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Police say a murder-suicide attempt left a man dead and a woman injured in the midst of Black Friday shopping
The Fresno judge says a 10-day cooling off period to buy firearms won't necessarily prevent violence
A group of rich New York residents spent $100 per plate to have a meal with homeless people at a local church
The New York boys were trapped in a mountain of snow after a plow buried them for several hours. An air pocket in the snow helped them survive.
A Cincinnatti federal judge will hear first arguments in Kwame Kilpatrick's attempt to overturn his corruption conviction
A tribal law banning intermarriage is being challenged by some African-American members of Congress
So far, no one has come to claim the satchel found by a store assistant manager
The Dutch country accident injured seven people when it collided with an SUV
"We motivated each other to not go to sleep," says boy who was stuck with cousin in snow pile in upstate New York for several hours
Running back had been suspended indefinitely by league over domestic abuse incident that sparked national furor

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