Daniel McCloskey

Ed Piskor appearing with Steph Neary during the monthly Unblurred gallery crawl (credit: Daniel McCloskey)

Local Artist Spotlight: Ed Piskor

Ed Piskor is one of the best-known comic artists in Pittsburgh. He worked with Harvey Pekar, of American Splendor fame, early in his career, and since then he’s been neck deep in a variety of comic and illustration projects.


Ian Page acting as emcee during the Darker Scratcher Amateur Surgery Show (credit: Daniel McCloskey)

Local Artist Spotlight: Ian Page

I live in a writers’ co-op called the Cyberpunk Apocalypse, so I do a lot of thinking about how we live in an information age similar to those described by William Gibson and other 80’s science fiction writers. Ian Page, it would seem, thinks about it a great deal more. Ian has created art across the world. He’s spent time in Europe, Latin America, the Arctic, and yes Pittsburgh.


Jim Rugg and an image of the PGH skyline drawn with ballpoint pen. (credit: Daniel McCloskey)

Local Artist Spotlight: Jim Rugg

Jim Rugg is a Pittsburgh artist best known for his work in comics. He co-created and drew Street Angel, Afrodisaic with Brian Maruca, and worked for for D.C. Comics on their The Plain Janes series.


(credit: Daniel McCloskey)

Hack Pittsburgh: A Place For Creative Collaboration

Hack Pittsburgh is a non-profit membership-based organization that’s all about imagination and collaboration, and this huge room is their headquarters.


Gabe McMorland after a performance at Waffle Shop (credit: Daniel McCloskey)

The Waffle Shop: Re-Imagining The Performance Venue

The Waffle Shop is a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants live variety talk show and restaurant that opened in October of 2008 as a social experiment for an art class at Carnegie Mellon University.


(Photo Credit: Daniel McCloskey)

Out Of The Gutter: Exploring Graphic Novels

One of the hidden gems of the Pittsburgh Arts community, “Out of the Gutter” was started by two librarians who wanted an event that discussed comics without being a book club –or at least not just a book club.