Colin Dunlap

Dunlap: Mike Tomlin Really Messed This One UpThere is no defense. No justification, no validation, nothing Mike Tomlin can claim as an excuse or explanation to where his decision could ever be correct.
Dunlap: Narduzzi Pulled Off Brilliance This SeasonAll that said, however, there was a feeling --- to varying degrees --- of despair and anguish when Pitt’s top runner sustained an injury that would take a huge chunk of firepower out of the Panthers’ offense.
Dunlap: Huntington’s Words Seem To Signify End Of PedroNeal Huntington dropped a hammer on Pedro Alvarez this morning on "The Fan Morning Show."
Dunlap: Polamalu And Steelers Need To Patch Things UpTroy Polamalu is a legend, a star and icon all rolled into one in these parts, which is why the Pittsburgh Steelers need to make things right.
Dunlap: There’s No Excuse To Taunt The Police (Dog)Don’t act like a knucklehead --- it’s really as simple as that.
Dunlap: I Was Wrong About Mike MitchellColin Dunlap can admit when he was wrong and he says he missed the mark on Mike Mitchell.
Dunlap: Should Mike Tomlin Be On The Hot Seat?Why can’t Mike Tomlin be on the hot seat?
Dunlap: No Excuse For Tomlin’s Time ManagementHow does Mike Tomlin continue to --- at the end of the half and end of games --- get it so wrong?
Dunlap: Happy 60th Birthday, Jim ColonyJim Colony is going to hate Colin Dunlap's column. And he don’t care. Not one bit. In fact, Dunlap kind of like it that way.
Dunlap: William Gay’s Fine Totally Off-BaseThe NFL fined WIlliam Gay for wearing purple cleats to raise awareness about domestic violence, when logic should have won out.
Dunlap: Going 2-2 Without Big Ben A Victory For SteelersI’m not going to tell you how to feel, what to feel or when to feel it.
Dunlap: Pitt-Penn State War Of Words Is EntertainingPitt coach Pat Narduzzi decided to fire a cannonball in the direction of the Penn State offense.
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