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Feisty 3-month-old cub taken to animal shelter after being found my woman in her neighborhood
The New England Patriots are celebrating a win in the courtroom
While most airline passengers are feeling more cramped in coach, for big-spending flyers in the front, the high life is in full swing
A Kentucky county clerk's office at the center of a showdown over same-sex marriage will begin issuing licenses to same-sex couples
Same-sex marriage licenses could be on horizon in Kentucky, and a Syrian father who lost his wife and 2 sons trying to escape war, buries them where they started
The Kentucky clerk who defied the Supreme Court over same-sex marriage is waking up in jail
Locals in resort area outside Chicago where officer was slain fear tourists will steer clear; authorities hope homeowner's video shows the suspects
​While most passengers are feeling ever more cramped in coach, big spenders in the front are finding a one-of-a-kind experience
Spencer Stone arrived at an air base in northern California Thursday night to a cheering crowd
Several show up at Rowan County office after deputy clerks agree to issue them; boss sits in jail after defying Supreme Court