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The 2016 race tightens for Democrats, while Trump defies expectations
Owners reportedly worried about film depicting NFL's long history of denying evidence linking brain disease to repeated head shots
Several children were reportedly in the home where the shootings happened, and one was injured
Today's most clicked-on stories include: Clinton losing favor, Mt. McKinley renamed, Europe's migrant crisis
Mourners remember Sheriff's Deputy Darren Goforth as accused murderer Shannon Miles appears in court
Investigators say Mireya Lopez admitted to killing her 2-year-old boys in a bathtub Sunday
Home owner's association threatened family with jail time over girls' playhouse deemed not "in harmony" with neighborhood
Movement's leader says sheriff wants "to politicize this tragedy" after official makes claim while also admitting there's no concrete evidence
Over the weekend Sasha DiGiulian scaled a dangerous path up Eiger Mountain
Category 1 storm currently west of Cape Verde Islands; Hurricanes Ignacio, Jimena in Pacific expected to miss Hawaii