The Fan Morning Show

The Fan Morning Show

Colin Dunlap is joined by former Steelers Punter Josh Miller and update anchor Jim Colony for a fast-paced and entertaining start to the day. Listen weekdays 5:40a-10a on 93.7 The Fan.
  • Thursday, January 29th
  • Block Pools 1-29-15

    Your Super Bowl block pool could get you in trouble. KEYWORDS: Super Bowl, Gambling
  • Yinzerella 1-29-15

    The guys continue to debate the criteria for the perfect Pittsburgh woman.
  • Seahawks Defense vs. Steelers Defense 1-29-15

    What does the Steelers' defense need to get on Seattle's level? KEYWORDS: Steelers, Seahawks
  • Super Bowl Raps 1-29-15

    The guys listen to a couple fan-made Super Bowl raps. KEYWORDS: Patriots, Seahawks, Super Bowl
  • Show Open 1-29-15

    The Pens still haven't beaten a division opponent in 2015. KEYWORDS: Penguins, Capitals
  • Pre-Show 1-29-15

    The Jim Colony Mood Meter, which will be a daily feature, debuts. The guys talk about a story in the newspaper and excessive flavoring.
  • Wednesday, January 28th
  • Travis Snider Trade 1-28-15

    The guys discuss the Pirates trading Travis Snider to the Orioles. Jim is not a fan of the deal, to say the least. KEYWORDS: Pirates, Orioles, Travis Snider
  • On The Road With Paul Zeise 1-28-15

    Paul shares the worst moments of his trip to Blacksburg for Pitt vs. Virginia Tech
  • Media Day Highlights 1-28-15

    The guys look back at some of the more bizarre moments from yesterday's media day. KEYWORDS: Super Bowl, Media Day, Rob Gronkowski, A Gronking To Remember, Michael Bennett, Bill Belichick, Marshawn Lynch
  • Pre-Show 1-28-15

    Jim seems to be in a good mood. Colin doesn't understand the recipe selection in today's PG. Colin wants his new house to have a deck.
  • Tuesday, January 27th
  • Andy Russell 1-27-15

    The former Steelers linebacker and two-time Super Bowl champion joins the guys. KEYWORDS: Super Bowl
  • Jim Says Bulls***

    Jim has a little slip-up
  • Pat Morrow 1-27-15's head oddsmaker talks about crafting the props and lines for Super Bowl XLIX. KEYWORDS: Super Bowl, Prop Bets
  • Super Bowl Media Day Circus 1-27-15

    The guys look ahead to media day and look back on some goofy moments from years past- including one that featured Josh. KEYWORDS: Media Day, Super Bowl
  • Goofy Deflategate Callers 1-27-15

    The jokes just won't stop. KEYWORDS: Deflategate, Patriots, Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick, Tom Brady
  • Show Open 1-27-15

    The guys react to Robert Kraft's press conference last night and a person of interest being identified in the Deflategate scandal. KEYWORDS: Deflategate, Patriots, Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft
  • Pre-Show 1-27-15

    The guys talk about how bad weather affects travel and commuting plans.
  • Monday, January 26th
  • Pitt vs. Louisville Reaction 1-26-15

    The guys break down Pitt's loss to Louisville and Jim chats with Michael Young. KEYWORDS: Pitt Basketball, Louisville
  • Deflategate Nonsense Continues 1-26-15

    There was another ridiculous press conference over the weekend. KEYWORDS: Deflategate, Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Patriots
  • Show Open 1-26-15

    Super Bowl week is beginning, but is the world ready to move on from Deflategate? KEYWORDS: Deflategate, Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Patriots, Super Bowl

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