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  1. Bernard Schroeder says:

    All I can say is, Way To Go Steelers

  2. Bob and Teddi DiStefano says:

    The Black and Gold, the “Heart Attack Kids”, WE LOVE ‘EM! Once again,”we” went down to the wire to win, I am getting too old for this! To Ben and the rest of the team, God bless you all, and “it” is doable! I have three “Super Bowl Champions” jackets, 4, 5, and 6, and would really like #4 (7 time Champions)! From a Steeler’s fan, living in Ravens land, let’s just do it!

  3. Honeylmalik says:


  4. Bob Chalfant says:

    What a game. Ben is by far the best QB in the league. All he knows how to do is WIN.

    1. Bonnie Burkett says:

      You said it all——-Ben is definetly the best QB Iin the NFL.!!!!!!!!! In fact the Steelers are the best TEAM in the NFL!!!! Love all the players and don’t forget the best coach- our guy Tomlin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yeah Can’t wait until you get down here to Texas and take it alll.See ya in Dallas!!!!!

  5. expittsburgh says:

    Glad for the win, but Tomlin has GOT to fire up the team to play 4 quarters. We usually fall asleep in the fourth quarter, but to fall asleep in the second half is downright scary! C’mon Pittsburgh, let’s get #7

  6. Diane Rose says:

    Steeler Nation: Pass it on – “I believe” (Bring home number 7)

  7. 2059 says:

    When the STEELERS got the first down to seal the deal Rex Ryan had a look on his face like he just ate some sour toejam.

  8. 4 Quarters Please says:

    I hope the men of Steel decide to play a full 4 quarters of football in the Super Bowl or Rodgers will have a field day. For some reason they quit after running up a decent lead then sit back and wait to get beat.

  9. seven here we come says:

    All i know is that Jerry Jones finally get to see a good team play at his stadium


  10. going to #7 says:

    does anyone know the website to the zoom cam that was going around the stands last night. it took pictures of the stands and then you were able to see where you where or to look for other people
    any ideas

  11. Jeff says:

    So for the next 2 weeks, we get 2 minutes of news, 1 minute of weather and 27 minutes of Hines Ward took a s??t and wiped his a?? today.

    1. Hot Carl says:

      Yes, that’s exactly right. It’s more important than local “news” anyways. Who needs to know who was shot or who was robbed? I don’t. In any case, did you just move to Pittsburgh yesterday? If not, quit whining like a little girl you should be used to it.

    2. Darrell says:

      Jeff that is the news. Where have you lived all your life or has her head been under a rock or up someones A—–. rotflmao.

  12. sherry says:

    what can say But way to go Steelers!

    Yunz guys are gonna knock ’em’ dead !

  13. sharon1017 says:

    How come Troy, Hines and Mike Tomlin weren’t at the pep ralley Friday? Just wondering. Any way, Go Steelers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. John says:

    Unbelievable how you people can get an emotional attachment to a bunch of overpaid, professional athletes/entertainers/businessmen who have loyalty only to their pocketbooks and will jump to the highest bidder. A lot of them make more in one year than the average person makes in two lifetimes, and Joe Fan still buys Steeler junk and puts more money in their pockets. So beat yourselves on the chest and proclaim “we are the best”, while the players, owners, coaches, purveryors of Steelers junk, restaurants, the news media, all make money off of “Joe Fan”.

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