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Court Overturns Convictions In Amish Hair Attacks

An appeals court has overturned hate-crime convictions of 16 Amish found guilty in beard- and hair-cutting attacks on fellow members of their faith in Ohio.


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Van Forces Horse-Drawn Buggy To Stop In Robbery

Police say someone forced an Amish horse and buggy off a central Pennsylvania road to pull an armed robbery.


(Source: Pulaski Township Police Department/Facebook)

Cops Go Undercover As Amish To Try And Nab Flasher

A male police officer spent much of December and January dressed as an Amish woman in hopes of scaring off a man suspected of exposing himself to Amish children in Lawrence County.


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State Police Looking For Amish Buggy In Lawrence Co. Hit & Run

State police are searching for an unlikely suspect in a western Pennsylvania hit-and-run accident: the driver of an Amish buggy.


(Source: KDKA-TV)

3-Year-Old Amish Boy Killed In Tractor Accident

A three-year-old Amish boy was killed in a tractor accident in Somerset County. The incident happened in an Amish community on Shoemaker Hill Road in Salisbury, Elk Lick Township.


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Amish Teen Dies In Indiana Co. Silo

An Amish teen has died after being overcome by a lack of oxygen inside of a silo on a farm in South Mahoning Township. The 18-year-old climbed an interior chute in an 80-foot silo and lowered himself onto the silage. The silo was filled with decomposing grass and alfalfa.


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Popular Amish Business Destroyed By Fire In New Wilmington

Neighbors are rallying together after a fast-moving fire destroyed a popular Amish business early Friday morning in Lawrence County.


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Amish Boy Accidentally Shoots Brother In Indiana Co.

State police are investigating after an Amish boy accidentally shot his brother in the head with a BB gun. It happened on Johnston Road in South Mahoning Township, Indiana County.


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Child, 4, Dies From Injuries In Indiana Co. Fire

A young child has died as a result of injuries suffered in an Indiana County fire Tuesday night.


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Father, Sons Hospitalized After Indiana County Fire

A man and his two young children remain in the hospital today where they continue to recover after being injured in an explosion and fire in West Mahoning Township in Indiana County.


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3 Injured In Indiana Co. Fire

An Amish man and his two little boys were flown to the hospital after they were burned in an explosion and their home in Indiana County.


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7 Arrested In Amish Beard-Cutting Attacks

The FBI raided an Amish compound in Jefferson County, Ohio Wednesday morning and arrested seven men.


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4 Amish Men Charged In Bizarre Attacks

Four Amish men have been arrested, charged in one of four bizarre attacks on other Amish people. The attackers barge into homes and use scissors to cut the beards and hair of the victims.


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Community Mourns Victims In Butler Co. Crash

CLINTONVILLE (KDKA) — The driver of the van who was taking six of his Amish neighbors to a funeral was something his wife said he often did – drive for his friends. A. Lewis Sweetapple, […]


Fatal Lawrence County Fire Ruled Accidental

Authorities in Lawrence County say a wood stove fire inside an Amish family’s home apparently started a fire that killed a mother and her two young daughters. State police in Lawrence County say 31-year-old Katie […]