot (Wednesdays at 8:30 a.m.)
  • Shaun Suisham Talks Pucks

    The Steelers kicker (and Canadian) talks with Jim about the Stanley Cup Final as he prepares to attend the potential clincher

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