Congestive Heart Failure

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New Device May Help With Congestive Heart Failure

Fred Fortson loves to walk — in his neighborhood, to his favorite stores, to see his nearby relatives. But, congestive heart failure kept him from what he loved.


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Device Aims To Help Congestive Heart Failure Patients

To treat the heart, researchers at Allegheny General Hospital are targeting the brain. Congestive heart failure, or CHF, is like having a broken pump. The body compensates by bombarding the heart with signals to do more. The device slows things down, so the pump can work more efficiently.


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AGH Uses Robotics In Bypass Surgery

Robotic surgery has been used to remove kidneys, do hysterectomies and prostate surgery. Doctors at Allegheny General Hospital have added another organ – the heart.


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Local High School Coach Shares Transplant Story

Life-changing advances in medicine are all around us in Pittsburgh. But sometimes it’s difficult to put a face on the subject of organ and tissue donation. KDKA’s Rick Dayton introduces us to a high school football coach – and heart transplant recipient – who is making it his mission to change that.