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While heavy snow is still falling in some areas, other cities are coming back to life. Gov. Andrew Cuomo says their decisions may have been "the more prudent course of action." Don Dahler reports from New York, where some are wondering if the authorities went overboard with their warnings.
Danielle Guenther was a stay-at-home mom who decided to turn her photography hobby into a business two years ago. As a lifestyle photographer, she takes beautiful pictures of families, but it's the moments that some parents might wish to hide that Guenther is transforming into funny, lasting memories. Elaine Quijano reports.
Some are calling the blizzard a likely bust, and National Weather Service's meteorologist Gary Szatkowski apologized on Twitter, saying they didn't get it right.
The hobbyist model drone that crashed on the White House lawn Monday was too small to be detected by a radar. Bill Plante reports on new questions being raised about White House security.
Lue Morton, the pilot who ditched his plane in the Pacific Ocean after it ran out of gas, is speaking out about his experience. The dramatic crash landing was caught on video. John Blackstone shows how a special parachute might have made the difference between life and death.
In many big cities, snow plows are now equipped with GPS trackers. The technology used to direct the plows also gives real-time updates on the clean-up effort. Vladimir Duthier reports on PlowNYC, an app that's putting residents in the driver's seat.
Lonnie Quinn, chief meteorologist of New York station WCBS, tracks the latest blizzard forecast.
A fleet of 2,000 plows took to the streets of Boston overnight, trying to keep pace with snow falling at two to three inches per hour. More snow is expected, along with significant power outages in parts of Massachusetts. Anna Werner reports from Boston.
Coastal flooding and high surf are expected in Maine with the state's entire coast under a blizzard warning. Jericka Duncan reports from Portland, Maine.
Northeast wakes up to winter's wrath; new turn in deflate-gate probe?; Jeb Bush shakes up 2106 GOP race

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