DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Nikki & Clarice At Schenley Park"I didn't know what kind of car to buy until this one smiled at me." - Nikki and her Mazda3
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Emma At The Waterfront"It's what we like to call our lifestyle vehicle." - Emma and her Toyota Forerunner
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Irv Gordon & His (Nearly) Three-Million-Mile Volvo“My first love is Volvo.” - Irv Gordon and his 1966 Volvo 1800S
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Chris At Heinz Field“The first time I ever kissed my wife was in this car.” - Chris and his Chevrolet Cavalier
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Zac By Kennywood Park"I was five when I got my first dirt bik. I've been riding ever since." - Zac and his custom-painted pro street chopper
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Keara At SouthSide Works"She's a lot like me. She is cute, energetic and a lot of fun." - Keara and her Kia Forte
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Rhonda At Grandview Park"It's been a good family car." - Rhonda and her Chevrolet Equinox
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Kelly At Big Dog Coffee“My car does not have very many fancy things.” - Kelly and her Jeep Compass
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Matt On East Carson Street"This car brought my babies home from the hospital. It's seen a lot of good times." - Matt and his Subaru Forester
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Suzanne At Frick Park"I drive all over town doing awesome Pittsburgh things." - Suzanne and her Dodge Caliber
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: J.J. In Mount Washington"It’s the best car I’ve ever had." - JJ and his Chevrolet Cavalier
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Ian Rosenberger From Survivor Palau At Highland Park“My car may look small, but it fits my 6-foot-7 frame just fine.” - Ian Rosenberger from Survivor Palau and his Toyota Prius

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