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Rudy Giuliani warned that blaming Mayor Bill de Blasio is counterproductive, although he was critical of his approach to protesters
The NYPD is tracing the steps of a gunman who killed two of its officers back to Baltimore, where he shot his ex-girlfriend earlier in the day. Police say the killer may have acted out of vengeance over recent deaths of black men during encounters with police; and, for a century, people have told the tale of a yuletide ceasefire soccer game in the middle of
A man who holed up in a house and fired at officers was killed in the gunbattle
A group at odds with traditional Christmas displays have placed a "Snaketivity Scene" on the state capitol's grounds
The teenaged son of NYPD officer Rafael Ramos said he did not understand why "everyone says they hate cops"
Some blame the protest movement from the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases for Ismaaiyl Brinsley's execution of two cops
Evidence of Heisman Trophy winner's alleged sexual assault was "insufficient to satisfy the burden of proof"; accuser has five days to appeal
The victims were leaving Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Fla., after watching the Buccaneers lose to the Packers
Cops in several cities warned of a "fever pitch of anti-police sentiment" stoked by demonstrators rallying around Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases
Charles Osgood tells us about the legacies that two CBS News colleagues have left behind. Emerson Stone spent 35 years as a writer, producer, executive and vice president in charge of news practices. Richard Hottelet was one of the "Murrow boys," setting the standard for radio reporting during World War II.

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