Furry Tails: In MemoriamShe was loving and gentle, warm and good-natured, but she was also a big scaredy-cat, spooked most of the time by her own shadow. She was my dog.
Mother’s Day: A Painful Reminder For Daughters Without Mothers Many women will celebrate Mother’s Day this year with traditional home-spun fanfare as they visit their Mom or enjoy queen-for-a-day treatment from their children. But for many women who have lost their mothers, the day may be a hurtful reminder of the unique and loving bond that no longer exists, triggering painful grief. Simply getting through the day may be a struggle.
Coping With Grief On Valentine’s DayIt's a pretty safe bet that Valentine’s Day is a favorite holiday of couples in love, almost in love, and those happily married. But for those grieving the death of a spouse, fiancé, lover or partner, coping with Cupid’s 24-hour visit can be emotionally taxing.
Coping With Grief On Father’s DayNot everyone will be able to celebrate Father’s Day. For those who have lost a father it can be a day of heightened mourning, especially if this is the first Father’s Day without Dad.
Coping With Grief On Mother's DaySunday is Mother's Day; but not everyone will be able to celebrate the holiday. For those whose mothers are no longer alive or even women who have lost a child, the day can be particularly painful. Recognizing this, the Good Grief Center for Bereavement Support has some suggestions to help cope with the grief that the day can bring.
Coping With Grief On Valentine’s Day
Coping With Grief & The Holidays

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