Natural Organisms Fight Oil Spill

University of Texas El Paso Professor Russell Chianelli tells Mike Pintek that recovery in the gulf because of the BP Oil Spill won’t be as difficult as predicted.


Pitt professor Says He Can Clean Up the Oil Spill- But No One Will Listen

Professor Di Gao of Pitt’s Chemical & Petroleum Engineering School says he has a way to clean up the oil that is spewing into the Gulf of Mexico from the BP oil leak, but as he […]


BP Oil Spill

Rob talks with Dr. Anthony Moretti about the Oil spill, and whether or not there is any comparison between this and former President Bush’s actions during hurricane Katrina.


Could We See Prices Jump Because of the Gulf Oil Leak?

The BP oil slick in the Gulf Coast is effecting fishing and cargo routes in the region. Larry and John talk to Dan Wholey of Wholey’s Fish Market in the Strip District, to find out what […]


BP Faces More Oil Fines

Public Citizen’s Tyson Slocum tells Mike Pintek that British Petroleum continues  to rack up fines for violations.