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The Fan Morning Show

Colin Dunlap is joined by former Steelers Punter Josh Miller and update anchor Jim Colony for a fast-paced and entertaining start to the day. Listen weekdays 5:40a-10a on 93.7 The Fan.
  • Monday, January 16th
  • Boswell's Big NIght

    Where would the Steelers be without Chris Boswell?
  • Other Playoff Games and First Look At Patriots

    The guys through the other NFL action over the weekend and dive into the Patriots match up a little. 
  • AB's Postgame Facebook Live Video

    Antonio Brown took a Facebook Live video in the locker room while Mike Tomlin was giving a sprited speech about the Patriots. A little too much was said and a little too muich was filmed. 
  • Travis Kelce Whined About The Refs

    Chiefs TE Travis Kelce says that the refs wanted to take over the game and that James Harrison was not held on the 2 point conversion attempt. 
  • Breakfast Bytes

    Mike Tomlin has no time for questions about New England right now. 
  • The Pre-Show

    Can we please enjoy this win first before we start complaining about how the field goals aren't going to be enough against New England?
  • Friday, January 13th
  • Joey Porter Will Coach Sunday, Releases Statement

    Joey Porter will be on the sidelines on Sunday in KC but his statement admits to touching an officer. 
  • Joel Thorman of in KC

    Joel joins the show for a Chiefs perspective on this game. He says KC fans are gearing up for the potential ice storm and tells us more about KC's strengths and weaknesses. 
  • CBS Sports Network NFL Analyst London Fletcher

    London joins the show to talk Steelers-Chiefs. Hear what he says about playing against Andy Reid. 
  • Caller Patti Says Quit Ripping Tomlin!

    Caller Patti gets fired up about fans saying Mike Tomlin is a weakness for the Steelers. She might be the biggest yinzer you know. 
  • People Still Want To Rip Tomlin

    We give Andy Reid/Mike Tomlin comparison numbers. One caller says Tomlin is the Steelers biggest weakness. 
  • Bud Dupree's Fine and NFL Concussions

    Bud Dupree was fined for his hit on Matt Moore. Does the NFL have a handle on concussions?
  • Breakfast Bytes

    Chiefs safety Eric Berry on Le'Veon Bell changing the game with his running style. 
  • The Pre-Show

    Why doesn't overnight host Amy Lawrence make any predictions? Not even an opinion on who will win? Also, Jim is out sick. Get well Jim. 
  • Thursday, January 12th
  • Steelers Legend "Mean" Joe Greene

    Greene joins the show to talk about today's Steelers. Hear his Harris-Bell comparision, who he would take from today to the 70's teams, his favorite Steeler since he has retired and his thoughts on Mike Tomlin as a head coach. 
  • TJ McConnell Hits A Game Winner

    Local boy TJ McConnell hit a game-winner last night for the 76ers. Listen to the final call. 
  • NFL Network Analyst Brian Billick

    Brian joins the show to talk about Steelers-Chiefs. Hear what he had to say about Mean Joe Greene, Le'Veon Bell and kicking to Tyreek Hill. 
  • Pitt Head Basketball Coach Kevin Stallings

    Coach Stallings joins the show in his weekly spot to go over Pitt's 85-80 loss to Louisville last night. 
  • We're Playing A Man Down Today

    Jim came in and decided he couldn't make it through the day. We talk about the dynamics of being sick at work. Marty Griffin even weighs in. 
  • Bell's Running Style Revolutionary?

    Le'Veon Bell recently compared himself to Stephen Curry in how he is changing his sport. Isn't he right?
  • Breakfast Bytes

    This is Jesse James. Or is it Heath Miller? Who knows. 
  • The Pre-Show

    Jim is sick and probably isn't going to make it through the day. Colin reads an interesting obit about a Phyllis who wanted to make bingo an Olympic sport. 
  • Wednesday, January 11th
  • A New Steelers Polka

    It's that time of year...more and more Steelers songs are coming out for the playoff run. Check this latest rendition out. 
  • Post-Gazette Penguins Writer Jason Mackey

    Jason joins the show to help us preview Pens-Caps tonight from D.C. What roster move would he make for the stretch run of the season?
  • NFL Network Reporter Judy Battista

    Judy joins the show to give us a national perspective on the Steelers and their matchup with the Chiefs this week. James Harrison = legend. 
  • Chiefs More Of A Threat Than Miami Was

    The guys break down the many ways that the Chiefs are far more capable to win against the Steelers than Miami was last week. 
  • Breakfast Bytes

    Ben rips SL Price for calling him "polarizing" in his SI article, citing some polarizing things he has been doing lately. 
  • The Pre-Show

    Josh is getting a great night's sleep all because of a blanket and the guys share some Jim in Florida stories. 
  • Tuesday, January 10th
  • Josh Or JIm

