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Doctors urge parents to ditch the spoon after discovering surprising and harmful mistakes made by moms and dads
The mayor of Gary says that a man who confessed to killing one woman and led police to the bodies of six others had been convicted of sex crimes in Texas
"It was the most embarrassing moment of my life," 15-year-old Oregon student tells CBS affiliate
There's a new smartphone app that allows medical marijuana users to get delivery from dispensaries to their door. The app, Nestdrop, is a medical delivery service created by founders Roddy Rodnia and Michael Pycher. KCBS reports.
Big-name politicians join Jewish protesters upset by Met premiere of "The Death of Klinghoffer"
A woman caught in the crossfire between protesters and football fans had to be treated for a black eye after about 20 demonstrators rallying for Mike Brown clashed with Rams fans outside of the Edward Jones Dome. The police department in St. Louis say two people were arrested. KMOV reports.
Keene Pumpkin Festival ended with police using tear gas; government urging area's schools to come down hard on student perpetrators
Liberian natives who have healthcare jobs in the U.S. are being urged to consider traveling to the area where Ebola is at its worst -- West Africa. A congressman explained the need for help to quell the spread of the virus. WCCO has the story.
Police say Detroit shooting came on the heels of a Facebook feud
Ahmed Abu Khatallah accused of being ringleader of 2012 attacks that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 other Americans

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