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Colorectal Cancer Surgery-Follow Up Evaluation

Why should there be a postoperative follow-up program?


Colon Cancer Alliance

Colon Cancer Screening Saves Lives, But Many People Still Don’t Get Screened

One in three people 50 years or older has not been screened for colon cancer, yet screening could help save their lives.



Never Tested for Colon Cancer? What’s Your Excuse?

These are some of the words that come to mind for lots of folks when they think about getting tested for colorectal cancer.


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Researchers Get Handle On Concussion Recovery Time

For the first time ever, researchers are examining concussion prognoses using data from ImPACT, a computer test that measures the severity of a concussion. The test was developed at UPMC.


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Local Hospitals Concerned About Cancer Drug Shortage

Hundreds of medicines are in short supply — 28 of them are cancer drugs that hundreds of thousands of people need – a relatively smaller number than the millions that take other drugs, which is one reason reserves are running low.


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Integrative Medicine: The Future Of Chronic Pain Treatment?

The meeting of east and west is something called “Integrative Medicine” and for many people, it’s the best of both worlds.


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Medical Frontiers Talks About Prostate Disease

Dr. Pifer was joined in the studio by Dr. Jeffrey Cohen, Director of Allegheny General Hospital’s Division of Urology, and Dr. Ralph Miller, Director of Allegheny General Hospital’s Prostate Center.

NewsRadio 1020 KDKA–01/30/2012

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Parents Urged To Help Crackdown On Childhood Obesity

There has been a huge push to crackdown on the childhood obesity epidemic in this country. However, doctors now say it’s not just up to the kids.


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New Study Reveals Sun’s Potential Harmful Effects On Kids

A new study shows many children and adolescents are not protecting themselves from the sun’s harmful rays and they could pay the price later in life.


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Tumor DNA Testing To Help Guide Treatment For DCIS

For women with a type of breast cancer called ductal carcinoma in situ, or DCIS, a new test is available to help guide treatment and determine if radiation is the proper course of action.


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Maximize Your Memory: Tips To Improving Memory

Who hasn’t forgotten someone’s name, misplaced their keys, or walked into a room and forgotten why they entered? Over the past year, studies have shown that there are ways to remember things better.


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3D Imaging Being Developed For Face Transplants

It looks like something out of a science-fiction movie or a spy thriller. But, some new technology is being developed to help with face transplants.


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Injections To Relieve Chronic Shoulder Pain

Many people with shoulder pain try physical therapy and medication to relieve their symptoms. Now there might be another treatment — injections. Dr. Maria Simbra reports on the technique.


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New Details Released About West Penn Hospital Renovations

Major upgrades are coming to West Penn Hospital. Officials announced the details during a news conference Wednesday morning.