From fish sandwiches to pizza and even fine dining… there are plenty of good eats to be found in downtown Pittsburgh without putting a dent in your pocketbook. You can have something to eat on your lunch break or stay after work for happy hour or even dinner. Bon Appetit!
bellasera Guide To Best Downtown Eats

credit: KDKA

Bella Sera Trattoria

22 Market Square
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15222
Phone: 412-281-6363

The great ambiance inside this Market Square restaurant provides the perfect back drop for delicious food and wine. Every taste can be satisfied here. Meat lovers will enjoy the veal meatballs, vegans will love the greens and seafood lovers will enjoy the grilled salmon salad. The calamari is cooked to perfection. If sandwiches are more your speed, you’ll enjoy the selection, but the best part is the homemade pickles and house chips that are included. Expect to taste dishes with locally-grown items since the restaurant is a certified-green restaurant.

Fat Tommy’s

115 Forbes Avenue (Market Square)
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15222
Phone: 412-560-4419

Enjoy some great pizza, salads and baked subs from this spot located a couple of steps away from Market Square. Great specials and generous-sized offerings make this a spot to sit down during lunchtime, but space is limited. So, if the weather is good, walking up to Market Square is not a bad idea. Also, for those of you who want something a bit on the healthy side, Fat Tommy’s offers various wheat wraps that are tasty.


438 Market Square
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15222
Phone: 412-471-5533

Mancini’s has great bread and a variety of rolls that go quickly during the lunch hour. The ham and cheese is fantastic and the spinach and feta is too tasty for words. Prantl’s mouth-watering desserts are delivered twice a day from the original location in Shadyside on Walnut Street. When you gaze through the glass at the offerings, you will see so many delicious pastries it will be hard to pick just one. Good food and good sweets go hand-in-hand at this location.

Original Oyster House

20 Market Square
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15222
Phone: 412-566-7925

If you’re looking for a place where everybody knows your name, make this spot a regular hang-out. This unique tavern is Pittsburgh’s oldest bar and restaurant and is well-known for its enormous fish sandwiches.

McCormick & Schmick’s

301 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15222
Phone: 412-201-6992

If you enjoy eating seafood, the offerings at this restaurant will hit the spot. The Ahi Tuna is prepared and presented perfectly. The warm grilled shrimp and fruit salad is also another dish that you don’t want to miss out on. You’ll be able to find something to eat at a price that you won’t mind paying.

Comments (27)
  1. big eats says:

    Best sandwich , soup and burger in town Sciullo’s 910 deli in Gibsonia Pa on rt910 eat there 3 times aweek and everthing is great

    1. Gary says:

      I didn’t know Gibsonia was a part of Downtown Pittsburgh?

      1. big eats says:

        i work in town you can save mor gthen half your money by going out of downtown to eat

    2. Hot Carl says:

      Yeah, I’ll just hop over to Gibsonia on my half hour lunch break and then have to repay my parking. Genius!

  2. daniel kramer says:

    This is incorrect, I’ve worked downtown for 5 years and these places are all a joke to be honest

    1. Anonymous says:

      Then I guess you should move to a different city.

    2. the real downtown says:

      I agree with daniel. What about 6th penn, the tap room, bigelow grill, capital grille, sharp edge, max and ermas, chinatown inn, cafe 5th ave?… All are better then this weak list.

  3. TOP says:

    There are SO MANY options downtown from fine dining experiences to cheap eats to happenin’ happy hours. The great Pittsburgh Food Bloggers can tell ya! Check out for some of my opinions and see my local foodie friend’s choices as well in the “Other Yummy Bloggers” section.

  4. will g says:

    one time i would like to see a article about the worst places to eat. but i guess we won’t see that because of the chance of loosing advertising dollars

    1. Downtown Worker says:

      I’m with you Will. I decided a long time ago that these “Best Of” features are just disguised advertising.

  5. A.Bunker says:

    Weiner World on Smithfield Street.

  6. Dan says:

    Market square is a better place to buy drugs or get mugged

    1. Gary says:

      Market Square has made a great comeback, DiBella’s subs are the best I ever tasted.

    2. ann c. says:

      If u know where to buy them you must be on them.

  7. Rickey Bobby says:

    i’m too drunk to taste this chicken .

  8. Candace says:

    Fat Tommy’s has really good pizza and they do sell by the slice I eat there a lot after work but It’s currently not open due to renovations. Jimmy Johns downtown has one of the best roast beef hoagies I have ever had and Nathans has really good food as well.

  9. TIMSTER says:

    Anybody know what ever happened to Costanza’s in Market Square? The food there wasn’t too bad.

  10. Kramer says:

    We eat at Costanza’s every Festivus.

    1. Hot Carl says:

      Hahahaha, Good one.

  11. Mon River Towing says:

    Mitchell’s never disappoints. Ross Street

  12. Nick says:

    Last time I ate downtown (20 years ago) was at Roy Rogers. What ever happened to that chain?

  13. Alex says:

    Oyster house? The fish sandwhiches aren’t bad, but “enormous”? Are you kidding? They’re smaller than most fish places. Service is extremely fast and it is a friendly place to go, but an average piece of fish on a grocery store sytle bun is hardly impressive.

  14. Rick says:

    I’d like to put in a vote for Chinatown Inn. Best chinese food in the area.

  15. Hobo On Grant Street says:

    McDonalds at Market Square is the best place to get asked for spare change or to get slow food.

  16. Nite Owl? says:

    every time I go to Market Square all these places are closed.

  17. On way to ballgame says:

    Salonika’s on 6th St has great gyros. Good beer selection.

  18. Daniel says:

    I was walking with my children this past Thursday and we went through Market Square. We were asked for “spare change” 4 times. Two drunks on Market Square and one guy drinking a Budweiser from a can in a brown paper bag? The bag was ripped by the way is how I knew what it was. Then went to Wendy’s nearby and was asked for “spare change” twice while in line….and this is the comeback of Market Square? It has comeback just like it was before. Police the area and remove the bums please!

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