Study: Bacon Linked To Causing CancerA popular breakfast food, delicious as it may be, has been linked to causing various types of cancer.
'CRISPR' Bacon? Scientists Create Low-Fat PigsUsing the CRISPR-Cas 9 gene editing technique, the team reportedly modified a group of pigs which gave birth to much leaner piglets.
PETA Asks Why People Eat Bacon And Twitter, Sen. Orrin Hatch Respond In KindSen. Orrin Hatch of Utah responded to PETA's challenge with a series of pro-bacon tweets.
America's Bacon Supply Is Seriously Depleted; Prices SurgeAmerica's demand for bacon continues to be superior to the supply, causing prices to rise.
America Loves Bacon Tour Comes To PittsburghThe America Loves Bacon Tour will be at Station Square on Saturday afternoon.
Dominique DeVito's Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf RecipeDominique DeVito shares her recipe for bacon-wrapped meatloaf from her book "Low-Card Slow Cooking," out now from Cider Press Mill.
Late Night Tailgating: Pork Schnitzel Hero With Brussels Sprout Salad With Spatzle & BaconTry out this great dish from Chef Anthony Marino at your next tailgating party.
You Need To Eat This: Bacon It’s International Bacon Day! And who wouldn’t want to celebrate everyone’s favorite meat candy?!
You Need To Eat This: When Pigs FlyPrimanti’s has a new sandwich and it’s pretty much everything you could ever want between two slices of bread.
You Need To Eat This: Taco Bell BreakfastHave you tried the Taco Bell breakfast?
PNC Park Unveils Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Other Items For New SeasonSeveral new menu items were unveiled Friday at PNC Park, and one of them includes a grilled cheese sandwich that Jason Grilli would be proud of.
Does It Really Do That? Perfect Bacon BowlFor many people, it would be hard to imagine making bacon any better. It's considered one of the most versatile foods on the planet - ready to go for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert!

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