Report: UPMC Hospital Staff Took Photos Of Patient With Item Lodged In GenitalsThe Health Department has cited a University of Pittsburgh Medical Center hospital where staff took photos and videos of a patient being treated for a foreign object lodged in their genitals.
UPMC's Credit Rating Receives Downgrade From Moody'sMoody's has downgraded UPMC's credit rating following the health system's recent expansion in central Pennsylvania.
Workers Rally Against Unfair Wages, For Better Working Conditions On Labor DayOn this Labor Day, dozens of fast food workers, hospital workers and supporters gathered in Oakland to rally against unfair wages.
Pennsylvania Hospital Treated 51 Overdoses In 48 HoursA Pennsylvania hospital network says it has treated 51 people for heroin overdoses in the last 48 hours.
New Medical Facility Prompting Revitalization Of Hampton Twp.’s Route 8 CorridorThe change that is evident along the Route 8 corridor in Hampton Township is no accident.
Mind-Controlled Robotic Arm Allows Paralyzed Man To Feel, Move ObjectsNathan Copeland can't use his own arms to move objects, he can use a robot arm just by thinking about moving it.
Mother & Daughter Reunite With Mysterious ‘Lady In Red Dress’ Who Helped Them After AccidentCharmelle Glover and her daughter, Shyann, were driving through Oakland when they and another car collided.
Ex-Sergeant Pleads Guilty In False Tax Returns CaseA former U.S. Army sergeant has pleaded guilty to using hacked information from four University of Pittsburgh Medical Center employees to file false tax returns seeking IRS refunds.
Lawsuit: 7th Patient Died Due To UPMC Mold OutbreakOn Thursday, a new lawsuit was filed against UPMC and linen supplier, Paris Companies, claiming that a seventh patient died as a result of a recent mold outbreak.
Cuban Man Pleads Guilty In IRS Tax Return Scam Targeting UPMC EmployeesA Cuban national has pleaded guilty to his role in an international conspiracy to file 900 phony federal tax returns by using employee information stolen from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.
CDC: Flu Vaccine Only 48 Percent Effective This YearThe Centers For Disease Control reports, overall, the flu vaccine is about 48 percent effective this year, where typically, the vaccine is 60 percent effective.
Attorneys: 6th Patient Died Due To UPMC Mold OutbreakA new lawsuit has been filed against UPMC, which claims that another patient has died as a result of the recent mold outbreak.

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