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Credit Cards

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Credit Card Companies May Charge New Fees

First Commonwealth Financial Advisors President & CEO and host of KDKA’s Moneytalk Rick Applegate joins KDKA’s Mike Pintek Thursday to discuss the new fees credit card companies may start charging on Monday, Feb. 4.

NewsRadio 1020 KDKA–01/31/2013

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9 Things To Always Buy With A Credit Card

There are nine things you should always buy with plastic. Not only could it save you money, you actually might be able to even earn some money.


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Responsible Consumers Running Into Credit Card Punishment?

Everyone knows it’s rude to ask someone’s salary, but what some credit card companies are doing may be even worse – they’re guessing. A deep discount when you open a store credit card or a zero percent financing deal for a new living room. Lenders make decisions on thousands of these offers every day.


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Consumer Reports Debunks Credit Card Myths

If you feel like you’re being inundated with credit card offers, you’re not imagining things. Before you are tempted to sign up, here is some important advice from Consumer Reports.


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New Debit Card Law Could Hurt Consumers

Every time a debit card is used to buy something, the retailer is charged a fee. It might be pennies on a cup of coffee, but it adds up to billions of dollars for the banks.


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Unused Credit Cards Could Lower Your Credit Score

A standard practice by banks to cancel inactive accounts could cost consumers a lower credit score.



CMU Grad Develops New Technology For Credit Cards

Apple Computer founder Steve Jobs changed our lives, and became rich in the process, by pioneering the personal computer, the iPhone and now the iPad. Now, an enterprising young man out of Carnegie Mellon University […]




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