    Josh from Irwin tries his hand this time. 
  • Chiefs Beat Writer Terez Paylor

    Terez joins the show to give us a Chiefs perspective on the Steelers-Chiefs divisional round matchup.  
  • Steelers Guard Ramon Foster

    Ramon joins the show in this weekly spot and comments on Matt Moore's concussion protocol and Joey Porter's arrest. 
  • Yinzer Call On Cook & Poni Yesterday

    Check out this peak yinzer that graced The Fan with his thoughts on Ryan Shazier being shirtless. 
  • Steelers Insider Ed Bouchette

    Ed joins the show to talk about why Ben and other stars were left in the game against Miami and helps us preview Steelers-Chiefs. 
  • Breakfast Bytes

    James Harrison talks about not watching film on KC when he was interviewed right after the Miami game. Don't question him. 
  • The Pre-Show

    Jim got angry with a guy on the commute today for not turning left at a red light. He's also getting sick and is trying to tell his body when he will be the most sick so he can call off. 
  • Monday, January 9th
  • What's Up With These Guys Being Shirtless?

    Ryan Shazier warmed up shirtless again yesterday and so did Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz when they were in Green Bay. Why??
  • Dupree's HIt On Moore and Concussion Protocol

    Colin wonders why people care so much about why a guy did or didn't pass concussion protocol when they weren't with medical officials on the sideline. 
  • Steelers Defense Dominant

    As Mike Mitchell said, the Steelers weren't just looking to play good defense yesterday, they were looking to make it hurt. 
  • Who Decides When Ben Comes Out?

    Roethlisberger was in the game until the very end yesterday, then got hurt. Who is making this call to leave him in the game...Ben or Tomlin?
  • Breakfast Bytes

    Bud Dupree on almost ending Matt Moore yesterday. 
  • Joey Porter Arrested

    A story broke last night that Joey Porter was arrested on the South Side after the game. There was altercation with a door man and well...take a listen. 
  • The Pre-Show

    Josh recaps his bus trip to Buffalo with his son's hockey team. Also, NFL commercials continue to be horrible.
  • Friday, January 6th
  • Toby Gearhart = Better Coach Than Mike Tomlin

    Matt from Shaler checks in from South Florida and gives us his 10 coaches who are better than Mike Tomlin...including Toby Gearhart. 
  • NFL Network Analyst Brian Billick

    Brian joins the show to talk Steelers-Dolphins. Hear what he had to say about "Renegade."
  • Sun-Sentinel Dolphins Writer Omar Kelly

    Omar joins the show to help us break down the Dolphins side of this playoff matchup. He says the Steelers are playing right into the Dolphins' strengths...
  • Post-Gazette Pens Writer Jason Mackey

    Jason joins the show to talka about the Blue Jackets winning streak coming to a halt and their legitimacy as an Eastern Conference power and about the Penguins season moving forward. 
  • Playoff Coaches Rankings

    USA Today came out with their rankings of the NFL coaches that are in the playoffs this year. Where does Mike Tomlin rank?
  • Breakfast Bytes

    Columbus head coach John Tortorella talks about the Blue Jackets winning streak ending last night. 
  • Yinzer Wedding

    Check out this call about a yinzer wedding and its use of "Renegade."
  • The Pre-Show

    How late is too late to eat buffalo chicken pizza? 
  • Thursday, January 5th
  • NFL On CBS Broadcaster Phil Simms

    Phil joins the show to talk Dolphins-Steelers and says Ben? Polarizing? No. 
  • Former Steeler and NFL Network Analyst Ike Taylor

    Ike joins the show and provides a VERY entertaining interview with the guys on all things Steelers, both past and present. 
  • Pitt Head Basketball Coach Kevin Stallings

    Coach Stallings joins us in his weekly spot after his team's big win last night against #11 Virginia. Hear his assessment of his team so far this season. 
  • Clemson Football: Butt Pokers

    Clemson linebacker Ben Boulware went into detail about the viral video of his teammate grabbing an Ohio State player below the belt on Saturday. 
  • Pitt Basketball's Win Vs. #11 Virginia

    The guys dig into the numbers behind Pitt's big win at home last night against Virginia. Signature win for Kevin Stallings?
  • Breakfast Bytes

    Brandon Marshall comparing the Jets season to a dirty diaper. 
  • The Pre-Show

    Josh is dreading a bus trip to Buffalo this weekend with his son's hockey team...and their parents. 
  • Wednesday, January 4th
  • AB Sings For Madden 17 Promo

    You've got to hear this...AB with his own version of "Can't Feel My Face" for a Madden 17 promo. 
  • Peter King of Monday Morning Quarterback

    Peter joins the show to talk about the NFL playoffs, the Steelers chances to win it all and Ben Roethlisberger's national perception. 
  • Giants On A Boat

    Would you be upset if high-profile Steelers were on a boat partying in Miami on an off day Monday during the playoffs? 

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