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By Jason Zawodniak

So you’re a busy mom during this holiday season with no time for the gym, right? Not so fast, women’s fitness and weight loss programs have come a long way in the last five years and there is a solution for the endless number of frustrated moms out there who don’t have the time for a personal trainer or gym. That said, the reason so many women are upset with their health and physiques is not because of time, but instead a simple misunderstanding of what is actually required to achieve their desired goals.

My boot camp and wellness program follows a formula that has transformed hundreds of bodies. Here is a quick summary of the success formula for busy women:

    1) Mindset
    Many women carry a negative mindset from previous failed attempts to achieve their weight loss goals. The great news is that it is not your fault — you were most likely missing one of these components listed here.

    2) Accountability
    This is a key component to your success. Tell a friend or loved one that you have decided to accomplish your fitness/weight loss goals. Also, keep a journal to document your success.

    3) Nutrition
    You cannot “out train” poor nutrition. A well-balanced and portioned nutrition program is mandatory for any successful fitness program.

    4) Strength Training (Example below)
    Women often turn to aerobic training (walking, biking, etc) in pursuit of their weight loss — which isn’t necessarily a bad idea; but research has shown that a full-body strength training program will promote weight loss faster than any other form of training.

So now, get to it!

The Busy Mom’s Express Home Workout Program

Equipment required: None
Space: Your living room will be more than enough space
Time: 20-25 minutes 3x/week
Rest: Take a 30 second rest between each exercise
Warm and cool down: Be sure to spend 5 minutes of light activity before and after the workout.

ysquat 450x256 The Busy Mom’s Express Home Workout

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1) “Y” Squats

With your feet shoulder width apart and your arms over your head in a “Y” position drop your hips back as low as you can comfortably go.

Beginner Variation: Cross you hands in front of your chest opposed to putting them over your head.

Advanced Variation: Add a small jump into “Y” squat

push up 450x256 The Busy Mom’s Express Home Workout

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2) The Push-Up (Perform 8-12 reps)

With your hands shoulder width apart with your knees on the floor slowly lower yourself to the floor maintaining a straight back.

Beginner Variation: Instead of placing your hands on the floor move up to an elevated surface, such as a railing or step.

Advanced Variation: Instead of having your knees on the floor straighten your legs.

bridge 450x256 The Busy Mom’s Express Home Workout

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3) Bridge (Hold 30 seconds on each side)

While lying on your back place your heels on the ground (toes up). Lift you hips off the ground and hold at the top.

Beginner Variation: Reduce the hold time to 15 seconds

Advanced Variation: Place one leg on the ground opposed to two.

splitsquat 450x256 The Busy Mom’s Express Home Workout

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4) Split Squat or Lunge (Perform 8-12 reps then switch your front foot)

Starting with your left leg up front slowly lower your back knee towards the floor)

Beginner Variation: Simply do not go as low when you bend you knees

Advanced Variation: Place your back foot on an elevated soft surface (couch)

runninginplace 450x256 The Busy Mom’s Express Home Workout

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5) Running in Place (30 seconds)

Running on a softer surface run in place as fast as you can safely tolerate.

Beginner Variation: Instead of running, march in place.

Advanced Variation: Increase your speed and bring your knees higher.


1) Be sure to check with your physician before starting this or any other fitness program.
2) Drink plenty of water throughout the day to ensure you are properly hydrated.
3) Maintain a pain free environment. If you experience joint pain during the exercise remove the exercise and have it examined if it continues.

Jason Zawodniak is a Pittsburgh Personal Trainer and owner of Just for her Boot Camps www.justforherbootcamps.com

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