Defend Your Ride

"My car makes me happy."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Emily At Homestead Stacks

“I hope my children get to drive this car.” – Emily and her Mini Cooper


"A bird in its nest is worth two in the hand."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Nonie At Frick Park

“I got my car two weeks before I adopted my daughter and they were both life-changing events.” – Nonie and her Toyota Prius


"I always use good posture when I drive."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Peter At Frick Mansion

“My car is my home away from home.” – Peter and his Toyota Scion


"I hate driving downtown because people walk wherever they want."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Ashley At Carnegie Free Library

“Other cars may be newer or better looking, but I like this one because it’s mine.” – Ashley and her Chevrolet Cavalier