"I sing in my car all the time. I dance too."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Keara At SouthSide Works

“She’s a lot like me. She is cute, energetic and a lot of fun.” – Keara and her Kia Forte


"When you have kids, sometimes you have to eat on the go."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Rhonda At Grandview Park

“It’s been a good family car.” – Rhonda and her Chevrolet Equinox


"You can eat and drink in my car. That is one of my favorite things."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Kelly At Big Dog Coffee

“My car does not have very many fancy things.” – Kelly and her Jeep Compass


"I'm gonna keep driving this thing until it doesn't drive anymore."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Matt On East Carson Street

“This car brought my babies home from the hospital. It’s seen a lot of good times.” – Matt and his Subaru Forester


"She's sort of like the Kim Kardashian of cars."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Suzanne At Frick Park

“I drive all over town doing awesome Pittsburgh things.” – Suzanne and her Dodge Caliber


"I think the engine of this car will outlive its body."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: J.J. In Mount Washington

“It’s the best car I’ve ever had.” – JJ and his Chevrolet Cavalier


(Photo by Fernando Leon/Getty Images)

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Ian Rosenberger From Survivor Palau At Highland Park

“My car may look small, but it fits my 6-foot-7 frame just fine.” – Ian Rosenberger from Survivor Palau and his Toyota Prius


"Where can I go next?"

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Michelle At Highland Park Reservoir

“I was coming home about five in the afternoon and a drunk driver drove into my lane.” – Michelle and her Honda Accord


"This is my square panda mascot."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Angelina At Fox Chapel Yacht Club

“I have a little button to turn on 20 different colored LED lights.” – Angelina and her Nissan Cube


"I drive about 300 miles a week."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Thomas At The Churchill Valley Country Club

“After surviving two accidents, I refer to my truck as Ironman.” – Thomas and his Izuzu Truck


"Would you like a ride?"


“The third day I had my truck, I wrecked it!” – Matthew and his Dodge Dakota Ultra


"This is a serious bike and I'm a serious rider."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Wade At Gatto Cycle Diner

“I used to work at this diner as a teenager!” – Wade and his Harley Davidson


"My car makes me happy."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Emily At Homestead Stacks

“I hope my children get to drive this car.” – Emily and her Mini Cooper


"A bird in its nest is worth two in the hand."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Nonie At Frick Park

“I got my car two weeks before I adopted my daughter and they were both life-changing events.” – Nonie and her Toyota Prius


"I always use good posture when I drive."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Peter At Frick Mansion

“My car is my home away from home.” – Peter and his Toyota Scion