Coal Ash

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Residents Ask: Do Coal Ash Changes Go Far Enough?

For decades residents in Beaver County have lived next to a sprawling lagoon called Little Blue — the largest coal ash impoundment in the nation — which has leached chemicals into their groundwater and wells.


(Credit: KDKA)

First Energy Ordered To Shut Down Little Blue Run

From the air it looks benign, but for years folks living nearby have contended that the Little Blue coal ash impoundment is contaminating their ground water. The state Department of Environmental Protection now agrees that water seeping from the lagoon has created that potential and has ordered the owner, First Energy, to it shut down.


Chris Moore Podcasts – Coal Ash

Chris talks to Dr. Conrad Volz, Kathy Nelson, and Lisa Widawsky about coal ash dumps and how they pollute ground water, as well as the ecological impacts of coal ash and other coal by-products.